As one of the world’s premier references in hospitality management, EHL offers university-level studies to talented and ambitious students who are aiming for top careers in the international hospitality industry. Story continues below AdvertisementToday, EHL provides an enriching environment with world-class Faculty and ultra-modern campus facilities to some 2,000 passionate students from close to 90 countries.
We at Hotelier Middle East know that finding the right hotel management school can be hard, which is why we have scoured the globe to create a list of some of the world’s best hospitality schools.

Over the following pages, in no particular order, is a selection of some of the world’s finest hotel management schools across Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. If you are a hospitality graduate, be sure to see if your hospitality school made it on to our list, and if it didn’t, feel free to leave a comment below on why you think it should have been. Story continues below AdvertisementPlease click below to find out the next hotel school to make our 2014 list.

However, this is by no means a comprehensive list, and we would recommend all prospective hoteliers to do their own thorough research into where they intend to study.

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