Becky from a Sweet Hot Mess is with us today to share invaluable tips for inspiring boys (+girls) to develop a love of writing. As discussed in my previous post, How to Raise a Boy who Loves to Read, one of our greatest challenges as parents is to create an environment that fosters literacy and a love of learning.
The first thing I had to do was wrap my head around the idea that reading and especially writing are not fundamental skill sets.
Strangely enough, our next choice was the opposite of the small pencils and when I found the long, chubby triangle grip of the Ticonderoga pencils (found HERE on Amazon),  we had instant success. So now that your son is comfortable holding a pencil, has mastered the basics of handwriting and has good line control – what next?
Last, but not the least, I created comic books strips for my son after I realized he adored Calvin and Hobbes. My comic strip templates are the most popular download on my blog…and because Playful Learning is such a wonderful resource for so many passionate and wonderful parents, I designed a few more templates just for you. Learning to succinctly articulate one’s thoughts and arguments is one of the greatest skills we can develop in this life.

The best part of my week are those quiet afternoons when I am walking down the hall and glimpse into my son’s room and notice he is immersed in a journal, his pictures and words and imagination covering the pages. With a background in Screenwriting and Business Management, Becky Brown also has a passion for homeschooling her son and daughter, Luke and Charlie. My son LOVES comics, and in an effort to get him to love reading as much as I do, I let him pick out (just about) any comic book or mag. As a writer and former English instructor and mother of 3 boys, I love that you are thinking and writing about this. Whether your children need extra support or an extra challenge, we will assess their needs and provide an engaging program that sparks their natural curiosity and love for learning. Our consulting services provide parents with the opportunity to receive individualized feedback and support. Centuries upon centuries of cultures have survived and even thrived with minimal literacy, if any at all.
Becky’s passion for teaching her children runs the gamut from introducing them to the visual arts to exploring the natural world all around them.

I have a little reader here, he enjoys reading so much but his handwriting could use some work so I want to encourage him to practice, and make it fun.
They are a great way to learn firsthand how the Playful Learning philosophy applies to your specific parenting concerns.
Becky strongly believes that her passions will fuel her children’s passions, and she actively works to further her knowledge as both a parent and an educator—while learning more every day about the importance of playful learning. With a BFA in Film Direction and her MA in Screenwriting from UCLA, Becky’s passion for writing and storytelling runs throughout her work and her life, as seen in her eclectic family blog, Sweet Hot Mess, about her life in Tulare, California.

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