THE POWER OF HENRY'S IMAGINATIONA picture book exploring one of thegreat principles of The Secret: imagination. The original documentary film of The Secret continues to change lives.Now available at Vimeo On Demand. Teamwork, when introduced for the right reasons and managed in a challenging way, is one of most rewarding processes any manager or leader can experience.
It is obvious to say that not everyone will respond to teamwork in the same way; each person is different and should be recognised as such. Give teams unchallenging tasks and they become bored, allowing individual needs to come to the fore and over time the teamwork will disintegrate to working in silos. Teamwork is a continuous process, there needs to be constant learning from the process accompanied by a high level of openness among team members.

In true teamwork there must be transparency and there is nowhere for senior managers to hide their weaknesses when leading teams.
About one third of the working population enjoy teamwork, one third is neutral and one third prefers to work solo (source: Wright Consultancy). In conclusion, teams thrive on a challenging tasks and it is this complexity businesses should tap into by embracing teamwork. If you would like to delve deeper into the topic of teamwork then download David Wrighta€™s eBook a€?The Myths and Realities of Teamworka€?. Far from encouraging teamwork, senior managers are uneasy with the loss of control that teamwork appears to bring with it. However, there still exist a lot of misunderstandings and myths about teamwork which can have a negative influence on it.

Teams thrive on complexity; however, if a task or process is simple an organisation can cope without teamwork and continue to be successful working in silos or a task environment. An old European study of senior managers in the 1990s discovered that while senior managers outwardly supported teamwork in their organisations; they were uncomfortable with the process and the potential for exposing their own weaknesses and loss of control.

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