While I have no plans to see this piece of modern art in theaters, it did make me think about movies and phones and how so many of our favorite classics wouldn’t exist if cell phones existed when they were made.
While we can still easily imagine that the McCallisters are horrible parents capable of leaving their youngest child home alone, we can’t ignore how a simple phone call would have solved everything.
Didn’t the father in the little princess also suffer from some sort of memory loss, at lest for awhile?

It stars Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin as two people who just keep missing each other’s calls. Second of all, it also has to be said, that I think TBS made a deal with the devil to play it every single weekend until the end of time. I mean, you shut down my mother’s bookstore, then you catfish me, then you have the audacity to sit here while I try to guess your identity.

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