Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. Presenter Tony Robinson (The Worst Jobs in History) is interested in the dangers posed by climate change, so he has headed into the past to see how previous changes in climate have affected our species.
He starts off in Ethiopia, where he gets to see the 160,000-year-old skull of the earliest modern human so far discovered. Robinson goes on to Gibraltar to look at the extinction of our Neanderthal cousins and to Russia to see how people coped 45,000 years ago when temperatures dropped 10 degrees in a lifetime, devastating the ecosystem on which they relied. I understand that submission of this content is covered by the Conditions of Use by which I am bound and Commenting Guidelines are available for my reference. The family of an unarmed 19-year-old man fatally shot by a Wisconsin police officer in March on Wednesday filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, accusing the officer of acting unconstitutionally and lying to investigators.
The Dane County district attorney in May announced that Kenny would not face criminal charges, and said the shooting was lawful.
Officials said an autopsy found Xanax, psychoactive mushrooms and marijuana in Robinson's system, and witnesses told investigators he was assaulting people and jumping in front of cars the night he was killed.
An attorney for Robinson's family, Jon Loevy, said Wednesday that officers knew Robinson was suffering from mental issues.

Kenny fired seven times, in two volleys of three shots and then a seventh shot as he backed out of the home, according to investigation reports. The lawsuit disputes Kenny's account of where the officer was when he fired at Robinson and says he twisted his account to avoid criminal charges, and that it is implausible that Robinson would have still have been moving aggressively after being shot at six times. The unarmed Wisconsin 19-year-old who was shot and killed by a veteran white Madison cop pleaded guilty to an armed robbery last year, court records show.
Tony Robinson, who was shot on Friday night after an altercation in which Officer Matt Kenny, 45, was knocked down by a blow to the head, recently began serving a three-year probation for the conviction. It is unclear at to whether or not Robinson was in possession of one of the guns at the time.
Robinson pleaded guilty to armed robbery in October and was sentenced to six months in jail but a judge stayed the execution of the custodial term. Robinson’s Twitter account included posts about drugs and an ankle monitor he wore when he was released on bond after the armed robbery arrest, according the the Smoking Gun. Likewise, blacks have to be spoon fed the notion that they’re entitled to spend their lives living the thug life and menacing society without consequence because, civil rights!
I just wanna know how much longer are we going to let these ignorant people play us for fools?

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Things in East Africa were fairly pleasant at the time but the impending ice age would bring catastrophic droughts, reducing the planet's human population from more than 100,000 to perhaps fewer than 10,000 and bringing our species to the brink of extinction. The stories are fascinating and the scientists Robinson meets do a fine job of laying out the evidence for the narrative. Whitey has to be kept on the defensive and in a constant state of guilt if black shyster reverends like Al Sharpton want to keep riding that gravy train.
And the world's purest gold is produced in Wales?These are just some of the extraordinary facts under scrutiny in the Birth of Britain with Tony Robinson.

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