Cameron adds that in order to be successful in school, teens need to learn about the pitfalls of procrastination.
Education professor Allison Preece agrees that managing time effectively is paramount to the high school student. Cameron adds that when parents are aware of their child’s workload, they not only help them with time management, but can ensure that they’re not overburdened.
There’s no time like the present to give your teen some valuable lessons in time management.

Because kids generally have many different teachers and subjects to deal with, they also have many different assignments and exams to work on.
She says parents can help their teens meet the time crunch challenge by “asking them how they are going to handle things, rather than assigning times when they will be doing their homework.
And that means if a high school student needs help with anything, it’s managing their time says education professor, Ian Cameron.
They may have six teachers who have all given them an assignment at one time and they are all due in the same week.” If that is the case, it’s wise to talk to the teachers, who may be unaware of this.

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