According to Pareto Law, 20 percent of your tasks always responsible for 80 percent of your results, 80 percent of your tasks are responsible for 20 percent of your results. The next step is identifying if there are any tasks that needs to be alleviated in terms of time constraint. Another technique you can use to alleviate a critical task is renegotiation time of delivery (if possible).
Finally, I would like to mention that good planning of your (and your team’s) tasks will make your time management process less stressful. Supervisors can put their time to effective use if they are able to delegate work and empower their employees. Have you ever been tired and decided to continue to work an extra two hours because you just have to get the job done? We are all busy, but do you think you are busier and less productive than you should be?  If so it’s time to look at how you manage your time. The best use of your time is to focus on the tasks in the quadrants that relate to IMPORTANT tasks. Time management skills take time to build and practice makes perfect so it’s a good idea to schedule time in your diary to carry out your time audit on a regular basis,  this will help you stay focused on the things that make a real difference. This guide contains resources and tools for high school students, teachers, and librarians related to writing, research and study skills.

This page provides links to handouts, resources and tutorials focused on TIME MANAGEMENT AND STUDY SKILLS.
The Writing Center offers a variety of ways for students and members of the community to get feedback on their writing. The Self Help Library offers many resources including information on: Study Skills, Time Management, Procrastination, Test Anxiety, and Organization. When you determine which task needs to be alleviated, think how you can alleviate the task.
One can avoid the stress of running against time by being assertive and refusing requests that make unreasonable demands on one’s time. Implement these strategies and you will be on the road to improving your time management skills. The following (taken from the everywoman workbook, Managing your time - member login required) will help you identify where you spend your time and analyse how productive your activity is.
Have you ever heard the concept: If you want to be successful in an endevor copy someone who is successful in that same area? In a similar manner, oftentimes we program ourselves to do things that we do not really want or need to do.
The supervisor has to have confidence in his people as well as the enthusiasm to develop them.

You can regain control with time management skills and use the clock as a tool to work for you. Take some time and identify the activities that do not make the best use of your time and energy and leave them behind. If you have a key hook by the door and create a habit of always putting your keys on that hook when you are not using them, you can save yourself time and energy. Remember The Milk so that you no longer have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand. By writing things down and planning you can begin to visualize what your future has the potential to look like. This tip cannot only help you save time, but it can help you maintain your health, and aid in the execution of exceptional performance.

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