On Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 9 Elizabeth took the gloves off and dived into a secret investigation into her predecessor's plane crash with the help of Isabelle and Henry. The hour flew by as we got a better glimpse of who Vincent Marsh was, and suspects began to emerge, whether they are truly the guilty party, remains to be seen.
I can't help but notice that we dealt very little with anything else but the mystery surrounding Marsh's death. It began with a flashback of Marsh explaining he wanted to make a bold statement when Matt questioned if he should soften his speeches as they conflicted with Dalton's policies.
His simple and somewhat strange response resonated with Elizabeth, Isabelle and Henry who were listening to the exchange via the black box recorder. Elizabeth: If Marsh was murdered, whoever was behind it had no problem killing the Secretary of State.
Permalink: If Marsh was murdered, whoever was behind it had no problem killing the Secretary of State. The scary guy, aka Chief of Staff Russell Jackson, told Elizabeth not to poke her nose where it didn't belong.
Now suspicious of Elizabeth (or more so than usual), Jackson arranged a secret meeting with his spy, who is none other than Matt.
Elizabeth managed to get confirmation that the Dubai crash wasn't accidental after having a hypothetical conversation with the Israeli Ambassador. The fueling technician, John, has a hidden Cayman bank account with half a million dollars in it and now is their chief suspect.

I love how she managed to exploit her daughter's game and switch clothes with one of the agents guarding her. Now we know, without a doubt, that Marsh's plane crash was not an accident, but a carefully constructed murder.
Now I am still a bit mystified as to why Marsh running against Dalton in the next cycle is such a huge threat. To me, Marsh running is something one does to see if he is a viable future candidate for President.
I'm sure next week the show will return to its normal structure, split between home and some problem overseas. They have been teasing us with this mystery since the pilot episode, so it was great to get some forward movement. There was no major conflict elsewhere that demanded her attention and the show was better for it tonight. Marsh managed to make it to cockpit and pilot told him that he couldn't keep the plane in the air. The NTSB report determined the crash was an accident, so it's up to our trio to find evidence proving otherwise. Much, much better than a doomed office romance, which wasn't referenced in any way; may it never be again. Henry had another theory that their killer could have exploited the known weakness of the R-47 jackscrew by sabotaging another part of the plane, knowing the jackscrew would fail and likely be blamed for the crash.

Elizabeth manages to sneak away from Allison's soccer game to interrogate John covertly because she doesn't dare bring him into the White House. I have to say, if the President is behind it, I'm not sure Elizabeth was the right person to replace Marsh. Matt added fuel to the fire when he confessed to Elizabeth that he spied on Marsh for Jackson and overheard a threatening conversation between the two. But I'm so glad they did a more stand-alone episode, and I look forward to what little information they continue to drip each week. Maybe it's too dangerous for us to go poking around.Henry: You know what would be dangerous? But I also understood why he initially agreed to spy on Marsh because they do work at the pleasure of the President.
And don't forget, you can watch Madam Secretary online via TV Fanatic and get caught up on all the Washington intrigue at your convenience.

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