Because personal training is not a monitored field believe it or not people can get their certification in one day online! Make sure to ask how many people with similar goals or medical conditions the trainer is currently working with or has previously worked with? Ask your trainer to show you a copy of their liability insurance which will ensure that you are properly taken care of IF something were to happen during your session or as a result of it. Ask your trainer what their plan is to help you reach your goals and an expected timeline for getting there.
When you train with a trainer you see them 1-5 hours a week so make sure that you are having some sort of support system in place for the other 163-167 hours each week. Ask your trainer if they have a maintenance stage set that will provide you with additional options when you reach your goals. Package discounts are available and different payment options fit most budgets.  Often the most expensive way to pay is per session—but if you are not sure if you want to commit don’t be afraid to pay per session until you know for sure. I'm working on a tshirt for those who are already fully assimilated, to wear to help convince the Microsoft Office users. The ability to publish to PDF (or XPS) is not included by default, but Office 2007 has a built-in link to the following addin. How about something about the lower system requirements and not needing to upgrade a computer to run it. With Woody Harrelson’s nasty cop arriving on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK in Oren Moverman’s Rampart, Top 10 Films takes a look at one of the main figures in the film: the LAPD.
Here are the top films, including Rampart, that use the LAPD’s reputation to take their plot to a whole other level.
Jake Hoyt, an up-and-coming narcotics police officer played by Ethan Hawke, must spend a 24-hour training period with LAPD veteran Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington).
Boyz n the Hood chronicles the lives of three friends growing up in inner-city Los Angeles and how they learn to deal with drugs, police corruption, and gangs.
Woody Harrelson stars in this crime drama as an LA police officer who isn’t afraid to use any type of force to get his way. About the AuthorEditor of Top 10 Films, Dan Stephens is usually found pondering his next list. Bride of Re-Animator sees the brilliant Jeffrey Combs reprise his role as mad scientist Dr. No written content appearing on this site may be reproduced, reposted, or reused in any manner without permission.
We conclude our look at the UPDATED top 100 players in the 2015 class after spotlighting 10 each day on the countdown from 100 to No. Criteria for choosing and ranking the players including performances at the club and high school levels and projecting how they will play at the collegiate level. Morganne has always been one of the best defensive catchers in the country with an arm that makes it foolish for runners to try and challenge her, but coaches are now saying her hitting abilities have exploded over the past year to make her one of the most elite batters as well. Taran is one of the most feared pitchers in the country, throwing heat in the high 60’s, and is so advanced that she was invited to the USA Jr.
Sydney is the younger sister of Michigan star Sierra Romero and is blazing her own path due to her fantastic all-around game. Taylor had a year players can only dream about: she was the Gatorade National Player of the Year in softball, led her high school team to a No. Kelly is so good, she’s the rare recruit who can wait to the last minute to commit to a school, which is what she did in late October as she picked the National Champion Florida Gators over Stanford. About EMEM has made over 40,000 athletes run faster, react quicker, get stronger and perform more explosively.
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Confidential follows the careers of three Los Angeles police officers trying to make a name for themselves in the business.
Harris has the reputation of throwing his ethics out of the window when it comes to his job. While some choose to focus on their education and getting off the streets, others succumb to all that is wrong in LA and get too caught up in the world of violence. Jackson, playing LAPD Sergeant Abel Turner, makes no efforts to hide his racism against the new interracially married couple that moves next door to him. Known for his intimidation tactics and brutal force there are few that will question his ways.
An unhealthy love of 1980s Hollywood sees most of his top 10s involving a time-travelling DeLorean and an adventurous archaeologist going by the name Indiana.
Oh man, I loved that show to death, and I think it does the LAPD cop scandal thing better than most feature length movies do. 1.  These seniors were chosen based on input and feedback from college and club coaches in the spring and summer following our initial 2015 Hot 100 posted in January, 2014. Over the last six months she’s gotten bigger, stronger and faster and at 6-foot-1 she is amazingly athletic and skilled behind the plate, at shortstop and even outfield if needed.
Morganne suffered a wrist injury her sophomore year that cost her two months, but came back strong to earn 1st Team All-Orange County honors as she hit .500 with 25 RBI in only 13 games. She is one of the best athletes in the 2015 class and has great bat control to place the ball as a lefty slapper. Women’s Team tryout in January, one of only four high schoolers in the 22 player field so far.
1 ranking in the Full Count FAB 50 National High School Rankings and dominated in the circle for the National Champion OC Batbusters as she pitched a shutout in the title game and didn’t give up a run all week while striking out 25 batters in 23 innings and allowing only two walks. Realistically, Kelly could have gone anywhere she wanted because her physical tools and skills are unmatched. For those who are students of baseball history, names like Pete Rose, Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn come to mind as she just radiates ability and confidence, but more importantly, knows what to do with every pitch including if it’s tone she wants to hit. More Professional, Collegiate and Amateur athletes trust EM’s Trainers, Coaches and Programs because of proven results! Throughout cinema history the LAPD has provided context for films centred on corruption in law enforcement.
They each have their own way of getting ahead, but all of them are willing to do whatever it takes, whether ethical or not. This includes the mistreatment of both victims and suspects, and also being a loose cannon with a gun. Turner does all that he can to make the lives of the couple a living hell during their time living there by constantly criticizing their opinions and habits. However, when he is videotaped in the act of violence against a suspect he finds himself up against everyone around him and questioning those that he can actually trust. Rampart bored me to tears, yet Confidential takes me on a thrilling ride with each viewing no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Once on base, she has impeccable instincts and skills and frequently turns a slap hit up the middle into a run by swiping bases to put herself in scoring position.
She was also a 1st Team Full Count Softball All-American after a 25-3 record with a 0.52 ERA and 380 strikeouts this past season. Yes, she was dominate at every level and today is one of the most feared pitchers in the game. Writter James Ellroy, also involved with the previously mentioned Rampart, paints the audience a dark and ominous picture of the notorious police force.
The Tampa Player of the Year is equally talented at shortstop where she has great range, excellent footwork and a quick release in getting the ball out.
She is the ideal table-setter in that she can manufacture a walk and will rarely strikeout.

Shay elevates her game when it counts the most and has great hand-eye coordination, bat control and bat speed. She has improved the last year in her consistency and confidence in throwing all her pitches. Come inside and she’ll turn on it and stroke a single to right or, worse, put it in a gap or over the fence. Scott as the wizened Training Officer and Stacy Keach as the rookie who is going to save the world. Paige has gotten more vocal as a leader and her defensive skills, including a cannon for an arm, are outstanding.
Brooke has become a team leader on the So Cal A’s which she has led to two PGF National Championships.
Sydney is an elite hitter because she is advanced in the mental game and understands what pitchers are trying to do and what her own responsibilities are at every at-bat, be it to get on base, move a runner over or drive in a run. Taylor is a lefty pitcher who keeps the ball down, has a nasty drop curve and strong movement on all her pitches. Kelly is also a blue-collar workhorse who’s tough and durable, carrying her team deep into tournaments and nationals. Some think she has the best pure swing in the country, but mechanics aside you can’t argue with her success. At PGF Nationals she threw 31 innings with a 0.90 ERA and 64 strikeouts versus only four walks in 31 innings.
Amanda was a 1st Team Full Count All-American after hitting .642 with 22 doubles, 30 RBI, eight doubles and scoring 48 runs. Her work ethic and training intensity, including regular sessions at EM Speed and Power Training in Southern California which her father, Ed, started, is unmatched. For all her offensive skills, she’s also a great outfielder with good instincts and fundamentals that give her the versatility to play any of the three positions. A workhorse who carries a team, she helped one Bandits club team to a high finish at ASA Gold Nationals this summer and then traveled to California and went 4-0 with a 0.48 ERA to help the Bandits Gold team finish tied for third. The improvement she made over the last year has been impressive and her will to win and competitive fire makes her the pitcher you want when the game is on the line. Kelly also dominated this fall in the Georgia high school scene and was 28-5 with a 0.26 ERA heading into the final weekend of championship play. Teams have been known to intentionally walk her leading off a game rather than risk more extensive damage. She also surpassed the 500-strikeout mark for the season, setting the all-time Georgia record set in 2002.
The So Cal senior also has a great eye for pitch selection–she struck out only three times in 118 at-bats last spring, for example.
Still, when it counted, she had a key RBI double in the championship game that was big in helping the OC Batbusters win it all.
A lead-off hitter who’s not a slapper and with good, but not blazing, speed, Amanda is nonetheless a great base runner and outfielder because of advanced softball intelligence and instincts. All that being said, however, her physical tools trail what is the primary reason for her success–a fiery inner drive to succeed and compete that is second to none. Amanda has her foot on the gas all the time and is never satisfied with her own success, but is always looking to improve. Bubbly, charismatic and constantly smiling off the field, between the lines she is laser-beam focused and intense. Combine that passion with a stellar work ethic, unmatched self-motivation and finely tuned physical tools and you have the make-up for the No.

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