In 1982, Paul and a group of Initiates of high grade, founded the Fraternity of the Hidden Light, an Aquarian Age Mystery School. Our discussion also covers the influence of Paul Foster Case and Ann Davies, the importance and relevance of Qabalah to the study of esoteric science, the symbolism of the Tarot, and the purpose of ceremonial magick. Support Occult of Personality We count on donations from our visitors, and subscriptions from our Membership Section, to continue offering high-quality content for you to enjoy.
He was also known for his boyish good looks, which were said to have prompted the Irish poet W.

As Steward of the Fraternity, Paul is known for his ability to inspire others to take their spiritual evolution in hand so that they may achieve their full potential as co-creators. These modalities of study allow us insight and unfoldment that has proven effective for seekers throughout the ages. The importance of balance and aligning the self-conscious and the subconscious is also stressed, along with the concept of service. Butler suggested Paul contact the Reverend Ann Davies, who was then Prolocutor-General of the Builders of the Adytum and thus began a long and rewarding relationship.

Paul spent the next thirteen years studying under Ann Davies and Paul was a member of a select circle of seven “stewards” receiving advanced instruction directly from Ann.
He joins us to discuss the nature and purpose of the Fraternity of the Hidden Light, and what it offers to its members.

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