Palazzo Capello Malipiero Barnabo became home to the Contessa when she married into the venerable and influential Venice family more than 30 years ago. Suspended from the decorative high ceiling, a tremendous Murano crystal chandelier refracted the light from the afternoon sun pouring in through the canal-facing Venetian Byzantine round-arched windows. From the drawing room, we visited the adjcent antique-filled library where the Contessa reads and watches television and in which another impressive Murano chandelier dripped light from the ceiling. Through the windows in the long hallway connecting the drawing room to the dining room, I was able to get my first glimpse of the Palazzo gardens below. Centuries old antiques and fabulous artifacts aside, I couldn’t wait to descend those ancient stairs, pass through the courtyard, and into the garden.
When she first became the lady of the house, she explained, the Contessa knew very little about gardening. Under the her direction,  a gardener now maintains the lush grounds where the Contessa hosts parties and elegant dinners, sometimes for her neighbor Pinault’s art openings.
In addition to numerous perfectly placed sculptures, a large water well sculpted with the family coat-of-arms, she explained, was moved from the courtyard to the garden for the wedding uniting the Cappello and the Malipiero families. The Contessa motioned toward the water where once Elisabetta, the bride, and Caterino, the groom, took their vows overlooking the Grand Canal.
Next up: My reports from Milan Design Week, Salone del Mobile, FuoriSalone–including a day at Ventura Lambrate–and much more!

Wow how beautiful & surreal , especially with all the history there, I would have been in a dream state!
The freshest innovative and eco-friendly designs, trends, and ideas for urban gardens and stylish small places.
My short story "The Beautiful Move In Curves" will appear in the Xcite anthology "Ultimate Curves" to be released in May, 2009. My title comes from the saying "In life, as in art, the beautiful move in curves", by Edward G. Olivia Taylor is a gorgeous and large woman who is angry over an article about "butterbodies" - women with beautiful faces "butterbody" leaves something to be desired. Keep an eye out for more details about this fun and sexy read that comes out in May from Xcite. And so I found myself absorbing it all on a private tour of this secret Venetian palazzo and garden. Contessa Anna Barnabo occupies the palace’s third floor, an expansive space which includes the enormous fresco-walled drawing room we visited. The palazzo’s dining room was not impressively large (am I jaded already?) yet it contained a number of magnificent antique pieces, including a ceramic buddha, below, whose head rocked back and forth when you tapped his hand. Walls of hydrangeas were just beginning to sprout little buds, while jasmine would scent the air soon after my departure.

I could almost hear the music and imagine the guests in the their festive attire celebrating the newleyweds in what must have been one hell of a garden wedding.
I found out upon my return from Venice, that several of the Palazzo’s apartments are for short term rental. I would love to have tea in the garden with the Contessa and here about her garden : ) Thank you for the beautiful tour!!!
Her keen interest in history, art, and color led her to learn all she needed to design the gardens, now featured in numerous books such The Gardens of Venice and Veneto, photographed by Alex Ramsay.
One, a beautifully furnished 2-bedroom, 2-bath canal front attic apartment can be yours for $356 per night, $1991 for the week, or $3698 for a month via airbnb, below, and still others on the Palazzo website. The idiot who wrote the article called Salma Hayek a "butterbody." If some moron can diss Salma Hayek, what does that say about Olivia?
There is more than enough woman in Liv to please several men, and she has the spunk and sex appeal to prove it.

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