In the gym I tend to hear a lot of people say what their a€?goalsa€? are, but without getting too deep I can tell that they dona€™t actually know what really setting goals is.
Often when people think of something they really would like to get done, but cana€™t figure out why they never actually do it, it comes down to core values. As far as time management, here is a pretty quick tool for anybody that wants to get something done but thinks a€?I dona€™t have the time.a€? There are 168 hours in a week.
So, the first cause of frustration with goal setting and time management is establishing the wrong goals because they dona€™t authentically motivate you. True Meaning of Success Feb 19, 16 10:27 AMSuccess begins with defining what is truly important to you . 12 tips for Sustaining Motivation Apr 30, 15 05:21 PM12 tips for Sustaining Motivation to attain your goals. If you haven’t read Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy yet, this is a great way to get motivated. It is color coded to include Orange – which is the Strategy bits that are what actually make me money and move my business forward. Pink is personal and stuff I have to do (if I don’t feed the little ones and get them off to school, no one will!) Then I have my standing appointments and work for clients that HAS to get done.
So, you are probably a entrepreneur and the idea of locking down your time is opposite of what the dream is. If you start your day out checking your emails, responding to crisis after crisis, then pop over to Facebook and diddle around there for a bit, you WILL waste immeasurable time accomplishing nothing. Social media – Half an hour (this is checking in on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Klout, Google+, etc.
Second off, there is something to be said for the old axiom that we underestimate what we can accomplish in 5 years and over estimate what we can do in a month.
Lastly, by the time the month is done, at least some of this will 1) take less time so I can incorporate it into my daily life for real and 2) I will have developed habits that will serve me well going forward. I can tell already that I need a daily checklist for what to do on the half-hour social media days as I ran over on time and just kinda hit the high notes.
Good enough is good enough – because we are not going to be using this for years in our business, it is fine to work with for a month. 4 Ways Youa€™re Sabotaging Your Entrepreneurial Success (and How to Stop) 4 Professional Tips to Secure Your Blog Identity Lessons For Entrepreneurs From A Navy SEAL Want to Learn the Secrets for Writing a Successful Business Plan?
These templates:take a staircase approach to goal setting,identify short-term actions and resources to support each goal,enable you to maximize your success by setting SMART goals. People who have used these templates have said these templates keep their longer term perspective on the 'front-burner of their mind'. How to Stop Procrastinating in 10 minutes with One Simple Question Sep 21, 15 08:24 PMI have a confession to make about procrastinating. A Procrastination Definition Sep 21, 15 03:01 AMWhat is an adequate procrastination definition? This is the Big Picture; the framework to which all what you do with focus on, for example how you set your priorities, how you decide if something is important or not, what must be added into your quarterly plan, your monthly plan, your weekly plan and then, the daily plan.
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Where you as an individual can find the right business training to upgrade your skill-set and get that promotion you want. My name is Martha and I have worked for over 30 years in various aspects of business and in various countries, right around the world.
If something is not at the top of your value list, youa€™re going to have a really hard time making it happen.A  Here is an exercise I like because it can be a real eye opener. If you go through and see a€?kidsa€? or a€?familya€? repeating, write down family, and mark a tally. But, if youa€™re stuck in a rut and cana€™t figure out why the things you need to do arena€™t getting done, try a few of these techniques! Accomplishing your goals is all about how well youa€™re able to set and stay true to a schedule of working through each task.
The second part of the equation is how you manage the day-to-day activities that make up your plan for reaching the ultimate destination. Without a plan or system for what needs to be accomplished there is no winning and you are setting yourself up for certain doom. Please do not skip a step as you cannot accomplish what you want if you haven’t done all the steps! You can have the best intentions in the world but if there is no time in your day to complete your tasks, you will fail miserably.
As you can see, my days start with that as I am most productive in the morning and there is no way that I can get off track.
Sit down before you end your day and figure out what the top three things you HAVE to get done the next day are. If I do not get those things done in the morning, I have to stay up late that night and get them done after the kids go to bed (I am an early bird so that is DEFINITELY not something I am going to do daily). Just with the time blocked I am actually accomplishing something that I consider important. After I get my schedule down and figure what I SAY I am going to do, I make a checklist for the month.
There ARE things that I would change BUT that would take time away from actually DOING it so they can stay there for a while. Because the long term goals are articulated into smaller, more bite-sized building blocks; that they feel more in control and more accountable for their goals. Or where you, the business manager who needs to get staff trained effectively, can do so within very reasonable budgets. I too have set many vague goals in my life but until I started setting appropriate goals, they were seldom achieved. In the real world, if you are willing to calendar (and hold yourself responsible), you actually get to do everything that you want and more.
If I DO all my monthly tasks, then I “get” to research marketing and take classes because I am not just wasting time, ignoring what needs to be done! Keep that to the side and hidden if you must, but make sure you have a short (I like three things) list of things that you need to do TODAY.
My checklist this month has at the top the daily bits for the hours committed that I can check off.
Yep I got stuff done, but not on the scale that I do when I have determined a course of action and then set the measurable goals for completing it.

If you commonly feel as though youa€™re wasting time and have a hard time simply getting started on the first step inside your overall goal plan, then therea€™s a great chance you havena€™t set the proper goal. Instead, break up each step inside your goal plan into daily bite-sized chunks that are easy to accomplish. He has spent a lifetime developing time management habits that serve him well…I am in awe of his focus.
Then, youa€™re going to place each of those groups in order depending on the number of times it came up. After youa€™ve totaled your main time consumers, you might just find out you really have a WHOLE LOT of time that youa€™re not utilizing. If you set goals that touch your heart and tap into your core values then youa€™ll have an intrinsic motivation to move forward. Since I know you already have many life responsibilities, small daily steps will seem easier to handle.
The key is to learn how to manage those distractions so they dona€™t consume your energy or effectiveness. You wona€™t have any issue with time management because the very thought of taking action excites you. Minimize distractions such as email, instant messaging software, social media sites, phone calls and people.
I feel in life it is impossible to achieve balance in all these areas, but the desire for balance is key.
Often something like a€?familya€? could show up not as number one, even though you think family is the most important to you, but when you connect that say a€?moneya€? is at the top is because you need the money to be free and have more time with your family, so theya€™re actually connected.
I encourage you to learn how to create effective, challenging and exciting goals so the rest of my ideas will help guide you properly. There are ways as well to move things up on your values list and other things down, but thata€™s far too much for me express here. Even an authentic goal will get derailed if you allow yourself to feel overwhelmed every day.
If you create those easy-to-achieve daily tasks then youa€™ll experience a journey where it feels effortless to make progress. As you build successful day upon successful day youa€™ll create momentum that carries you to the finish line in an enjoyable fashion. If you analyze your daily time management frustrations, you might be surprised by how many tasks involve projects you wished you hadna€™t said yes to in the first place.
Thinking critically about whether you really want to accept work, projects or even family commitments will be an incredible time saver. This frees up more time to invest in the daily tasks that help you reach your authentic, life changing goals.
If you consider the direct relationship between goal setting and time management and follow my above tips, Ia€™m confident youa€™ll become a more effective and fulfilled individual!

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