You can't stroll down a sidewalk in New York without tripping over an old ghost story, whether it be the restless spirit of Peter Stuyvesant over at St. Old places generally accumulate their share of ghost tales, and New York is certainly old indeed -- over 400 years old. The city's first great writer, Washington Irving, both popularized and satirized urban legends, spinning his most famous yarn The Legend of Sleepy Hollow out of the misty superstitions of Westchester County. With the dawning of second Great Awakening -- centered in western New York state -- the American religious experience became deeply personalized, revising views on the afterlife. The preservation of old historic structures -- on streets named for the long-dead -- has given certain areas of New York a sense of being trapped in time, ample setting for a spooky story about the people who once inhabited these places.
For six years now, The Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast (which I record with fellow Huffington Post travel writer Tom Meyers) has featured a special Halloween show focusing on some of New York City's scariest tales. In our new show, Mysteries and Magicians of New York, we recount the tales of couple old haunted houses with stories that stretch back into New York's Colonial era. Even though New York City has very few free-standing spooky mansions in the traditional horror-movie vein, the city nevertheless possesses a disturbing variety of haunted private residences. This simple brownstone is often considered the MOST haunted place in Manhattan, as a variety of spirits have appeared in the building's stairwells, including that of a former inhabitant -- Mark Twain! This charming home on quiet, curvy Gay Street in the West Village was a former speakeasy, the home to Mayor Jimmy Walker's famous mistress. This former home of a Revolutionary War veteran is most famous for the taverns that have occupied its ground floor, including today's jovial Ear Inn.

This lovely home, open to visitors, also has Revolutionary War connections - George Washington even slept here -- but it's the ghost of the scary old crone Eliza Jumel that frightens children today with her occasional appearance. Dorothy Parker (whose ghost is famous for haunting the Algonquin Hotel) used to live in a building at this address, but the tony tower standing here today holds a shocking secret in its penthouse -- the ghosts of two warring lovers who both bickered themselves to death.
The Kreischer Mansion was once mirrored by a twin house that stood next door, both constructed by a brick manufacturer for his sons. One of Brooklyn's most terrifying stories involves a former mansion in the Flatbush area, a Colonial-era home full of secret passages, hidden staircases and even a dungeon.
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There are also more bridges being built, all of these bridges have tremendous poles that extend into the oceans and rivers. Also all our rubbish that is chucked in the ocean or the ships that are always sunk out at sea. 344 309 966 tonnes of water will need to be displaced to make a one metre rise in the oceans of the world. I will definitely be doing some additional research on the potential effects of water displacement, and there impact on such large bodies of water.

Well no one was noticing the other one and I did note this at the start of this thread, I said to the mods I didn't know if its allowewd or not.
To calculate the neccessary displacement in km3 you have to multiply the km2 with the height. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. Mark's Church-In-The-Bowery, Gilded Age-era spirits roaming the halls of the Dakota Apartments or even the apparitions of suicide victims at the Empire State Building.
I think this is the true reason for global water levels to be rising, and we are stupid and being blinded.
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