The manager’s scarcest resource is usually not information, nor manpower, nor even money—it’s time. Volumes of excellent readings about time management have appeared in recent years, offering a valuable array of time-saving techniques and tips.
The ministry manager’s priorities should revolve around the following foundational question: Who benefits by the way you spend your time?
This suggests a foundational truth about effective time management: once ministry managers are service-oriented, their time actually belongs to others. Such advice may sound like sheer madness to the busiest of managers who blame "role overload" for their habitual lack of time.
Itemize the major and minor activities you engaged in daily and the approximate amount of time spent on each.
Determine about what percentage of your time that week was spent on each activity category. Use the following generic table as a guide to developing a more tailor-made time utilization chart for yourself. Ministry or Committee meetings can very often "take the wind" out of committed members if not managed properly.
When someone offers a challenging or potentially controversial comment, ask other team members to state what they heard this person say.
Always be alert during meetings for the emergence of conflict and recognize the difference between “hot” and “cool” conflict.

Occasionally paraphrase what others say for positive reinforcement and to promote good listening.
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We all have exactly the same amount of it each day, but some of us have a great deal more to show for it. When boiled down, however, most of this material has a common theme: control your priorities. Time management decisions in a Christian setting must be governed by the opportunity to serve others. Time must not be selfishly hoarded by the manager, but other generously invested in others.
While it is necessary to spend time in the Lord's house, wasting time is sinful and will surely be counter-productive. Please arrange to candidly answer-if you are slipping-we have remedial measures to look at.
Spending our precious time on others is actually a greater sacrifice than spending our money on them.
In short, you must give up something of lesser importance) to get something (of greater importance).

But then this becomes a professional lifestyle, a significant reworking of the management is warranted.
The way to effective time management lies with carefully defining our priorities management—the proverbial putting first things first.
The familiar adage, you have to give up something in order to get something, rings true for time management. Christian who genuinely desired desire to serve others will strive to be under committed rather than over-committed. One of the most common debilitating mistakes ministry managers make is to create more time for serving others simply by working longer hours.
They will have time on their hands, giving them a receptiveness that invites rather than shuts out others. They seek to serve by adding on more and more "floors" to an already towering "skyscraper" of daily activities.

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