I never really knew how to study, since I never did in high school and managed to get good grades.
This article addresses some critical and very easy ways of being more efficient in studying. Things like mixing up what you study about a certain subject, changing where you study and spacing out study time instead of cramming are all things that help psychologically exercise the brain as well as reducing stress level when we study.
Overcoming the stress hurdle with a seemingly endless amounts of studying already puts the student into a hole leading to over studying without testing of material and then the information is just forgotten.
Overall, I found this article interesting and will have to incorporate these study skills into my life more and will hopefully reduce procrastination, increase retention, and reduce stress to help make study time more efficient. I too just coasted through high school and the majority of the classes my first few years of college. Think Again” (NPR Talk of the Nation, October 21, 2010) where you can read the list of tips or link through to the longer interview. I found it interesting that a well known idea of visual vs audio learners has little or no research to back it up. Being a college student and having an overwhelming amount of material to study in a short amount of time can be horrible especially when one procrastinates. To fix this I thought it was interesting how the article said to review it once and then test yourself over it, and this helps the brain retain information better. It does make sense that moving around would cause your brain to, instead of associate the material to one location, but rather the content of the material being studied.

I would show up to the library around 8 or 9pm the night before an exam and would study and watch hockey games online until the library closed. The one that really caught me off guard was the one where you should study in different places. It would make sense that students would make the connection at some point that their study habits aren’t working and they need to change something. Also, I really related to the football example; my whole life I have gone through rigorous athletic training that was constantly changing in order to challenge us mentally and physically.
For me, I just always tell myself that I didn’t study hard enough, but perhaps this whole time I have been studying the wrong way. All I had to do was go to class and read the chapters before class and come test time I was prepared.
This would make sense to do so while studying, because it would prepare you to adapt and truly learn the material at hand. I’m going to try this new method of studying for the next test and hopefully it will improve my retention of the information.
I also heard on the radio that when you chew gum it help stimulate your brain while studying or in class. In my French class we have homework everynight that is concentrated in one area or another (generally verbs or sentence structure. I wish I had found this article three years ago so that I would have strategies like this come as second nature.

With 18 credits I don’t have the time to add extra work into my busy schedual in order to diversify the things I am studying.
I have realized that when a teacher gives study exams or study problems I do much better because I force myself to not look at my notes so I find out very quickly if I know the material or not. I am going to try to implement some of the authors other stratagies however and see how they help me.
I never go to the library, my living room, etc to do it so maybe that will help me as well! An extra line disconnects thoughts, length accentuates the connection.Curved lines give visual rhythm and variety and so are easier to remember, more pleasant to draw and less boring to look at. The Mind Map allows you to catch and keep whatever ‘thought ball’ is thrown by your brain.8. Have fun!Add a little humour, exaggeration or absurdity wherever you can.Your brain will delight in getting the maximum use and enjoyment from this process and will therefore learn faster, recall more effectively and think more clearly.

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