Regardless of whether it’s based on fact or fiction The Social Network quotes represent an engaging tale of ambition, friendship, greed and betrayal.
Although the story is based on the invention of Facebook don’t let that put you off watching the movie as David Fincher has managed to take a dialogue filled script and constructed a very watchable and clever character driven tale.
Mark Zuckerberg: [voice over] Adams has no security but limits the number of results to twenty a page. You think that’s because her family changed their name from Albrecht or do you think it’s because all BU girls are bitches?
I’m not gonna do the farm animals but I like the idea of comparing two people together. They keep everything open and allow indexes in their Apache configuration, so a little w-get magic is all that’s necessary to download the entire Kirkland Facebook. Seventy for me, thirty for you for putting up the thousand dollars and for handling everything on the business end. Zuckerberg and received sixteen emails in return and this was the first time he indicated he was not happy? We met with Mark three times, we exchanged fifty two emails, we can prove that he looked at the code. Mark Zuckerberg: The grounds are that our thing is cool and popular and HarvardConnection is lame.
You sent my clients sixteen emails, and the first fifteen you didn’t raise any concerns.
Dustin is Vice President and head of programming and his five percent of the company will come from my end.
It’s just since the beginning of the conversation about finals club I think I may have missed a birthday. I can run an empty search and it returns all of the images in the database in a single page. You have to do searches and your search returns more than twenty matches, nothing gets returned. It’s been almost three hours and frankly you did spend an awful lot of time embarrassing Mr.

Zuckerberg, I’m in charge of security for all computers on the Harvard network and I can assure you of its sophistication. Divya Narendra: We were really impressed with Facemash and then we checked you out and you also built CourseMatch. There was nothing to hack, people were gonna provide their own pictures, their own information. Divya Narendra: We know he stole our idea, we know he lied to our faces for a month and a half. Uh, Chris is Director of Publicity and his compensation will depend on the amount of work he ends up doing.
There are really more people in China with genius IQ’s than the entire population…? And once you do get results they don’t link directly to the images, they link to a PHP that redirects or something. Divya Narendra: And Mark was the biggest thing on campus that included nineteen Nobel Laureates, fifteen Pulitzer Prize winners, two future Olympians and a movie star. But here’s my question, how do you distinguish yourself from a population of people who all got sixteen hundred on their SAT’s? The Kirkland Facebook is open on my desktop and some of these people have pretty horrendous Facebook pics.
Look, a guy who builds a really chair doesn’t owe money to everyone who ever has built a chair, okay.
My friend Eduardo made three hundred thousand dollars betting oil futures one summer and Eduardo won’t come close to getting in.
Well, I want to try and be straight forward with you and let you know that we’re not anymore. Billy Olsen, sitting here, had the idea of putting some of the pictures next to pictures of farm animals and have people vote on whose hotter. But at the moment I could buy ’em out of Auburn Street, take the Phoenix Club and turn it into my ping pong room.
He said even his most pathetic friends knew more about getting people interested in a website than these guys.

Eduardo was the president of the Harvard Investors Association and he was also my best friend. People wanna go on the internet and check out their friends, so why not build a website that offers that? He lied to our email accounts and he gave himself a forty two day head start, because he knows what apparently you don’t, which is that getting there first is everything. Mark Zuckerberg: I went to a 3-L at student Legal Services and he told me to write them back. As for any charges stemming from the breach of security, I believe I deserve some recognition from this Board. Mark Zuckerberg: That would be impressive except if you had known what you were looking for you would have seen it written on my dorm room window.
Eduardo Saverin: How do you do this thing where you manage to get all the girls to hate us and why do I let you? Bob: You know, I could swear he was looking at you when he said the next Bill Gates could be right in this room. Mark Zuckerberg: I think if your clients want to sit on my shoulders and call themselves tall they have a right to give it a try.
As if every thought that tumbles through your head was so clever, it would be a crime for it not to be shared.
The internet is not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink and you published that Erica Albright was a bitch. The rest of my attention is back at the offices of Facebook, where my colleagues and I are doing things that no one in this room, including and especially your clients, are intellectually or creatively capable of doing. Right before you made some ignorant crack about my family’s name, my bra size and rated women based on their hotness.

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