Offering a two-page spread on every day of the year, a one-of-a-kind combination of astrology and numerology presents an abundance of information, including personality profiles, illustrations, meditation suggestions, and more for each day.
Take a little astrology, mix it with some tarot and some numerology, add a dash of psychology, frost with your birthday, and you've got "personology." For those who don't believe in astrology, the tarot, or numerology, this premise is certain to sound like hokum.
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But surprisingly, Goldschneider's assessments of personality on the basis of one's birthday seem fairly accurate--at least in this reviewer's smallish survey. The author's theory is that because all of life is cyclical, people born on the same day occupy the same point in the year's cycle and thus share characteristics. Each day gets a double-page spread with a personality description, health information, and the date's relation to astrology signs and the tarot.

There are also long lists of people born on each day, though here's where personology gives pause.

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