If you have been involved in training for any length of time, chances are you are aware of some of the benefits of an LMS.
However, there are a surprising number of organizations that have either resisted implementing a Learning Management System, or, are unaware of the vast benefits an LMS provides – both financially, as well as in its effectiveness for managing training and learning.
One can certainly craft a list of dozens if not a hundred realized benefits they have experienced once they implemented an LMS for their organization.
Organizations often experience improved employee performance once they implement a Learning Management System. Many organizations must comply with regulatory requirements, whether its industry specific, or something more generic such as safety training.
When an organization adds up all the hard costs associated with training – including but not limited to employee travel expenses, employee time away from work, training room expenses, and instructor fees, its not hard to justify implementing a Learning Management System, which can save as much as 90% of existing training costs vs.
The ability to set up both an on-boarding learning program, as well as continuing training for employees is easy with an LMS. Employees in an organization will have all sorts of training – some that all employees take, and some perhaps specific to their role, position, group, or location. For our purposes, here are a few of the most common benefits that nearly all organizations will experience. The ability for employees to access training without leaving their work space, and in small increments of time (as opposed to having to go off-site for hours or days at a time) is a key contributor.

The ease of generating reports, certifications, and proof of completion for regulators, as well as automating reminder notices to trainees are what an LMS does best. The beauty is that once set up, the process can be completely automated, all but eliminating the need to manage an employees training (the Learning Management System takes care of the time-consuming tasks for you). A good Learning Management System enables you to align training to the needs of the employee, including all of the above data points, and others as well. For a more comprehensive analysis, have a look at our whitepaper entitled Why Not Having a Learning Management System is Costing You Money – it is a real eye-opener.
In short, the financial savings alone are often all an organization needs to justify a Learning Management System.
In addition, setting up logic that automatically takes the employee trough a learning program based on dates, completions, or success of previous training can be fully automated by an LMS. Naik, pointing to a 5-step leadership development process that is incubating the company’s top leadership talent. Developing this robust leadership pipeline is the work of an HR team whose goals are so strongly yoked to the company’s strategic business objectives that it is virtually indistinguishable from the organisation’s other functions. Krishnamoorthy, senior vice president – the razor-keen engineer who mentors the corporate HR department. The challenges are manifold – L&T is engaged in large-scale projects in a high-tech space.

Steps 3 and 4 add a global dimension to the process, with inputs from some of the world’s most reputed institutions – the Ross School of Michigan and IIM Ahmedabad. Select senior executives are also nominated for Advanced Management Programmes at Wharton, Harvard, London Business School and France-based INSEAD. The fifth and final stage widens the scope to dissect and deliberate on the impact of globalisation on organisations. The end result of this corporate chrysalis is the emergence of wellrounded, sharply honed talent that can qualify as ‘Global CEOs’, and become equipped to fulfill the leadership role.
While such programmes are vital, the eco-system that successful participants re-enter is also critical.
Finely calibrated mechanisms are put in place to track the progress of the high-potential participants (or ‘High-Pots’ as the Learning & Development department refers to them) between each of these leadership steps. Also a part of the process is intensive coaching, mentoring and a clutch of assessment centres that put participants under the spotlight exposing the High-Pots to an accurately simulated business environment.
With this level of rigorous stewardship of talent, we can be sure that L&T - the industry leader is primed to retain its leadership position in the future.

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