With waves of information flowing around us each day, it is easy to get distracted.  Create periods of time where you block out emails, browsing, phone calls, social media or whatever distraction is wastefully consuming your time. Set up systems that work for you and your lifestyle.  You can easily store files online with Dropbox, record notes anywhere with Evernote, schedule calls and meetings with TimeTrade and manage your tweets with Tweetdeck. There will never be enough time to do absolutely everything you want.  The silver lining is that you can achieve more of what matters by doing less. For more great reads on achieving more by doing less, check out The 4 Hour Work Week, Getting Things Done and First Things First.
Do whatever is necessary to break away from the people in your life who don’t make you feel good about yourself. Do you find yourself continually running out of time or not getting everything done that you had hoped to? Whether you have lost focus and motivation or have found yourself overwhelmed with activity, step back and analyse how you are spending your time.
From my experience in training and coaching clients to be their best, I understand that people think about and process time differently. If you are future orientated you tend to be very aware of time and always wondering what you are going to do next. If you tend to live in the moment, you will find that traditional time management tips and techniques are not that effective for you. Unfortunately, the consequences of missing deadlines are similar to having a credit card – we do not realise how much damage we have done until we get the bill! When you begin to understand the personal and emotional reasons behind procrastination you will realise why you put off your plans and goals.

Whether you actively look for distractions, put things off entirely or are just not happy with the quality of your work, then you are procrastinating.
If you are wondering how they are so effective and productive, the secret lies in their selective focus and persistence. Develop an evening routine that works for you and go to sleep eight hours before you want to get up.
Determine the goals you really want to achieve, exercise daily to keep your body and mind healthy and happy, spend time around those who make you feel good, declutter your mind and living spaces and break some of those rules that have been confining you for too long. For example, you probably know someone who never wears a watch, yet they always know the time or indeed the opposite – someone who checks their watch every few minutes because they are not sure of the time. Perhaps you spend your time thinking about the future or maybe you tend to live in the moment. Planning and prioritising techniques work well for you keeping you goal focused and on time for appointments.
You may find yourself deeply engrossed in your work and time may lapse without your realisation.
Whether you are future orientated or live in the moment, self management is the key to managing your time effectively. Despite detailed plans, clear objectives and digital accessories that beep at us, we still defer what needs to be done until a later date and often fail to do them at all. Procrastination not only affects our work, but it also gives us feelings of guilt, regret, stress and inadequacy. Her warmth, sincerity, generosity of spirit and natural empathy puts you immediately at ease.

A rested mind is sharp, alert and brimming with great ideas together with the desire to act on them. The people who don’t appreciate your worth, who undermine you, who constantly moan and complain. Find a physical activity that fits your personality and schedule and then start turning it into a habit. Too many, though, and life becomes a hectic mess as you try to sort out which ones to follow where, until you’ve totally lost track of your original path. Your ability to multitask allows you to start many projects at one time, yet this may leave you overcommitted or even forgetting important appointments.
She is dedicated to excellence, committed to her own continuing personal development and is utterly professional.
Starting today,  be aware of who you choose to spend time with and seek out those who bring positive elements into your life, rather than drain them away. Plus, when you consume less on a regular basis, you’ll develop a keener sense of appreciation for those items that are worth keeping around. Cut loose from these rigid ways and experience the incredible freedom of a life that goes beyond the tyranny of rules.
By not making decisions, they free themselves from the responsibility of a poor outcome.  Some procrastinate because they enjoy the last minute rush and thrill of striving to reach the deadline within limited time constraints.

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