Shawn McCoy, the former Iowa communications director on the Romney campaign, described the new details in the publication Inside Sources. Citing two independent sources, McCoy reports a Secret Service agent was attempting to make advances on a Romney campaign staffer while on the ground in a "key swing state" days ahead of the president's trip there.
The details the agent revealed, including the time and place of planned events, wouldn't become public until several days afterward. Secret Service director Julia Pierson resigned on Wednesday amid a series of embarrassments and mishaps by the agency, which has come under fire from lawmakers in the wake of a Sept.
Omar Gonzalez, the intruder inside the White House, was able to get so far with help from the fact he was able to make it through two unlocked doors. The details about how far Gonzalez was able to make it inside the White House were released only in recent days, and they painted a far more troubling picture than what the agency had originally revealed.
Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson on Wednesday announced the formation of an independent panel to review the Sept. BREAKING NEWS – Cartagena, Colombia – Approximately a dozen Secret Service agents covering President Obama in Colombia for a leaders summit, were sent back to the United States because of allegations involving prostitution. No more exotic strip clubs and nights of heavy drinking for Secret Service personnel on foreign trips. In the wake of a scandal involving prostitutes on a presidential trip to Colombia, Secret Service management this afternoon issued new regulations for agents on a foreign assignment.
Several Secret Service agents on a presidential trip to Colombia have lost their security clearances or their jobs over alleged misbehavior said to include heavy drinking at a sex club and hotel, and the use of prostitutes.

The behavior raised ethical and security questions about the agency charged with protecting the president. King praised Secret Service director Mark Sullivan for his "swift and certain" action, and expressed confidence in the ongoing investigation into the scandal. The new regulations also will require all agents to complete ethics training before being eligible for travel assignments.
In addition, agents will be briefed on standards of conduct before departing on a trip, and a supervisor from the Secret Service's Office of Responsibility will travel with all agency teams to make sure standards are observed. Finally, the new regulations say that the laws of the United States shall apply to Secret Service personnel while abroad.
Vice President Joe Biden attends the National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton on Feb.
Multiple gunshots were fired outside Vice President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware from a moving vehicle on Saturday night, the Secret Service said on Sunday. A former Romney campaign staffer is reporting that a tipsy US Secret Service agent leaked details of President Barack Obama's campaign schedule to the Romney campaign days in advance, a breach of security protocol. The Secret Service didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on the report, which could become the latest shoe to drop in a series of unfolding blunders by the agency. And in an attempt to impress the staffer, the agent then began listing off details of Obama's schedule. Many Romney aides were skeptical as it was being passed around because they did not know its source.

19 incident in which a man armed with a knife was able to climb over the White House fence and venture deep inside the building. He was eventually tackled near the Green Room after running through most of the East Room, taking a path that led him past a staircase that led to the president's bedroom. 19 incident, the Secret Service has also come under fire for other incidents, including one in which it took the agency five days toA realize bullets had hit the White House in 2011A and another in which an armed man was allowed on an elevator with Obama last month. All of the men sent packing stated that they cannot go into the intimate details, because each individual prostitute’s kinky services is a secret.
Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been pushing for an independent investigation of the Colombia misbehavior, and suggested the new rules aren't a substitute for such an investigation. Agents are canvassing the area to see if any bullets hit the home or any other nearby structures. The shots were heard by Secret Service personnel posted at the residence and a vehicle was observed by an agent leaving the scene at a high rate of speed,” Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback said, according to CNN. Around half an hour after the shooting someone tried to drive past a New Castle County police officer who had set up a security permiter.

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