We all know the importance of setting up expectations (and boundaries  those first few days.
This pack comes with a story, printable cards, and activities that help teach kids positive behavior. Tip: Act out the different voice levels and have your students identify which one you are doing.
Using Minute to Win It games is a fantastic motivator for upper elementary, middle school, and high school students. Use these punch cards as positive reinforcement for when a student (or your own child) performs a specific task or when you catch them performing a desired behavior. Join me in all things school counseling on Twitter and follow my TPT store to receive updates on freebies and fun counseling activities! This entry was posted in Behavior Management, Free Resource, Lesson Plans, Positive Behavior Support, School Counseling and tagged Behavior Management, School Counseling. On behalf of the entire Teacher Preparation Strategies team, I want to express our sadness at the death of Barry Kaufman and our condolences to his wife of 50 years, Gail. Disorganization can lead to hours of valuable time lost, duplicating the workload for teachers. I created a central repository (with the use of Google shared drives) for everyone to combine resources. Furthermore, teachers bought into this system because they had created the original shared lesson plan; as opposed to using a purchased, packaged curriculum.
At my school, too many teachers previously let one disruptive student ruin the entire class period for the other 29 students eager to learn. Simply walking around the room and talking to students as individuals has an incredible impact on classroom culture.
It may be unpopular in this anti-testing environment to suggest more testing, not less; but it works.
Now, with more frequent assessment,  students have multiple attempts to show mastery of a concept. In the same way that we built in an assessment calendar for our kids, those of us who lead teachers need to have a growth mindset for adults, reevaluating where an individual teacher is each week, quarter and semester. When I first started working with my team, many of my teachers simply needed a shift in outlook because they were constantly told that their studentsa€™ poor test scores were all their fault. Allowing teachers to focus on growth instead of a seemingly impossible, looming proficiency goal allows them to stop acting out in frustration to student behavior and lack of engagement and starting focusing on their individual student growth goals.
Creating a teacher turnaround plan without observing or talking to your teachers will flop. For all intents and purposes, Chicago Public Schools appears to be out of moneya€”having recently borrowed $725 million just to keep the doors open.
Failure to reach a deal has resulted in mid-year budget cuts and teachers being forced to take three days off with no pay. Chicago teachers already fare pretty well when it comes to salaries and benefits as compared to other large districts. The uniona€™s response to the offer, however, does not appear to point to teacher compensation issues as a sticking point.
As atypical as they are, the district actually responded to these demands in its last public offer.
Therea€™s little doubt that the teachers union has plenty of reason to be dubious of the districta€™s financial promises, but it isna€™t easy to see how a negotiation where the most recent proposal was rejected more out of lack of trust than substantive differences can be resolved. For some great data comparing Chicago to other districts in Illinois and large districts across the country on the typical issues that usually drive teacher contract negotiations, see our most recent Teacher Trendline. New data shines a spotlight on whata€™s happening in the black box of teacher prep a€“ but what it reveals is just plain depressing. A non-profit organization which describes itself as an education-focused version of Consumer Reports, the Educators Consumers Foundation is out with an interesting small study looking at the outcomes of graduates from Tennesseea€™s teacher prep programs. Finally, and this problem continues to be a major sticking point for us as we try to evaluate programs on student achievement outcomes, the state continues to lump all graduates from an institution into the same pot, even though they have graduated from programs within that institution which we know are substantially different in terms of their selectivity, coursework, and the professors who teach the coursework (as we show here).
As any district can attest, overhauling teacher evaluations represents a huge lift for all involved. Data sheet template track progress adie, Do simple, manageable format collecting data students' progress iep goals? Collecting data iep goals - proteacher community, Collecting data iep goals special education express gratitude sharing ideas grid! The contestants perform challenges, like rolling marbles across a table into a cup but they only have a minute to get all 20 marbles in the cup.

You can also find me (lots of counseling goodness) on the web: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. She ended up turning around a whole team of veteran teachers by helping them to form more effective teaching habits. Teachers in my school used to spend hours searching for last year's flash drive, worksheet or lesson. For example, a student might have put on headphones and disruptively started singing along. Before these incidents multiply, identify the few students in need of special emotional support and behavior correction (conferences, calls home or utilization of administrators). My team of teachers transitioned from one large test every few weeks (that wasn't revisited until the final exam), to numerous mini tests and quizzes. Students have hope after failing a test as opposed to just giving up and having to accept the F. Our goal was beyond hitting a specified proficiency number, but to simply make sure our students left our classes knowing more biology than when they entered. When leaders create a culture of focusing on the positive, it trickles down to teacher-student interactions.
She was a North Carolina Teaching Fellow, received her Bachelors in Biology with minors in Education and Entrepreneurship from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and her Master of Education Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University. The districta€™s financial struggles set the backdrop for what has proven to be a contentious negotiation for a new contract with the teachers union. In February, the district gave notice that it might end its pick-up of most of teachersa€™ required contributions to their pension system; the union responded by saying it would go on strike April 1 if the district followed through.
Still, the district offered an 8.75 percent phased-in salary increase over the next three years, but in return wanted to end the practice of picking up seven percent of the contribution teachers are supposed to make to their retirement system. We cana€™t find any specific demand or counteroffer that lays out what the union wants instead.
Consider that the Chicago Teachers Union came to the table with some demands that are not commonly seen in the typical collective bargaining negotiation. Along with dropping the pension pickup, giving raises and changing evaluations, the district has also offered to draft and find a sponsor for a tax bill, work on legislation to alter the Illinois Charter School Commission and identify and support a progressive state tax.
What can the district offer that meets the uniona€™s criterion of stabilizing district finances? While a few programs perform well, most programs in the state routinely graduate substantially more ineffective teachers than effective ones. The data compares teachersa€™ performance over their first three years of teaching with the performance of all teachers in the state, so perhaps ita€™s unrealistic to expect a program to produce effective new teachers relative to the broader population of teachers.
In other words, therea€™s almost no similarity between graduate and undergraduate programs on the same campus.
A lot of choices can be a good thing, as you should be able to find what you’re looking for but be careful the download is pretty big!
These group effort and participation rubrics makes students more accountable for their behavior. He always made himself available to NCTQ staff for consultation and helped us to ensure that the picture of teacher prep painted in NCTQ reports is accurate. For example, my teachers did a lesson in which we modeled DNA & Protein Synthesis by decoding a "DNA recipe" and creating, of all things, Rice Krispie treats. Teachers are not always taught how to create a systematic way to organize lessons and materials. Teachers could simply pull up the PowerPoint with directions for the activities, notes, etc. This would then be typically followed by a loud five-minute spectacle between student and teacher ultimately ending with the student being removed from class. We've built in opportunities for students to retest and replace poor quiz grades on large interim assessments. Yes, it can be draining for a school leader, but it is necessary to let teachers get it off their shoulders. The proficiency numbers would increase eventually if we just focused on growing students one by one.
This negotiation has caught our attention because the primary sticking point seems to be less about traditional areas of disagreement and more about plain old bad faith. Just last week, the district announced it would not stop the pension pick-upa€”at least until the final phase of negotiations is complete. Alongside ordinary bargaining issues like class size and preparation time, the uniona€™s stated priorities included unusual demands like placing a freeze on charter school expansion and the district engaging in legal action against banks that it says contributed to the districta€™s poor financial state.

A district offering to get involved in the political process as part of teacher contract negotiations? Thata€™s why NCTQ is unable to include VAM data for Tennessee programs in ourTeacher Prep Review, tempting though it may be. First, as Erin pointed out, they need to have a strong, positive classroom culture, one that not only prevents negative behaviors but fosters an enjoyment of school and encourages students to do things that are productive and supportive of learning. Students were up around the room transcribing mRNA to gather ingredients and make their "protein" (Rice Krispie treat).
Inevitably these confrontations have ripple effects, resulting in multiple students being kicked out, wandering the hallways and missing out on even more instruction. They always have the opportunity to work towards a higher grade and grow their knowledge of the topics covered as the semester progresses.
In response, the union has promised a a€?Day of Actiona€? on April 1, perhaps easing the previous threat of a strike.
Researchers Matthew Steinberg and Lauren Sartain used this opportunity to answer the question a€?Can the process of evaluating the teachers in a school actually improve a school's performance?a€?  For the first cohort of schools implementing the evaluation, principals received extensive training and support, with a focus on how to use the rubric and what to look for when observing teachers.
Also, teachers need to reward kids for their attentiveness with engaging content and rigorous lessons. I arrived at age 22 with an inextinguishable passion for the power of education to achieve social justice, excited in particular about hands-on biology lessons.
Though there were slight moments of chaos because students were so excited, every student was engaged. Now,  my teachers know exactly where the aligned lessons are located and can focus on tweaking the lesson as opposed to repeatedly, frantically creating something from scratch.
Those things are really critical, though they are easier to describe than they are to do.I would say ita€™s also important for teachers to ask themselves, a€?Whoa€™s doing the work in my lessons, me or my students?a€? One of the fastest ways to make sure ita€™s the kids doing the work and not the teacher is to increase the amount of in-class writing they do.
However, my pineapple eating Jello enzyme demo and edible candy DNA activities were quickly shunned by my colleagues for being too cutesy and I was instructed to drill students with multiple choice worksheets instead. Students would frequently reference these types of engaging lessons and activities at the end of the year, as they had made a memorable impact. I left after just one year to teach at a neighboring school that embraced my more hands-on approach. Worksheets and multiple choice drills, although they may look more controlled from an outside perspective, were not frequently referenced as having a significant impact on the studentsa€™ deep understanding of the material. Start creating individual turnaround plans for each of your teachers with students at the center. In addition a€?Cold call,a€? a technique I discuss in my book, is in some ways a form of low-stakes assessment. This creates a constructive tension where students know at any point they may have to recall and re-engage previously learned content at any point in the lesson.
A good evaluation system is only as good as the training and support provided to those asked to deliver it.
A good example of a manageable challenge that teachers struggle with is failing to build a positive culture in the classroom.
When you add to that that wea€™re talking about 30 young people whose motivations may vary and who may have varying levels of interest in the endeavor you are asking them to work on, ita€™s a very, very challenging thing to do.Q) What about rigor, which you mentioned is something teachers may not even realize theya€™re struggling with?Right.
Teachers shouldna€™t be doing too much of the cognitive work by answering questions for the students.
If you can only write a single sentence, you have to use syntax in a way that really captures nuance.
My second favorite technique in the book is one called a€?Show Call.a€? I take a student's work and put it up on the projector. And then I have the whole class revise their own sentences accordingly.Q) What do you wish teacher prep programs would take away from your research on high performing teachers?I guess I wish that teacher preparation dealt with realities a bit more than it did theories. Ita€™s really important how you ask your questions in the classroom, what prompts you use to get kids to do something and when you ask them to revise their work whether you can get everyone to follow your instructions. First, because theya€™re the ones who have found the highest-value solutions to the problems, and second, because doing so honors the profession.In the long run, if wea€™re going to draw the best people to the profession, actual teachers have to participate in generating the knowledge base of the field.
We have to make the study of the best among us intentional and honor those teachers by learning from their work.

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