This web site, its operators, and any content contained on this site relating to Shazam are not authorized by DC Comics. THE SECRETS OF ISIS includes special features produced by Andy Mangels including TWO HOURS of interviews, plus commentary track, photo galleries.
When science teacher Andrea Thomas (JoAnna Cameron) discovers an amulet on an archaeological dig, she discovers something else: that the amulet can grant her the powers once wielded by the mighty Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

Before Wonder Woman, before The Bionic Woman, before Xena, there was the beautiful Isis, the descendant from an ancient Queen whose powers were reborn after thousands of years. This release will be supported with a print campaign and internet exposure including viral video and targeted advertising, including special distribution at Comic-Con 2007. Rosenbloom, stars Brian Cutler, Joanna Pang and Ronalda Douglas, writers David Dworski, Michael Reaves and David Wise, designer Bob Kline and Assistant Director Henry J.

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