Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the DYNAMIC TEAM at Visakha Healthcare (India) Pvt. As a fast growing company, focused on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION we are often looking for ENTHEUSIASTIC, MOTIVATED and PASSIONATE people to strengthen various divisions within Visakha Healthcare (India) Pvt.
It is important to note that by sending your CV it does not guarantee you employment or that we have a position available at the time of you sending your CV. All applications will be kept in our database for review and consideration for future positions.
The LigaSure™ vessel sealing system gives you something no other electrosurgical tool can - permanent vessel occlusion.
As an experienced and traditional manufacturer of high-quality instruments, Medicon has acquired a special reputation in the area of gynaecology.

The product range comprises well-known standard instruments such as specula, dilators, biopsy forceps to aid diagnosis. This range is supplemented by special instruments which can substantially facilitate routine procedures for the confirmation of findings that are cytologically unclear (see Chapter on Special Instruments). With the practice-related development of MIS in the early nineties, these surgical techniques were also introduced into gynaecology. Open the instrument to reveal a set of jaws at the tip for the straightforward grasping of the IUD. Knife conisation is one of the most frequently performed gynaecological procedures for the confirmation of unclear cytological findings. The conisation probe is used in order to carry out the conisation process without the standard holding instruments (grasping forceps) and thus to minimise or avoid the well-known problems (damage to the cervix uteri and the conus).

Your CV will be kept on record and you will be contacted should your skills meet the requirements for a position. The LigaSure™ system's revolutionary technology replaces almost all other hemostatic tools because it doesn't just ligate vessels, it actually fuses vessel walls to create a permanent seal. This refers to the exact, high-quality processing of products and to product ranges and specialist instruments. In these cases, IUD probe grasping forceps can be used for an uncomplicated procedure performed in the out-patients’ department without the need for anaesthesia.

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