Using time tracking software gives a lot of advantages while working with dedicated development teams. This kind of apps gives project manager a possibility to find out how long a developer has worked over a certain task. With time-trackers your employees won’t waste their labour time, because you will be able to track time spent to accomplish tasks. This software can help to reduce costs as time trackers can define what tasks take up the most of the time.
When the project is finished and you know its value you can calculate cost per similar future project.
We definitely think that in some cases proper time tracking can help avoiding management miscommunication with the team according to deadlines and goals.

Track vacation and sick time - vacation tracking is easy with our time off tracking program. Note: The product platform is free to use, but there will be customers over the phone SMS charges and mobile Internet costs (traffic charges is open GPRS generated).
If you encounter a problem or not use, please do not worry, we will give you to solve the problem. Requires a SIM card inside the tracker host to open GPRS, to set GPRS user name and password.
This Weekly Timesheet report example shows detail to three levels in the configured category hierarchy. Here it is also possible to track time for vacations, sick leaves, overtimes and project’s accomplishment can be tracked.

Without time tracking fulfilment of a task can take more time than actually the task needs.
Only after this you will be able to choose exactly that app that will suit you and your employees perfectly.

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