Barak a uitat aceste documente la hotelul Park Plaza din Westminster, unde statea cu ocazia unei escale la Londra, inainte de a merge la New York. Costa Brava, between the Mediterranenan and the Pyrenees, is the popularly accepted name of the littoral of the province of Girona. Its nature, climate and history create a setting of odd, haunting beauty that is hard to grasp, but that never fails to seduce, with its lush vegetation propped against the blue and green immensity of the sea.The 16?C of average annual temperature, with moderate rainfall, and the 2,500 hours of sunshine that illuminate the historic-artistic vestiges, recalling the existence of a notable past, are only the visible aspects of a reality that has a hidden pulse waiting to be discovered. Its 214 kilometres of coastline stretch between Blanes in the south, surrounded by El Maresme and El Montseny, and Portbou in the north, on the French border.
Paxi is an island of great natural beauty; its dense covering of pines, olives and vines, its deeply indented coastline, its steep rocky cliffs and its sea-caves combine to produce a landscape of idyllic charm. The 'capital' of Paxi, and its harbour, is Gaios, a quaint little town of 1,300 inhabitants whose houses are in the style typical of the Ionian Islands. Further south is the second largest village, Ozias, a seaside settlement of 250 inhabitants standing on a naturally amphitheatrical site.
Little is known about the ancient history of these islands, and very few monuments have survived down to the present day. To the north-west of Corfu, at distances of between 10 and 14 miles from its coast, lie a group of islands called the Diapontia which are the most westerly territory of Greece, situated where the Ionian Sea becomes the Adriatic. The largest of the islands are Mathraki, Ereikousa and Othoni, little Greek paradises where time seems to have come to a nearhalt and where life flows slowly and peacefully by.
Little is known of the ancient history of the islands, and such information as we have comes from the written sources: the poet Lycophron (320-250 BC), the historian Pliny (23-79 AD), and the lexicographer Hesychius (fifth century AD).
Mathraki is three nautical miles from the coast of Corfu, the closest point to it being the beach of Arillas.
It has an area of 3.5 square kilometres and around 140 inhabitants, who are employed in fishing and harvesting the olives of the island. The medical and educational needs of the two villages - Ano and Kato Mathraki - are met by a rural doctor's post and by a primary school which rarely has more than seven pupils on its roll. Ereikousa is 4.5 nautical miles from Sidari, which it greatly resembles in terms of terrain. It has an area of six square kilometres and is the most populous of all the islets, with 334 permanent residents. Othoni is the westernmost point in Greece, lying 7.5 miles from the north-west coast of Corfu and 43 nautical miles from Cape Otranto in Italy. The island has an area of nine square kilometres and two large villages, Ano and Kato Chorio (Ammos), with about 100 inhabitants.
At Aspri Ammos there is a cave which tradition claims as the home of Calypso; it would seem that in the popular mind Calypso's island, where Odysseus lived for years, was identified with Othoni.
O parte a acestor documente contineau adnotari personale ale ministrului Apararii, a adaugat televiziunea, citata de Mediafax. Potrivit ministerului, citat de televiziune, incidentul a fost cauzat de faptul ca un agent care trebuia sa examineze cu atentie camera lui Barak dupa plecarea acestuia nu a facut-o asa cum era prevazut.

Beaches, coves, cliffs and woods sit among renowned places like S’Agaro, Tossa de Mar, Begur, Cadaques and Portlligat. The island lies seven nautical miles to the south of Corfu, quite close to the coast of Epirus: the channel between Paxi and Parga is only 12 nautical miles wide.
In the entrance to the harbour are two verdant islets, Agios (Ayios) Nikolaos and Panayia, which provide natural protection against rough weather and give Gaios a magical atmosphere.
Ozias is known for its medicinal springs and for the caves to be found around its little harbour.
The written sources tell us that one of the sea-battles between the Corfiots and the pirates of Illyria took place outside the mouth of the Antipaxi channel; the Corfiot defeat in this conflict led to the surrender of the island, in 229 BC, and gave the Romans a pretext for intervening in the area. They seem to have been uninhabited in Byzantine times, and it was not until the Venetians ruled on Corfu that fresh settlers arrived, from Paxi and Epirus.
In earlier times, this was an island of sailors, owning some 30 sailing ships, but the dwindling population brought sea-faring activities to an end.
The islanders are inter-related and take part all together in the events of community life, retaining intact all the customs and traditions of the island. In the centre of the isA­land is the village of Ereikousa, around which lie the beaches of Porto, Fiki and Prangini. Some scholars have even gone to far as to claim that this far-flung island, and not Corfu, was Homer's Scheria, and that the palace of king Alcinous stood here.
Acestea au fost gasite de un om de afaceri israelian caruia i-a fost data aceeasi camera de hotel dupa plecarea lui Barak. The modern tourist infrastructure of the area has turned Costa Brava into one of Spain's most popular tourist destinations. There are ferry departures to Corfu town and Lefkimmi, and also to Patra, Igoumenitsa, Amfilochia and Preveza, while during the summer month’s launches ply back and forth to Parga. There are few villages, but the island is covered with orchards, most of which belong to people from Paxi.
During the centuries which followed, the history of Paxi was largely the same as that of Corfu, and it was occupied, successively, by the Angevins, the Venetians, the French and the British. They are notable for their friendly and hospitable attitude towards visiA­tors, though tourists are few and rarely stay long, given that there is very little tourist accommodation. The islanders, hospitable and out-going, are farmers and fishermen, while the remittances of emigrants - mostly to America - make a major contribution to the island economy.
Acest om de afaceri a sunat reprezentantii serviciilor de securitate israeliene, care au recuperat documentele.
The population of Paxi is 2,400 - most of them employed in the cultivation of the olive crop and in fishing. Since 1814 it has belonged administratively to the Ionian Islands, and today it is part of the Prefecture of Corfu.
Visitors are an even rarer sight, and this has done much to preserve the authenticity of the islands.

At Kastri there are traces of a Venetian fortress, and we know that a sanatorium for British soldiers operated at Kassimatika from 1814 to 1864.
Tourism is not particularly highly developed, and Paxi continues to be an ideal place for those who look forward to quiet holidays far from the bustle of the popular resorts. In the summer months, caiques and launches ply to and from the islands, operating out of the harbours along the north coast of Corfu, but in the winter such sailings are few and far between and the Diapontia islands return to their isolation.
During the nineteenth century, Othoni was an important trading centre, and the islanders owned about 60 sailingA­ ships.
The seas around the islands are ideal for spear fishing, and in fact most of the fish consumed on Corfu comes from Paxi and Antipaxi.
However, the population began to emigrate after 1850, with large numbers leaving for the United States, Australia and Germany in the 1960s. It serves as a secret hideaway from the city’s busy life.You would not need to go far in order to be one with nature for you can find it in home’s and hotel’s rooftop. Today, such islanders as are left are farmers and fishermen, and a small proportion of their income comes from tourism.
It is indeed impressive how a roof garden is being created and designed to suit the needs of the users. On the fine beaches nearby are facilities for water-skiing, caA­noeing and Para kiting, while fresh fish is almost always availA­able in the little taverns. It can also give anyone an area perfect for relaxation and entertainment.Well, anyone would love to have their own roof garden especially if you will see below’s showcase of beautiful roof gardens with truly appealing landscaping and design concepts. On the north side of the island is Lakka, a holiday community set amid dense vegetation at the head of a bay also called Lakka.
A garden possessing a unique design of the house with a continued hardwood flooring from the inside. The Ipapanti cave, accordA­ing to the local people, communicates underground with the church of the Presentation of Our Lady in Lakka itself. With these designs as inspiration, you can now design your own roof garden in whatever manner you want it.
Be sure also to incorporate function and usage aside from mere aesthetics in your roof gardens.
It has been her big dream to own a home with the touch of Green Architecture and the simple elegance of Modern Minimalist Interiors. This roof landscaping is a nice combination of art and great taste, with a blend of excellent interior design with live plants and nature.

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