Rekindled interest in Frances Hodgon Burnett's classic tale has prompted a Broadway musical, two TV movies, and this latest big screen version.
Fred Fuchs, Fred Roos, Tom Luddy, Francis Ford Coppola, American Zoetrope, Warner Bros.
Animated tale, produced by a staff of Disney-trained artists led by "American Tail's" Bluth; concerns a newly widowed mouse who discovers a secret agency of superintelligent rats (they've escaped from a science lab) who aid her in protecting her family. While Illumination Entertainment is best known for its Despicable Me films and, more specifically, those adorable minions, the studio has other projects in the pipeline as well.
Steve is currently at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, and while on the floor he snapped some photos of a collection of posters for The Secret Life of Pets. October 31, 2012 by Hanan Webster 3 CommentsTinkerbell is back in the newest feature film, from Disney, Secret of the Wings. In honor of Disney’s Secret of the Wings, JAKKS Pacific has a line of fun toys and costume wear, and I wanted to share with you one of the toys they sent us. JAKKS Pacific has an array of products, that go along with this movie, which you can see more of online.

Mary Lennox is an orphan sent to live in her reclusive uncle's forbidding mansion filled with secrets, including a crippled cousin she didn't know she had.
As is usually the case with Bluth films, the animation is superb while the socially aware plot struggles to keep pace.
Another marvelous movie the features Tinkerbell and all her friends, including the newest fairy Periwinkle, who happens to be her sister. Once the fairies are in the base, you can push their wings together and see them light up just like in the movie.
She also shares her opinions on everyday products from food to baby gear, and everything in between. The various breeds have different facial structures, offering a bit of diversity to the visual palette. The animation is beautiful and the story of friendship, bravery, and teamwork, makes it an excellent choice for kids and parents. The Grand Prize winner will win a trip to Los Angeles, to shop, and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Disney Toon Studios.

Befitting director Holland's reputation this version is beautiful but dark, with children prey to very adult anxieties. Directed by Despicable Me helmer Chris Renaud and co-director Yarrow Cheney, the film takes place in a Manhattan apartment building and revolves around its animal inhabitants. Though obviously it’s tough to accurately gauge the pic without seeing the animation in motion. When she’s not blogging she’s chatting about parenting and life in general on Facebook and Twitter, or wasting way too much time on Pinterest.

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