We produce computer programs and materials to help you to improve the memory, recall and learning skills of your children, pupils, students and adult clients.
Learners with MLD form one of the largest categories of special educational need in mainstream secondary schools. It's almost back-to-school time and whether you are a new teacher or have been teaching for years, there is a good chance this year you will have a student with dyslexia in your classroom. Multisensory teaching is an effective way to teach children with dyslexia according to the International Dyslexia Association. Take the Fright Out of the First Day - Brain Balance Achievement Centers Find a Center 800-877-5500 Menu Understanding the Issues Why is My Child Struggling? Beth Bishop has a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education (K-12) from Edinboro State College, PA, with minors in both Drawing and Painting. Ruth Elrod has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a major emphasis in Interdisciplinary in Human Development, from Marquette University.
Degreed in English, Language and History with a minor in Psychology, Karen Freeman lists teaching and cooking amongst her greatest passions, with her family as her greatest joy. Nicole Huffman Hollins is a homeschooling parent, local attorney and mediator, and founder of Money Fit Kids, an early financial literacy program for children. In most schools, the vast majority of learners with MLD will be taught in mainstream classes much of the time.
Upon graduating, she continued her education with 20 hours of programming, drafting and engineering related classes from NHCC. As an advocate for women in STEM, she is a winner of the Palantir Women in Engineering Scholarship, the Society of Women Engineers National Lockheed Martin Scholarship, and the Girl Scout Gold Award.
Robert Crotteau comes to Home Education Partnership upon retiring from Friendswood High School, where he taught Mathematics for 16 years. A graduate of a noted European culinary institution, she holds the license of Executive Chef in Grande Cuisine and serves with the International Association of Culinary Professionals. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism in 1998.
He also was an record-breaking member of the cross country track team in both high school and college.
Online Assessment Tool Research White Papers Call now to schedule a Free Consultation800-877-5500 Who We Can Help ADHD Learning Disorders Behavioral Issues Processing Disorders Asperger’s PDD-NOS Not sure why your child is struggling?
Natalie has been a recurring intern at Johnson Space Center with USRA and Lockheed Martin since 2013, completing software projects in International Space Station Safety & Mission Assurance, End-of-Life Procedures, and Bioastronautics.
Married to Steven, a former police officer, their entrepreneurial exploits include a catering business, a photography company, and 2 restaurants. She is the youngest of seven children and was homeschooled for the entirety of her pre-college education.
Crystal has taught Kindergarten and First Grade in both public and private schools for over ten years. She served in the USAF  as a meteorology officer, manager of a clothing store, and has given private piano lessons for 15 years. It includes all the vital information practitioners need to know about Moderate Learning Difficulties.
Our suggestions work great for all students but are especially helpful for students with dyslexia.Students with Dyslexia May Be Eligible for Accommodations. With a passion for education, she is an advocate for NASA’s internship program and has organized presentations at local Houston schools about NASA and the space program.

While serving on the Board of Directors and as the only woman Head Coach in the HHSI, she brought her sons' team, the Humble High School Hockey team, to claim several District and City of Houston championships. Murray has been very active in a variety of performing arts in Houston for many years and even has her own visual and performing arts nonprofit organization. Miss Puryear grew up studying Latin with her father and has a deep love for classical literature.
Throughout her time teaching she has furthered her education by attending many hours of professional development on reading and math strategies, dyslexia, and classroom management.
Ideas to help you make your classroom more welcoming and a positive learning environment for students with dyslexia.Multisensory Approaches for Dyslexia. A guide to help teachers understand the Section 504 process and what their responsibilities are when a student is giving special services or accommodations to help with dyslexiaCommon Accommodations for Students with Dyslexia.
Natalie is excited to return to HEP and share her passion for computer science and technology.
During her association with the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, she developed curriculum and training formats currently in use on a statewide basis in public schools and law enforcement departments and often serves as a guest speaker during statewide conventions on the subject of domestic violence.
Upon graduating, she furthered her education through online copyediting courses at the University of California- San Diego extension. She served as editor in chief of HBU’s student newspaper for a year and has had several articles and columns published.
In 2013, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a focus in Classical Latin, from the University of Texas. Her three sons (one an attorney, one a HPD officer, one a minister of a local church) were homeschooled. This is a much-needed source of knowledge for teachers, TAs, SENCos, Learning Mentors and anyone who supports children and young people with moderate learning difficulties and provides an honest and accessible approach. She earned awards for Outstanding Graduate Student in Women’s Studies and Outstanding Graduate Student in Humanities, Text Tract, and worked as a professional tutor at the UHCL Writing Center for five years. A published essayist, she presents her work at the Webb Historical Society, the Great Plains Convention, LSU, U of H, Sam Houston and Lee College, while her essays also appear in Reader's Digest and Southern Living.
She is the founder and National Executive Director of Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society, and owner of the HEP Bookstore and Home Education Partnership of Texas. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary and living with her beloved cat named Zelda.
During her time with Pearland, she was named Pearland ISD Bilingual Teacher of the Year, Teacher of the Year at Carleston Elementary, and Finalist for Pearland ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year.
Suggestions for teachers to make homework more meaningful.Creating a Positive Reinforcement Program for Students with Dyslexia. Still bookkeeping part-time, she is excited about  returning to her first love of art. A published essayist, poet, short story writer, and novelist, Celia considers herself a non-denominational Christian whose upbringing helps her respect the regard in which all believers hold their particular faiths.
After teaching on the collegiate level and as a private tutor for 10 years, she turned her focus towards homeschooling her three elementary-aged children and teaching high school students at HEP of Texas, Inc. San Jacinto College has been very impressed with the students who come from the HEP classes.
While in North Carolina during her husband's service in the Army, she taught Spanish and Art classes to homeschoolers of all ages. As such, she tries to teach in a way that allows students to acquire the background and acuity to understand and develop their individual creeds.

She has been an active member of Sagemont Church since 1975 and was active in Boy Scouting for 15 years and is a featured panelist in the BSA Training Video for Youth Protection.
She and her husband have graduated their two oldest children, both of whom have been excepted to two excellent Texas Universities and have had the opportunity to excel in their chosen majors.
Suggestions for teachers to make this a little easier on students.Tips for Teaching High School Students with Dyslexia .
Their youngest daughter is in her junior year of high school and attends honors classes at HEP giving her the same strong foundation as her sisters. Hendrix has also home schooled her three children, one of whom is a National Merit Scholarship winner for 2006!
Visit the School Before the Other Kids Show Up One good idea is to visit the school before the actual year starts, preferably without the other kids around. His military awards include the Navy Achievement Medal (2), the Navy Commendation Medal (3), the Meritorious Service Medal (3) and the Legion of Merit.
This will give your child the freedom to explore the school without feeling anxious about having other students nearby.
It will also give your child a chance to see the routes from the classroom to other areas of the school, such as the gym or therapy rooms. You can take pictures if you are allowed to; that way, you can go over the areas again once you get home. Naval Academy, a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School, a Master of Business Administration from Chaminade University of Honolulu, and a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Houston. Play a Game or Create a Story Practice makes perfect, and one good way to take the fright out of the first day is to create a story or scenario that reflects everything that might happen on the first day of school. With younger children, use pictures that reflect such routines as getting on the bus, starting the day, and ending the day. With older children, you can run through various scenarios that reflect a typical day, and then create a game that focuses on what they are expected to do.
Talk to Your Child About His or Her School Day Another way you can help minimize your child’s anxiety is call the school and learn as much as you can about the way the day will be structured, and then discuss the specifics with your child. That way, your child knows exactly what his or her day will look like, and how it might be different from that of the classmates. Let your child know that you will listen to any fears that he or she may have about going to school. By following these tips, you can help your child have the best first day of school possible.
Just make sure to give him or her a big hug before going to school and even a bigger hug after. Read Louie’s Story He would throw tantrums and run away from people of authority. Melillo Listen for Success Stories Understanding the Issues Why is My Child Struggling?

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