Positive thinking quotes - How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow i'm commited to.
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But as many of us common folk know all too well, the path to productivity often feels like a never-ending journey. Branson says being punctual is both a sign of respect to others and has helped prevent him from falling hopelessly behind on the rest of his day for more than five decades. Of course, things like traffic can't be helped, but even then, Branson says he'll do whatever it takes to get where he's going on time. He recalls being stuck in Manhattan traffic a few years ago on his way to a live Fox News interview: "As I peered out of the car window into the immobile queues, I jumped out of the front seat and sprinted down Sixth Avenue.
Page 2 of 5 - "The biggest problem with to-do lists is that focusing only on what you need to get done does not guarantee that you’re actually making any real progress," the author and motivational speaker writes.

Instead, Robbins suggests shifting your thinking by focusing on the key results that are most important in your life rather than an activity or to-do list.
Blumenthal says he averages about 15 meetings per 11-hour day, logging miles racing from one conference room to the next.
He says that last year, he and cofounder Dave Gilboa noticed Warby Parker's meetings weren't the most efficient, and so the two organized a month-long company-wide overhaul of meeting protocol.
His solution is to always have on hand his trusty hard-plastic briefcase-like folder closed by a black elastic band. Pickens says you might find any number of documents in his folder, including insight on OPEC's latest announcement, analysis of a new energy technology, a personal note from a family friend, or a thank-you note from the proud parents of an Oklahoma State student. To do this, you have to know what matters most, Hicks says, and this pertains to many different areas of work and life. Hicks suggests figuring out what matters most for your work style, for your role, to your company and superiors, and what matters most today.

He accomplishes this by acting on things as soon as they come to his attention, rather than putting them on hold until later.
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