In year 2002 he was given 45th position in the list of top Business intellect in the world.
Rich Glare presents a one-stop solution to all your ‘uptown’ queries, It is a unique website of its kind where you can browse through, to find exclusive content about every possible thing on earth which is rich and expensive in its own terms. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Ritholtz is also concerned with the 15 percent allocation to gold and commodities in Robbins' portfolio, noting that commodities have historically had a negative real rate of return. For years now, many financial journalists have advocated a globally diversified portfolio of low management fee index funds.
Others have questioned the relentless focus on the power of simplistic, positive thinking that constitutes the premise for many self-help fixes. Dan Solin is the director of investor advocacy for the BAM ALLIANCE and a wealth adviser with Buckingham. The views of the author are his alone and may not represent the views of his affiliated firms. Budgeting and tracking your expenses will give you a firm grasp on how much money is coming in and where it’s going out. For the past three decades, Anthony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world. What began as a young person's desire to help individuals transform the quality of their lives has grown into Robbins' lifelong crusade as he is called on by leaders from every walk of life-presidents, political leaders, advocates for humanity, CEOs of multinational corporations, psychologists, peak performance athletes, world-class entertainers, teachers, and parents.
As a recognized catalyst for developing systems and strategies for accelerated and lasting transformations in individuals worldwide, Robbins has been sought after by psychologists and psychiatrists for training. Please note that the views expressed in blogs and articles by guest contributors are submitted to The Women's Conference and are solely those of the authors. Love or hate him, there's no denying that celebrity life coach Tony Robbins is an incredibly engaging public speaker. For the past 30 years, people have paid hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars each to attend one of Robbins' high-energy seminars.
Oprah Winfrey said that Robbins' Unleash the Power Within event was "one of the most incredible experiences" of her life, and Al Gore was in the front row of Robbins' "Why we do what we do" TED Talk, which has now been viewed over 20 million times online. We spoke with him recently about his new book "MONEY Master the Game" and used the opportunity to ask how he's able to be such an effective speaker. Robbins says that in order to leave a lasting impression on your audience, you need to surprise them by going deeper than they predicted.
And the way to move an audience is by becoming moved yourself, which can only happen if you're being genuine. If you didn’t make it to Las Vegas last month, you missed out — on life-changing strategies for dominating your market, for massively expanding your cash flow, and for realizing TRUE business growth. If you’re part of a company that acutely targets the ideal customer, can a change in your customers’ lives trigger crisis in your business? For years baby boomers bought Harleys because they grew up watching Hollywood bad boys riding these beautiful bikes. For that customer base, most sales happened between the ages of 35 and 55, that’s the prime purchaser. So Harley Davidson continues their massive production and then what happens is those baby boomers who once bought bikes age out of the market.
And that’s how a change in your customers’ lives can cripple your business if you don’t anticipate it.
In fact, we didn’t even call it stealing, we called it “downloading.” Downloading entire albums, sometimes before an artist had even released them. What else can trigger industry crisis besides #1 A Change in Competition and #2 A Change in Technology? Most of us would never walk into a music store (if you’re old enough to remember those) and stick a CD up our shirt, and walk out without paying.
We forgot that this information—original music—was created by artists who spent lifetimes trying to come up with that one, or two, or five hits, so that they could make a living performing their heart out every night. On the flip side, consider how Apple harnessed the culture of shrinking attention spans and downloading hysteria to create something wildly popular (not to mention profitable). Steve Jobs, in his infinite wisdom, reasoned that since people were stealing entire libraries of music and no one was buying CDs anymore, why not sell single songs for a single price. When the culture demanded a cheap, easy, fast way to get music, Apple had the ingenuity to answer the call and is now the number one music retailer in the world. Less than 10 years after Apple deployed its iTunes Music Store, it surpassed 25 billion songs sold. Next time you bump into a real estate agent, ask them if the economy is capable of changing an industry. And while we usually think of Starbucks as flush with sales and profits, they stand as the sterling example of surviving and thriving in economic hardships.
So if you want to learn from one of the best leaders whose results speak for themselves, don’t just listen to Howard Schultz, hear what he is telling us.
When Schultz came back in the middle of the crisis, he ceased the company’s go-go expansion. The CEO managed to rekindle love for his customers, meanwhile, he effectively checked the ego that will control ANY company that loves its product more than the people they want to enjoy it. One thing I know from my experiences helping with the turn-around of thousands of business of every size: CRISIS CREATES BREAKTHROUGHS.
Crisis takes us from thinking about the things we could or should do and it requires us make massive changes. If your business is ready to grow (and stay there), apply now to attend Business Mastery with Tony Robbins in Las Vegas, August 13-17, 2014 ! If you’re reading this, I challenge you as a business leader to examine how YOU are like Blockbuster? In business, the psychology of a leader who resists a coming trend in technology is capable of destroying a $4 billion company. Conversely, if you become the leader that can figure out how to use technology to fulfill needs and add value, you become the disruptor not the disrupted. If you’re unsure about how significantly WhatsApp triggered crisis in the communication industry, just ask the parent of a teenager. Participating in tech shifts—not just protecting yourself from them—can make way for your impact in the world and your fortune in business.
Businesses that chase a vision (and not the money) are the ones that truly change the world – and the market. In this video from Business Mastery in 2010, Tony Hsieh reveals how core values transformed Zappos into a business with over $1 billion in yearly gross sales.
Businesses today feel the pressure of the narrowing window BETWEEN seismic changes in any industry and across cultures. Your competition is watching you through open windows (your blog post, your Twitter feed, that office photo you just posted to Instagram). So how do business leaders stay on the cutting edge and find a way to do more for clients and customers than anyone else in your industry?
Finding business success is not only about creating value, it’s about monitoring the trends and anticipating the challenges coming down the pike. The first trigger that will guarantee painful loss in any business is a change in competition that you’re not prepared for.
You can be the Blockbuster Video of your industry, thinking you’ve literally got the market cornered, and in the blink of an eye you’re a non-factor all because you failed to acknowledge the appeal and added value of an emerging competitor. Sure, the stubborn storefront boasted 50 million members in their 2007 heyday but Netflix announced its billionth DVD delivery that same year. So note this lesson whether you’re a small business or a part of a billion-dollar behemoth: No matter your industry, competition will create crisis.
It seems impossible that 50 million customers could slip away, but Blockbuster stores are boarded up while you and me and every kindergartner we know has a Netflix account. Blockbuster had the chance to innovate and evolve and create—not destroy—but they decided they didn’t need what their competition had. No matter how successful you are as a business owner, you’re always going to face an urgent need to uncover new opportunities. Every day you are not growing market share and driving revenue is a day someone else is taking market share and revenue away from you. Organizations struggle with prospecting because many sales people are not comfortable with it.
The past several four years of economic uncertainty have caused many organizations to downsize. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.

Lightboxes allow you to categorize groups of photos and send them to your friends or colleagues. He has worked in several movies like Shallow Hal, Reality Bites, and The Singularity Is Near: A True Story about the Future. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Tony Robbins' new book on investing, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, has shot to the top of Amazon's bestseller list. Robbins' book exposed the conflicts of interest that brokers and insurance companies have with their clients.
They promise a "never-before-revealed investment strategy" and a guaranteed way for investors to "participate in market gains" but "never lose when the market drops." Cullen Roche, author of a blog called Pragmatic Capitalism, believes Mr. You can find details about these strategies in my Smartest series of books, and in books by John Bogle, Rick Ferri, Allan Roth and my colleague, Larry Swedroe. Robbins' newfound success in the financial arena represents the leveraging of his cult-like status as a life coach. Novella believes life coaching and self-help programs are generally not evidence-based "in any meaningful way." He rejects the notion that just spending time thinking about your life and your goals without direction can affect any real change.
Barbara Ehrenreich wrote a book on this subject, entitled Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking has Undermined America. Any data, information and content on this blog is for information purposes only and should not be construed as an offer of advisery services. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honored consistently for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors. Since fathering the life coaching industry, Robbins has produced the #1-selling audio coaching system of all time. Robbins, along with his partner Cloe Madanes, created almost ten years ago the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, which produces training materials and programs for the therapeutic community. In addition to personally coaching powerful people like investing legend Paul Tudor Jones and President Bill Clinton, celebrities can often be found in his audience. I want to know, just like when I work with an individual, what do they desire, what do they hate, what do they love, what are they hungry for, what's missing?" Robbins says.
I do my homework about the company, individuals in the company, leaders in the company, so I dig in. Join Tony Robbins at Business Mastery this January 14-18, 2015, in Palm Beach, FL, and give your business the extreme competitive advantage it deserves.
A very particular niche demographic for a product or service that’s perhaps not quite as ubiquitous as a cup of coffee. At that time, Americans were buying 943 million compact discs annually while digital sales weren’t even on the cultural map.
They said, OK, so our culture won’t pay $15 bucks for a new CD but people also don’t really want to poke around the internet for hours and steal entire libraries, either.
All because they monitored critical shifts in cultural behavior and added more value smarter and faster than anyone else who was trying to fulfill that want. They didn’t just trigger crisis in an industry, they changed the way the world consumes music, books, and in-pocket entertainment.
Most of them can captivate you with real-life campfire thrillers that illustrate first-hand how economic recessions and interest rate swings have affected their business personally and painfully. Global operating income had sunk 26% and the company’s in-store sales figures were negative for the first time in the brand’s history. We’re coming off a 2013 that Schultz described as, “by far the best in Starbucks’ 42-year history,” and according to its financial report, Starbucks expects a revenue growth of 10 percent or greater in fiscal 2014.
He cut out nearly $600 million in costs, and for three hours on February 26, 2008, he orchestrated the closing of more than 7,000 American Starbucks stores for a retraining session for employees.
And that is why Starbucks stands as a textbook example of how to come out on top—stronger even—not in spite but because of tough economic times. Crisis brews innovation and revolution for those who use it to create, instead of letting it destroy them. How are you stuck in your head and making yourself a potential target to emerging competition? Let’s start with Instagram, which Facebook purchased in April of 2012 for $1 billion. Imagine that.
Consider the billions of messages sent via WhatsApp technology FOR FREE, evading the per-text charges of cellular carriers and making it worth its weight in SMS-text-defying gold. NEXT MONTH, see Tony Hsieh LIVE at Business Mastery, where he will lead a rare strategy session (and Q&A!) on how to create a passionate company culture, and how to translate it into exploded sales, boosted productivity and geometric growth for your business. Apply now to attend Business Mastery with Tony Robbins and Tony Hsieh in Las Vegas — August 13-17, 2014!
We don’t know when Tony Hsieh will come to Business Mastery again; don’t miss this rare opportunity to give your business the raving fans it deserves. And the funny thing about you and I being alive right now is that technology is like a personal trainer pressing the UP arrow on our treadmill, speeding up the business process and causing change to happen faster than ever. That’s because the life cycle of ideas and products has shrunk as the time span between the moment you come up with a breakthrough concept and the instant somebody else comes up with a better one, has gone from decades to years, to months.
The opening scene of this real-life-movie-in-the-making was shot in 2000 when the young Netflix tried to sell itself to Blockbuster for a mere $50 million at a time when Blockbuster was doing $4 billion per year. Netflix execs admit that if Blockbuster deployed their streaming subscription sooner, Netflix would have had a hard time shaking the foothold Blockbuster held on the movie rental market.
Passive “farming” sales strategies are not as viable as they used to be; instead, you must focus on prospecting—but with a twist. An effective sales team is one that focuses not only on active demand, but even more so on latent demand. Whether you’re a multi-million dollar company or an army of one, it’s your sales force that needs to go the “last mile” in attacking and capturing new markets. Fortunately, cloud technology can be very effective in scouting business prospects.
Now that markets are expanding again, businesses are being confronted with the daunting task of trying to do less with more—like driving 20 percent more revenue with 20 percent fewer people. There are of course challenges to branching out internationally (like training, evaluating and managing sales teams between continents) but the benefits can far outweigh the costs. He has even worked in many television series like The Roseanne Show, The Sopranos, Family Guy, Men in Black. The publication of his book has generated immense publicity, including a particularly fawning interview with financial pundit James Altucher.
He also reportedly advocated that a fiduciary standard should be applied to everyone who provides investment advice.
Barry Ritholtz noted there were significant differences between the Ray Dalio "All Weather" portfolio touted in the book and the actual portfolios used by Dalio. He believes most of the advice disseminated by self-help gurus is "not only improvised, it's largely wrong." Dr. Robbins and many others in the self-help industry are trying to sell you are simply "made-up easy answers, personality, and gimmicks," you should view his newfound status as the latest financial guru with even greater skepticism.
His nonprofit Anthony Robbins Foundation provides assistance to inner-city youth, senior citizens, and the homeless, and feeds more than three million people in 56 countries every year through its international holiday "Basket Brigade." Robbins has directly impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 countries with his best-selling books, multimedia and health products, public speaking engagements, and live events. At Business Mastery, discover how to truly run your business — instead of letting your business run you. Now they’re taking pictures of them in their garage, and posting them on Craigslist, and selling them real cheap because it was cool and fun for a few thousand miles, and now they’re 65 and they want to get some cash in their khakis for this thing that’s in near mint condition.
A cultural shift where millions of people were stealing music, but they decided it wasn’t stealing because they believed they deserved it. From the peak of about forty billion in 1999, the music industry plummeted 58% down to $16 billion the following year.
But by 2007, the sale of those cheap little digital singles overtook CDs in a landslide, generating 819 million sales (some 300 million MORE than the CD)!! What are the belief systems that can be ascribed to those trends and how can they affect the business of you and me? Meanwhile, consumers were tightening up and cutting their spending as the global recession took hold.
Imagine being Schultz, opening your newspaper in the morning knowing your customers were sipping their morning joe over dismal headlines like this one from NPR on January 29, 2009: More Bad News Brewing At Starbucks. He asked himself what business Starbucks was in, and then had a good long look at what business they needed to become. If you came up with the idea of a mobile app to share your photos through filters with friends, you’d have $1 billion dollars.(Hint: It takes 1,000 one millions to stack up to one billion dollars!) Get the idea?
We believe that if we get the culture right, then most of the other stuff, like delivering great customer service, or building a long term enduring brand, will happen naturally on its own.

Accept this truth and create a map of the terrain ahead of you so as to scan the periphery constantly for any outsiders approaching.
Think of these like big red reset buttons with the uncanny ability to wipe out established businesses—and sometimes entire industries—almost overnight.
In 2010 when Blockbuster finally filed for bankruptcy, Netflix’s worth was up around $13 billion. Here are five fresh strategies you can put into action today to attack new markets and skyrocket your revenue.
Through managed expansions or channel partner relationships, your business can find massive demand in any corner of the globe. He is not just a peak performance coach but is also a self help author, professional speaker and an actor. He completed his schooling from Glendora High School which is located in Azusa, California.
After completing his training he used to train people for Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic programming.  In year 1993 he got himself trained for fire-walks.
After some time he even started as a host and hosted a very popular show named as Oprah’s Life-class.
None of us claim the ability to guarantee outsized returns without comparable risk -- and for good reason. He describes himself as a "world authority on leadership psychology," a "peace negotiator and humanitarian," a "strategic advisor to world leaders," a "successful entrepreneur and honored business strategist," a "philanthropist," an "award-winning speaker," and an "innovator in psychology and intervention," among other accolades.
Novella believes the big sellers in the self-help industry seem to be completely disconnected from scientific evidence. It was the cultural shift that led people to believe that stealing music does not actually qualify as unlawful stealing. They believed that people would pay 99 cents for a high-quality song at the click of a button. Ask Starbucks chairman, president, and CEO Howard Schultz about how an economy that justifies paying $4 for a consistent cup-of-coffee has changed his life and the way he does business.
In July of 2008, Starbucks lost money for the first time reporting a net loss of $6.7 million for the third quarter. Mass communication at the click of a mouse has given way to a culture that hinges on sky-high expectations and very low patience. Create a raving fan culture—like the ones at Apple, Zappos and Facebook—by learning from the best. It is a beach house and the presence of beach in front of the house further enhances the beauty of the house.
Robbins' portfolio is over-weighted in bonds, and that back-testing this portfolio after the "greatest bond bull market in history" may be misleading. Working with the Organization of American States, the Carter Center, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Robbins participated as one of the members of the team that helped negotiate an electoral solution for peace to the strife and conflict that have devastated the Venezuelan people and their economy. Two of her books are considered classic texts—Strategic Family Therapy and The Violence of Men. Most importantly, do you think it’s likely another economic shake up could happen sometime in the next few years? At Business Mastery, you will discover where your business is and where you want it to be—and you’ll create the map to get you there.
Novella is an academic neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine and the president and co-founder of the New England Skeptical Society. Robbins has collaborated with political and business leaders in diverse world communities such as South Africa, England, Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, and the United States. So much smaller that even if every Gen Xer turned 40 and bought a Harley, sales would hardly put wind in your hair. As the financial crisis sprawled across Europe and Asia, Starbucks sales figures were at negative 8%, effectively rendering Starbucks’ existing economic model completely inept. Perhaps now is the time to anticipate what you would do to be more efficient and effective in order to get yourself out in front of the ever-ebbing and flowing economic tide. His seminars are popularly known as Unleash the Power within, Business Mastery and Mastery University.
Robbins has also been a national spokesperson for the Wellness Community, a nonprofit organization that provides support, education and hope to people with cancer and their loved ones.
Robbins and Madanes are actively involved in the Council for Human Rights of Children at the University of San Francisco, a prestigious international think tank created to develop and codify methods to ensure the rights of children are maintained and championed. This is a social organisation and it aims to help people with their family and psychological problems. Through participation in professionally led support groups and educational workshops, people affected by cancer learn vital skills that enable them to regain control, reduce isolation and restore hope, regardless of the stage of disease. Robbins "is a successful self-help guru with a schtick that depends upon the scientific illiteracy of his audience." He dismisses sessions in which Mr. Through his strategies for "Leadership in Times of Crisis" and his systems for "Indirect Negotiations," Robbins has participated in negotiations that have broken the patterns of violence and de-escalated the rhetoric that invites it. Robbins has worked on teams that not only help mitigate further devastation and facilitate peaceful decision-making among conflicting parties, but also inspire conflicting parties to create a mutually beneficial and compelling vision that is aligned with their respective values, raising the standard by which they live. He writes in very different categories like energy and health, building wealth, overcoming fears, enhancing relationship and persuasive communication.
His work got publicised through many Medias like Fortune, Tycoon, Forbes, the Oprah Winfrey show, Fox news, CNN, Business week, Success magazine, Internet media worldwide, Time, Newsweek, Life, Vanity Fair, and GQ. Robbins' pursuit of creating and contributing to a higher standard of living is reflected by one of his subsidiary companies, Rebus Publishing, a leading consumer health and science publisher that has been communicating healthy ideas for more than 25 years through such avenues as the "UC Berkeley Wellness Letter" and "Johns Hopkins Health After 50" newsletter.
Robbins was also the first individual in the personal improvement industry to surpass more than a billion dollars in gross sales.Leaders and achievers already at the pinnacle of success in their respective fields call on Robbins to be their strategic advisor when they face critical decisions requiring creative options and a systematic evaluation of probabilities and consequences.
American Express asked its entrepreneurial clients whom they would select if they could choose anyone in the world to personally coach them to take their businesses to the next level if price were no object. Robbins was chosen along with Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Lee Iacocca and Ross Perot.PhilanthropistA founding strategist of the Presidential Summit for America's Promise, Robbins partnered in helping to design systems that generated over two million mentors for young people throughout the United States.
What began nearly 30 years ago as Robbins' individual effort to feed two homeless families has now grown into the Anthony Robbins Foundation's international holiday "Basket Brigade," which feeds more than three million people in 56 countries every year.
His foundation has provided support or initiated programs in more than 2,000 schools, 700 prisons and 100,000 service organizations and shelters. Almost 20 years ago, Robbins personally sponsored a class of disadvantaged fifth graders in Houston, Texas, by becoming their personal mentor and sponsor of their college education. In 2003, these student "Champions" graduated from college—an experience that Robbins made possible. Each year, Robbins oversees his foundation's Discovery Camp, which helps more than 100 students from 18 countries design and initiate leadership programs to take home to their local schools.Award-Winning SpeakerIn addition to his global efforts to facilitate leadership, peace and philanthropy, Robbins is an award-winning speaker who has addressed such distinguished audiences as the British Parliament, Harvard Business School, the Gorbachev Foundation's Cold War Forum, the Presidents' Summit for America's Future, the State of the World Forum, Vice President Al Gore's Putting Customers First Conference, and the World Economic Forum. In 2006, he was invited to speak at the prestigious Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Conference, attended by the world's most influential thinkers and leaders, including the founders of Google and Vice President Al Gore. His speech is one of the top ten most viewed in the history of TED, with more than two million views.
Toastmasters International recognized Robbins as one of the world's greatest speakers, awarding him the Golden Gavel Award, its most prestigious honor.
Robbins has created a system of total immersion that produces the education, strategies, and momentum for measurable and lasting change. Robbins is also the founder of Mastery University, which brings together the world's leading experts from their respective fields. In the past, Robbins' co-facilitators have included General Norman Schwarzkopf and Secretary of State Colin Powell on leadership, Dr. Deepak Chopra on psychoneuroimmunology, Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton on finance, and Vice President Al Gore on creating peace in troubled times.Mass Media VeteranRobbins has developed and produced five award-winning television infomercials that have continuously aired on average every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day somewhere in North America since their initial introduction in April 1989.
Recently, Robbins has created a series of six television shows that will air on primetime NBC in the summer of 2010. His work has been featured in major media including Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes, Life, GQ, Vanity Fair, Business Week, Tycoon and Success magazines, the CBS Evening News, NBC News, ABC's Prime Time Live, Fox News, CNN and A&E as well as newspapers, radio programs, and Internet media worldwide. Robbins has been mentioned or featured in 15 major motion pictures, including a cameo role in the hit movie "Shallow Hal." In 2007, he was named to Forbes magazine's "Celebrity 100" list.

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