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Spirit animals is a fast paced adventurous series were four children named Meilin, Conner, Abeke and Rollan have to save Eradas and keep the devourer at bay. Discworld is a endlessly hilarious series that is a mix between fantasy, adventure and humor. Warriors is a series of novels that will bring you along on a thrilling and suspenseful animal adventure. The main character in the first six books is Firepaw, who in turn gets his warrior name Fireheart. There are several airplanes in the Droon stories: Keeah's Dragonfly, Khan's purple ship, Sparr's terrible silver flying ship, and the one flown by Eric's great-great-great grandfather long ago, when he was an aviator and friend of the Wright Brothers. The mysterious land of tall trees and hidden temples, inhabited by the famous green monkeys and their queen, Ortha. This Queen of Robbers is the ruler of the Island of Mikos and its Treasure Fortress, where she hoards stolen objects of great magical value. So called "King of the Island Trolls," (though he seems to be the only Island Troll), Beffo has bushy blue whiskers that nearly hide an extremely bulbous nose.
A sinister monstrosity located in the depths of Calibaz, where Gethwing and the Knights of Pim reside after the moon dragon enters the Upper World in Book 26, The Moon Dragon. Blue pilkas are larger than the usual white ones and can fly, which surprises the kids and proves very helpful in times of particular danger. A strange phenomenon occurring only in the very northern parts of Droon, far beyond even Silversnow Mountain. One of the dinosaur-like Guardians of Ro, Bodo is mystical, virtuous, and has an aura of adventurer about him. The mysterious carved vessel that carries Ut around inside, it is used to create the city at its exact spot on the Saladian Plains. The quickest way to Agrah-Voor is to traverse the Bridge of Mists, located in Southwestern Droon. Known as the "City of Tents," Calibaz is the unique and magical village beyond the veil, a world separate from our world, but adjacent to the children's town. Ancient technique used by Galen in times past, involving the throwing of a spaghetti-like substance on a target and reading the shape that results. Within the public library in Eric, Julie, and Neal's hometown, this is the site of several adventures. Galen's own massive history of the world of Droon from before the time of recorded events to the present and, perhaps, into the future. Another name for the city of Samarindo, visited by the children only in Book 34, In the City of Dreams. The third of Sparr's Three Powers, a crown in the shape of a golden viper, coiled upon itself, its head jutting high like that of a cobra. Dastardly concept of Gethwing's, to bring together the wizard and sorcerer powers of Princess Neffu, Prince Ungast, Lord Sparr, and his own dragony self. A mysterious hidden staircase built by Ninns ages ago for Emperor Ko, to create the first way from Droon to the Upper World.
What lies at the center of Ro, the Flying City, which propels the city by utilizing its rare fuel of diamonds from the famed Kalahar Valley. Robber who is not given a proper name when spotted by the children in the bottle city of Ut. Distant, coastal city in the far south of Droon, first mentioned as the home of the Ruby Orb and the Sapphire Star, both orbs of great magic. The ultimate enchanted prison in all of Droon, situated under the sea below Demither's Lair.
Little woman with a crooked step who pilots a boat across the river in Book 30, Escape from Jabar-Loo.
Magical crown that allows its wearer to shape the dreams of the people in the City of Dreams.
Magical and massive tree growing out of the Temple of Zara in the center of the Bangledorn Forest. Described by Tarok as a great race for a wonderful prize, this race through the Bangledorn Forest turns out to be far more hazardous and its prize far more wonderful than anyone imagines. The name Salamandra calls Eric, Julie, and Neal when she comes to tell them about Sparr's plan for his united Three Powers. A being whom Galen had to fight on his way to creating the Rainbow Stairs, a story fully told only in Galen's Chronicles of Droon.
What Emperor Ko wants Droon to be, in order to recreate the dark world he was born into and ruled so many centuries ago. Name for the fanglike bars of a gate installed to protect against objects being stolen from Bazra's Treasure Fortress. The name of a mysterious person known to Galen, and the subject of a poem: "O, come to me, my Faraway! A poison elixir that can cure Eric Hinkle of the curse put on him by the attack with the Ice Dagger in the far north of Droon. Fifth Genie of the Dove who, as Hoja describes it, has gone "nutty, batty, loony, zany," when we first discover him in Parthnoop in Book 27, The Chariot of Queen Zara. The incredible Wonder that the legendary First Genie of the Dove performs in Book 27, The Chariot of Queen Zara. Stone-skinned creatures, sort of like dragons and cleverly indistinguishable from boulders, that protect Lord Sparr's volcano palace. Green froglike creatures, large, with bulging purple eyes and long flickery tongues, who inhabit Firefrog Mountain. Enormous beasts, nine feet tall, with woolly pink coats, long furry trunks, and gigantic feet. The magical fountain that conducts the Fifth River, located in a secret chamber many levels beneath Zorfendorf Castle.
Ancient genie test that the mysterious First Genie of the Dove was said to pass in a single day, adding a fabulous Fifth Wonder. Kindly inventor of many objects of usefulness over the course of the saga, from Keeah's magical harp, to crazy vehicles used for desert travel, to spontaneous hot air balloons of exceptional utility.
Galen is the 540-something-year-old First Wizard of Droon and a person of awesome power, if sometimes absentminded and forgetful. Pink-cloaked wizard described as "Galen as if he were his own sister." She enters the scene in Book 29, Pirates of the Purple Dawn. A strange mass of beings that work for Salamandra, trying to locate the pieces of the Dragon Ship.
A black, armored glove that is isolated on the island on the far side of the Bridge of Ice. There are hundreds of different kinds of goblins, from Salamandra's henchmen in Pesh, to Ko's creepy and evil-doing specialists. Deep-hooded spies of Prince Maliban, the mysterious being living on the moveable city of Tortu.
Big flying lizards, groggles are ancient creatures, often recruited by Ninn warriors as their main mode of transportation. Dragon-like monster and leader of the pig-nosed elves, Gryndal turns out to be quite different than expected. A huge spidery beast with thick red legs and black fur, which trails white slimy webbing behind it.
A trio of winged creatures, sisters, whose skin is scaly and lizardlike, but whose heads have wrinkled old faces, with pointed red noses, scraggly beards, long gray hair, and teeth that are chipped and broken. Artifact snitched from Bazra's Treasure Fortress, with particular usefulness for Lord Sparr deep under the Mountain of Kahfoo. The "Ghost Queen" of Agrah-Voor, ruling the land of the lost with kindness, intelligence, and hope. Eric's parents are often part of the adventure, in one way or another, usually without knowing it. A giant red-covered book in the library at the castle that chronicles the hundreds of years that the white-walled castle has been standing on the green plains of southern Droon. Time-traveling Seventh Genie of the Dove, part of a band of super-powerful genies whose dominion of time and magic extend from the first hours of Droon to far into the future. Jagged rocks on either side of a narrow passage that are carved into the shape of giant bull heads.
A creature of strange origin that confronts the children with silly riddles on their way into the far north of Droon to find the ice monster Krog.
This cloak allows its wearer to move about invisibly, and is used by Eric on his first adventure in Droon.
A locale in ancient Goll where Ko goes to animate the Seven Giants, creatures he wants to do his bidding. Said to be the place where Relna and Zello have disappeared in Book 29, Pirates of the Purple Dawn. Salamandra's royal pie maker, Jabbo is a short, squat dragon with brown spiky skin as rough and dusty as a potato.
Sixth Genie of the Dove who lives in the "far east." She is a water genie, and has extraordinary shifting powers. Monstrous snake that lives in the Room of Kahfoo in the Mountain of Kahfoo on the Island of Kahfoo. This two-headed dog beast is the watchdog of the old city of Tarkoom, and personal pet of Lord Sparr. Great and noble warriors who have slept for centuries, waiting for the hour when Droon needs them most. A beast that has awoken in the far north of Droon that, according to legend, takes over the body of anyone who defeats it. Neal was never sure that he and his friends should be going down those weird stairs to some new world under Eric's basement.
Ice village of the Snowfolk people that is under attack by the Nesh Warriors in Book 33, Flight of the Blue Serpent. There are several great libraries mentioned in the Droon stories, perhaps the most famous being the library at Zorfendorf Castle.
Sunny homeland of the spider trolls and Max's native village, long hidden in the Pink Mountains of Saleef. Galen's ancient and magical mirror that can be used to spy on happenings in nearly every part of Droon. Furry little orange creatures who love cheese, the marmets infest Keeah's rooms in the palace of Jaffa City, for reasons that will be made clear only later. First mentioned in passing in Book 8, The Golden Wasp, Mashta and her sand children finally make a starring appearance in Book 35, The Lost Empire of Koomba. A girl who attends the same school as Eric, Julie, and Neal, and who lives down the street from them. Pasha's personal flying carpets, described as "faster than fast," and a favorite of the kids.
New city being built of magical stones by Ving and Ming, using the famed Stone Mills of Feshu. A talking, growling, snarling, fox-like creature with four sharp ears, bright blue fur, a snubby pink nose, and long teeth. Island in the Sea of Droon that is home to the hog elves and their king, Gryndal, whom we meet in Book 9, The Tower of the Elf King.
First appearing to the children as a mysterious young girl, holding a candle and walking along a deserted road, Motli is someone else entirely and returns in future adventures. A museum in the City of Ut where magical objects of all types collected throughout Droon are brought, stored, and exhibited. Ancient port city of old Goll, called "golden," in whose harbor lies young Queen Relna's pink sailing ship; it is the scene of a tragic siege. Creepy fighters in the far north of Droon, they look like skeletons with broad shoulders that are hung with icicles. Leader of the Warriors of the Skorth, who land in Doobesh to demand the Ruby Wand from Anga.
One of the three Ninn ships; all are captured by the Hawk Pirates in Book 29, Pirates of the Purple Dawn. A giant creature on his own island, who tries to prevent the children from completing their voyage aboard Keeah's ship, the Jaffa Wind.
Spire built over the spot where Om, the spirit of the Red Eye of Dawn, burned his way through the middle of Droon. Essentially the leader of the three Silversnow Knights, he is seven feet tall and four feet wide at the shoulders. A blue snowflake of strange and mysterious value, kept by the Orkins after it first appeared in a snowstorm a century before Book 32, The Treasure of the Orkins. One of the most beautiful parts of Droon, these are home to the Oobja mole people, ruled over by Batamogi and his nine brothers.
Great genie city on Droon's moon that we first visit in Book 27, The Chariot of Queen Zara. Otherwise known as a "sand cycle," this is an outstanding vehicle described as "a flying, skiing, rolling bicycle." With a sidecar and multiple seats and levels, the vehicle can accommodate any number of drivers and passengers. The secret name of a secret mountain pass that the Rat-faced Snitchers use to secretly escape to Zoop. A person who turns out to be one of the most mysterious and important characters in all of Droon. This prince of the strange castle of Zorfendorf is one of the guises that Sparr uses to trick the kings and queens of Droon in Book 8, The Golden Wasp.
Magical water that Galen produces to put out a strange purple fire in Book 28, In the Shadow of Goll.
Through Salamandra's Portal of Ages, Eric and Keeah visit the future fifty years hence and see Keeah, grown up and serving as Queen. Wolves with red fur who live in the depths of Jaffa City; they are ancient and bear an intelligence that links them with the great past of Droon. One of the greatest of all the great secrets of Droon, the significance of this strange word is one of the foundations on which the adventure rests.
Keeah's long lost mother, one of the greatest of all Droonian wizards, assumed dead when the Droon story opens. A common Ninn toy, the Ripple Stick is a musical instrument that turns out to be one of the Five Treasures. The name of a small, blue, and magical stone, hidden in Tortu; one of the Five Treasures sought in Eshku.

The place in southern Droon where several rivers join to make a real mess of twisting currents, coiling rivulets, and nearly unmanageable waterways. Magical city invisible but one day a year, when it reappears and lands in the Kalahar Valley to pick up magic diamonds. Powerful glass-like ball with magical attributes, first seen in the possession of Prince Maliban.
A magic wand on a shaft of gleaming brass, with a giant red stone affixed to the top — a ruby that glows brightly and powerfully. The Secrets of Droon is an ongoing epic saga published for listeners who enjoy fantasy at its most exciting and engaging. Tony Abbott is the author of more than two dozen funny novels for young readers, including the popular Danger Guys books and the Weird Zone series. Skolnick passionately believes that encouraging kids to connect with series books is the key to sparking the life-long love of reading. A Montessori teacher, former school administrator, and adjunct professor, Debbie devotes her time to crafting teacher guides and various other freelance projects. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Well actually, he knows one spell, one spell from the great and powerful  book of magic, the Octavo. In his battle between Brokenstar, the Shadowclan leader and on the side of Firepaw is Thunderclan with Bluestar leading the way. Accompanied by gaylan the wizard, keea princess and apprentice to gaylan, not to forget max the spider troll. Here, the dead heroes of Droon wait for peace, at which point they will rise to live again.
Gethwing has sworn the Knights to allegiance with him when he begins his takeover of the Upper World in Book 26, The Moon Dragon. Anusa is the one whose task it is to help Galen on his journey of refreshment when he is very old. Barrowbork is a mountaintop lair of looming rock formations that arch up and crisscross the sky like an airy dome. Bazra is first seen as short and round, wearing a dazzling pink crown, furry pink robe, and pink shoes.
He is very old, short, with wrinkles all over his face and hands that are nearly purple with age. He is the Ninn leader of a bunch of Ninn warriors, and turns into one of the children's greatest "inside" allies, reappearing in a number of Droon tales, including some of the very last.
According to legend, a great storm ravaged the far north of Droon, and blue snow fell from the sky like jewels. First reference: Book 4, City in the Clouds, but seen in other crucial adventures, always with a helpful intent. The bridge is actually made of stone, but only the nearest side is visible; the far side is enshrouded in mist. Ninns are also apparently afraid of the sound of approaching bumbalos, a fact that helps the children stay on Sparr's trail in Book 22, The Isle of Mists. Later, the rock turns into something quite different that relates to Keeah's incredible wizard journey in Special Edition 2, Wizard or Witch? Said to be always moving from one place to another, Calibaz is described as hundreds of tents, of every color and size, pitched along the narrow winding street. This is also where, according to legend, there is a stone wheel that has turned incessantly since that evil hour. This is where the children do research for a school report and accidentally discover that Sparr is making his way through Time, all the way to the present. Mentioned throughout the Droon stories, the Chronicles are the great text upon which all future Droon scholars will base their studies. It is called this because the Dream Crown worn by the Duke of Samarindo allows the Duke's dreams to become reality.
Under the supreme power of the Coiled Viper, Gethwing plans to create an invincible force for the takeover of Droon with this union of magic. Emperor Ko, Gethwing, and Lord Sparr all reside with their terrible armies of beasts, goblins, and wraiths in these dark, smoky lands. Demither is a person of awesome power, who lives in water, often as a kind of serpent or wild mermaid.
Inside the dome are giant sea caves, buildings made of red coral and blue stone, and long, curving bridges of shiny white shells.
Said to be a strange city of towers and turrets, a center of stealing and trading in magic, a gathering place of thieves and pirates, and one of the five Magic Cities in Droon. The Doom Gate is described as a huge slab of stone that stretches like a wall from the grotto floor to the high ceiling above. They are the preservers of the Golden Age of Droon's wisdom, throughout all the dark years after the wrath of Ko and Gethwing spread over the world. It consists of a chariot race, walls of fire, a raging river, and a narrow bridge to a distant island.
Sporting a keen sense of style, Dumpella has a little crush on Eric which convinces her to help the kids when they run afoul of the obnoxious Duke. It is a wizard's secret weapon, allowing them to see the world as never before, and the true mark of a droomar.
It was in a small cabin in the Farne Woods that Keeah was raised by her parents before they took their place in the royal capital of Jaffa City. They are friendly and shy; their charge is to guard the mischief-makers that Galen sometimes sentences to the mountaintop. Her voice is said to be like music playing, and her words are delivered in a sing-song manner.
They can be invisible on demand (turning into fog), but later change their tune and learn to be helpful.
The forest gets its name from the purple-and-blue blossoms hanging overhead, which ring like great chiming bells. The fountain is made of brilliant white stones carved into fantastic shapes, and rises from the floor all the way to the ceiling. Renowned for his piloting ability, Friddle takes the helm of Keeah's sea vessel, the Jaffa Wind, for its famous voyage in Book 14, Voyage of the Jaffa Wind. Cloaked in his usual blue robes and tall hat, with white hair and long white beard, Galen cuts a striking figure as he tramps around his vanishing tower and on the many adventures recounted in the Droon stories. The Gate has grown some cobwebs during the centuries as the ghostly heroes have waited and waited for it to open.
The Seventh Genie of the Dove is Hoja, the Sixth is Jyme, the Fifth is Fefforello, the Fourth is Stream, the Third is River, and the Second is the legendary Anusa.
Gizzleberries are the founding element of the famous Gizzleberry Festival, celebrated by the spider trolls annually at the height of the berry picking season. It has magical powers that Eric uses to help him and his friends escape from Lord Sparr's volcano palace. This giant, golden mechanical wasp acts as Sparr's transportation during his accumulation of power. Goll is rooted in the dark times of Droon's past and was a powerful dynasty of leaders who built palaces and cities all across the length and breadth of Droon, from the Dark Lands to the western coast of Free Droon.
The letters which form this dragon's name are the same letters which form the word "dragon" itself.
The Great Tower is enormous and hollow, and is the first part of the castle visible when approaching from the far distance. The marsh was the scene of one of Galen's encounters with a goblin sent by Ko to destroy the wizard. Groggles can be pets, however, and Khan (king of the Purple Lumpies) is a well-known groggle whisperer.
When Droon finally achieves lasting peace, she hopes that her vast population of stricken warriors will rise to walk again.
Friendly and timid, the hoobah people are oppressed by various forces, including the Ninns, and are known to say "Glemf!" as a kind of exclamation.
They are mentioned in Book 13, The Mask of Maliban, and later in Special Edition 3, Voyagers of the Silver Sand.
The Ice Hills are mentioned in several books, the first being Book 1, The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, where the kids go to escape the pursuing Ninns. The city becomes the setting for a great mission to find the royal couple in Book 30, Escape from Jabar-Loo.
Jaffa City is home to the royal family, a symbol of peace, and the last bastion of goodness and honor in a darkening world. Often piloted by the odd little inventor Friddle, who is strangely gleeful during moments of great stress at sea.
The Kantina serves food and beverages to weary travelers crossing the miles and miles of sandy dunes.
The daughter of Queen Relna (a powerful wizard in her own right) and King Zello (a fairly regular guy), Keeah is awkwardly learning to assume her destiny as a wizard and the successor of Galen, while still trying to be a kid. The Lumpies are pillow-shaped people who live in the deserts of Lumpland, south of Jaffa City. Ko was brought back to life in Book 22, The Isle of Mists, by Sparr to resume his aggression in modern Droon. Krog is a monster with wings, a thick, jagged tail, and a massive body covered with long fur, scales, and knobby skin. The Landboat of Pesh is conjured from an object of great value that Salamandra asked Eric to find for her. It can disappear sometimes, which comes in handy on Eric, Julie, and Neal's first adventure in Droon. Droonians are passionate about collecting books and scrolls and other written materials, for documents hold the magic, the history, and the humanity of a people. Tiny clouds drift over the area depicted, the waves on the seas roll, ships sail, birds fly.
It's the location of great festivals revolving around the planting, harvesting, and baking of gizzleberries. Her skin is the color of pistachio, and her nose is so long it nearly touches the tip of her chin. The bracelet is given on the last full day before the predicted final attack on Jaffa City.
It was crafted by the inventor Friddle, and it tells secrets — but only if you know how to interpret the plinking and slapping of strings.
An interesting one appears in Book 7, Into the Land of the Lost, where Lord Sparr uses a black one with designs etched on the surface to put a spell on Keeah, thus capturing her. Mashta is, of course, the kindly and diminutive monarch who governs the Sand Children as they play in the red desert of Koomba. In Book 24, The Race to Doobesh, we see her spying on the kids — and she appears to know something about Droon.
Five "cycles" of the calendar have passed between the world's beginning and the present day. In their youth, Ving would form a group of bandits and prey on land travelers, while Ming would take a crew of pirates and terrorize the open seas.
The city of Mokarto will be the headquarters for lots of evil doings, unless the kids manage to thwart the building plans. The Moon Medallion is sometimes described as a stone of pure white, but sometimes as a silver object, the color of the moon shining in the night sky. Julie mistakenly brings it back with her from Droon — the first time someone takes something from Droon into the Upper World.
We see Morka for the first time in Book 18, Search for the Dragon Ship, when Salamandra and her minions invade the island. Mudji is the elder Orkin celebrated as the one who caught the single blue snowflake (actually the scale of a blue serpent) during the storm of a hundred years past. Neffu quickly aligns herself with the bad guys and grows in power all the way through the Droon stories.
Nelag is a being without real magical power who is constantly saying and doing the "wrong" thing and having it turn out to be, most of the time, exactly right. Supremely courteous to Keeah and her friends, Rolf was in the ranks of Galen's army long ago in the Wizard Wars.
Whereas Ninns have red skin and pointed ears and chins, Orkins are all round and soft, with blue skin. She lives within the vast empire of trees where no magic is allowed, but also ventures out to help when other parts of Droon are threatened by bad forces.
Pasha is not seen until much later in the series, though his name and his rugs appear many times before then.
It travels really fast over land, and also sports a pair of giant springs that allow it to bounce over things. The Patio of Terror serves as a place of trial for prisoners of Anga, due to its very difficult floor plan. Pesh is an ancient place that can fly through time using the Portal of Ages, a time-travel tunnel produced by Salamandra. The sand there has magical properties and is often used by good people to keep robbers from discovering what is hidden underneath it. Plud is a spooky monstrosity of a palace, with levels, stairways, secret alleys, and passages. In Pesh, the Portal runs on a machine, but Salamandra can conjure smaller Portals with her thorn-based magic. When Corporal Smeed blurts it out in front of the children, the whole secret comes out in the open. They see Eric's grown self, a prince, but imprisoned by the evil Emperor Ko in Jaffa City. A man of unknown origin who has lost his memory, the Prince of Stars is bedeviled by dreams and visions of a hidden past, and keeps showing up at the oddest times. The rainbow-colored staircase that appears below Eric Hinkle's basement stairs is nothing less than the gateway between the Upper World and Droon.
The Snitchers ride around the desert, ambushing good citizens and stealing their belongings.
When the Droon stories begin, Sparr is on a campaign to retrieve all three lost Powers and assemble them.
The Red Wolves are friendly to Queen Relna, whose own history blends with theirs in the founding of the city itself.
It is uttered by Salamandra to Eric alone, and its effect on Eric drives the last third of the saga, from its first reference in Book 31, Queen of Shadowthorn, to the final pages.

In fact, Relna is not dead, and her long journey through different shapes is first glimpsed in Book 2. The Rose Palace is a building of levels, staircases, fountains, gardens, an oasis amid the dry sand, and is the scene of a terrible battle between the children and the feisty young Lord of the Ninns.
In Book 15, The Moon Scroll, the Rubins plan to move away, but Eric's new-found power alters this situation in Book 16, The Knights of Silversnow. This much-lauded series was cited by the American Booksellers Association as one of the top ten works to read while waiting for the next Harry Potter, and will finally make its audio debut in Fall 2004. She states on page 3 of her well-written, content-packed guide, “Series books entice young readers to keep reading and that is exactly what the Droon series does. He has no idea what it does, or what it could do, all he knows is with that spell in his head he can’t have any other spells.
In the first book, a wizard named Aduro sends Tom out on a quest to free Ferno the Fire Dragon from an evil curse that Malvel the Dark Wizard has placed on him. The knights are not as terrible as they are made out to be; they really just want to rest and enjoy their old age. At its center is a fiery stone furnace — a weapons forge — with crooked chimneys pumping plumes of oil-black smoke.
Batamogi is an excellent soul, a great friend to the children, and is extremely resourceful. First reference: Book 23, The Fortress of the Treasure Queen, but seen up close in the following book, The Race to Doobesh.
At first, Bludge hides his intelligence behind a veil of crude dialogue, but as we get to know him, he reveals his cleverness and way with words. The storm caused a rift between Droon and the Upper World, allowing anyone to pass between them. It is an artifact of Zara's own making that resides in a secret chamber in the Forbidden City of Plud, waiting for the day when it is to be used again.
The Library is also the site of a special collection of old books, including one inexplicably written by Urik.
The kids know him from several adventures, particularly The Isle of Mists, but he happily reappears in Book 32, The Treasure of the Orkins.
Later, she transfers her crush to Neal, but her first reference is in Book 21, Flight of the Genie. She flies quickly in and out of situations, delivering messages to and from the characters.
Many ages before, Galen created and sealed the magical staircase that linked the Upper World Droon. They are mentioned often from Book 15, The Moon Scroll, onward, the busiest members being Hoja and Anusa.
He dominates the adventure from his first appearance, when he is described as having two pairs of wings that are very long and covered by scales the color of night.
The ruins of Goll temples and cities litter the sands, after Galen defeated the beasts long ago in the Wizard Wars. Although he certainly doesn't see himself as any kind of hero, when something needs to be done, he doesn't stop to think about it — he just does it. He learned evil symbols from the walls of the ruined palaces of Goll that allow his masks to take on magical properties. This gargantuan turban, which changes colors from story to story, has magic like you wouldn't believe. He wears a diaper that is frequently in need of changing, a fact that helps the children on at least one occasion.
According to legend, the door to the land of Kano "can be seen where it is not." The discovery of the Kano door is one of the most stunning moments in the early stories about the Dark Lands.
She instantly embraces Eric, Julie, and Neal as close friends.  Keeah loves Droon, and her responsibility to uphold the good weighs heavily on her at times. Later, he develops into a first-rate creature with many useful qualities, not the least of which is a sharp sense of humor. As their king, Khan has a family of two children and a wife, his queen, all of whom love their father and husband unflinchingly.
Neal likes the easy life and is on a perpetual quest for food, which sometimes clouds his judgment.
There are several examples of this fascinating document creationthroughout Droon, some used by Droon's enemies, others by the good folks.
The spell it creates is in three dimensions, since it builds an impenetrable maze around Keeah. As a result, something from the Upper World goes to Droon to keep the two worlds in balance.
They help Eric in Book 11, The Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom, and tell him how they aided Keeah earlier.
Ko's terrible spells and imprisonment of Orkins eventually turned them into the red warriors he prized. First reference, only in passing: Book 8, The Golden Wasp, but seen to great effect in Book 10, Quest for the Queen. Its buildings are white and fanciful, but the darkness and swirling black snow make it seem like a sad place. He is a thin man with a very long nose, a thick black mustache, a single eyebrow, and a tall floppy hat tipped with dozens of tiny bells.
The Passages can deliver you to a far distant location in Droon in the blink of an eye, which is very helpful for escape. First reference: Book 16, The Knights of Silversnow, but first seen in Special Edition 1, The Magic Escapes. She understands the future, but is fated to deliver really inscrutable prophecies that take whole chapters to decipher.
It can cut through just about anything, sends off streamers of sparks, and is terribly intimidating in the hands of the master. It is through the Ring of Midnight that Galen is able to speak to the children, telling them where he is. Fast, whimsical action, engaging characters, and surprising, imaginative situations are the hallmarks of The Secrets of Droon, one of the best-selling series for its age group.Book #1 - THE HIDDEN STAIRS AND THE MAGIC CARPET A hidden door. Leif is a blacksmith’s son and Bardra used to be a castle guard, but that was before the shadow came.
Once Tom has left on his quest, he meets Elenna in the forest with her wolf Silver.  The series continues to find other good beasts of Avantia under the very same curse, like Sepron the Sea Serpent, and Cypher the Mountain Giant.  I have read 24 of 72 books in the series, and I hope to read the rest soon! Droon is a place of magic and monsters, they must fight Lord Sparr and his evil ninns as well as many other creatures. Two feet tall from his furry tail to the tuft on his head, but he has the puffed-up demeanor of a weasel twice his size.
She wears all white, and her hair hangs to her shoulders in a thousand braids, each strand sparkling with innumerable tiny jewels. Her cheeks shrivel as if she had sucked in all her breath, her skin turns the color of ash, and her eyes dwindle to shifty black dots in a sea of red.
But first, he's got to find the bridge First reference: Book 2, Journey to the Volcano Palace. Neal's talent with a particular magical flute allows the children to pass through the veil and enter the strange city. The Dark Lands are often so dim and low-skyed that true wizard powers do not work properly, making every adventure within its borders a hazardous one.
First reference: Book 17, Dream Thief, and also a locale in Special Edition 8, The Final Quest. The children must travel there in search of the Five Treasures in order to counteract a terrible spell by Emperor Ko. At the beginning of the stories, it was Galen's duty to protect Droon from its chief enemy, the wicked sorcerer Lord Sparr, whose mission was to take over of all of Droon. He has toothy jaws, a thick tail, and powerful forelegs ending in long, black-nailed claws. Eric knows (from reading the writing in the Tower of Memory) that he and his friends have an important part to play in the future of Droon. Hoja riddles strangely, as traveling through time requires him to veil his words, but he is always helpful. Its shore is black sand, it has moss hanging down from its overgrowth of vines, and there are traces everywhere of blue foggy air.
It is attacked many times over the years, but it is always the capital and always beautiful. Often it is Keeah's spiritual and physical journeys that shape the kids' adventures in Droon. Reunited with Sparr has a mellowing effect on Kem, though when we first see him, he's pretty nasty.
Not is Khan known for the ability to sniff out danger, he is a pudgy little hero, beloved of his people — they would follow him anywhere. He is often the awkward butt of botched spells, as when he became a bug in Book 3, The Mysterious Island. One example, conjured by Gethwing for the edification of Prince Ungast, is described in Special Edition 6, Crown of Wizards.
The spider troll village bears a cobblestone street plan that mimics the strands of a spider web, with the mayor's house in the center.
See also the Ruby Orb of Doobesh, the Sapphire Star of Doobesh, and the Spiked Ball used by the Hunters. Max does not have magical powers, but his ability to spin webs of spider silk has come in handy, often saving the children from destruction. Gethwing and Prince Ungast are traveling to Meshka-mat at the beginning of Special Edition 6, Crown of Wizards. The mooples — and the Passages — reappear in later Droon adventures, even to the very last pages of the saga. There are hundreds of thousands of Ninns, and their sheer number creates a frightening force for evil.
Parthnoop is also the home of the magical Urns mentioned in many books and is seen first in Book 21, Flight of the Genie. We first meet the standard, white-furred variety in Book 1, The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet.
Quill also writes the Chronicles of Droon, Galen's long-running history of the world of Droon, Quill is a character in many stories, from as early as Book 4, City in the Clouds, and on until the very end. First reference: Book 1, The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, and in every Droon book from then on. It is not a very nice place either, the tavern brawls, the Theives Guild, the Assasins Guild (the patrician of Ahnk Morepork says that if there is going to be crime, it might as well be organized) and you know the saying all roads lead to Ahnk Morepork? A word of warning, the books after number 12 seemed hard to find, but they are still worth the wait!
Four hundred years earlier, Galen found the evil ship, took it apart, and hid the pieces so it could never be flown again. The Dragonfly was built by Friddle for Princess Keeah, and will come in handy more than once over the course of the stories.
To counter Sparr and other evildoers, Galen trains Keeah in her wizardly powers, knowing that one day she will be more powerful than all of them. It was Gethwing who helped Emperor Ko raise Lord Sparr after the death of Sparr's mother, Queen Zara.
He dreams of the place often, is plagued by nightmares about Lord Sparr, makes mistakes, and goes out on a limb to protect his friends. The rocks part and crash together, defending the Serpent Sea and the rest of the Dark Lands from attack by water. In Special Edition 2, Wizard or Witch?, she battles her witchy alter-ego Princess Neffu for dominance. He is a key member of the crew in the legendary voyage undertaken by the Jaffa Wind and recounted in Book 14.
He sometimes freaks out and does stuff that he shouldn't (blowing up the airship they are flying in, Book 4).
The houses themselves are neat, little nests — papery like wasp nests, but colored with soft, earthy pastels.
Later, we discover that there are flying blue pilkas as well as Semirakin, Sparr's flying black pilka.
Discover the World of Droon with Eric, Julie, and Neal.Book #2 - JOURNEY TO THE VOLCANO PALACE The nasty Lord Sparr has stolen a magic jewel from Eric, Julie, and Neal's friend Princess Keeah.
She has dominion over the creatures of the sea and of the waters themselves, and can stand up to Sparr on occasion.
In Book 11, it is revealed that the wizard was not always a bearded, old, and imposing fellow. Ko kidnapped Queen Zara and Sparr in 1470, suffered defeat later by Galen, conjured himself to sleep, and was finally awoken by Sparr. Neal is something of a grumbler, but he is as loyal as they come, not thinking about personal safety when his friends are in trouble. We see his extended family and homeland in later books, but his first reference is in Book 1, The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, and he is seldom out of the action for long.
Ninns are also related to Orkins in an unusual way, as described in Book 16, The Knights of Silversnow.
The jewel is in Lord Sparr's secret palace, which is in a volcano!Book #3 - THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND Eric, Julie, and Neal are sailing with Princess Keeah and suddenly they are caught in the middle of a magical ocean storm. Now Rincewind and the tourist Twoflower meet at the Broken Drum tavern, and Rincewind is hired as Twoflowers guide. As one of the most important characters in the entire saga of Droon, Demither appears and reappears unexpectedly throughout the series, often revealing secrets and key information. Many of the small, cuddly creatures of Droon (Lumpies, spider trolls, mole people, etc.) seem to have accepted Neal as one of their own. A terrible, powerful presence in Droon, Ko is dedicated to destroying Droon and converting all the nice spots to parts of the Dark Lands.
This is when Twoflower insures the Broken Drum, and Broadman the owner burns it down taking the rest of the city with it. Of course, in Book 27, The Chariot of Queen Zara, something happens that changes Neal's life forever. The cure is in the City of the Clouds and his friends have one day to get the cure before the island disappears.

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