Highly placed sources tell me a confidential agreement has been negotiated between Arsenal and Barcelona for the transfer of Cesc Fabregas. In order to maintain the confidentiality of the agreement, the contract was drawn up in invisible ink. One source, speaking confidentially (and whispering in order to make it more chilling), mentioned that Sport and El Mundo Deportivo are getting too close to the truth and they must be stopped at all costs. Coming back to the cost of a season ticket- yeah you really did read that right Nine hundred and forty five great british pounds!
To analyze the club’s finance we need the classified balance sheets to have a look on, not just the General Balance sheet. If Faus is talking about income statement or statement of cash flows, then its true that you cant include the value of the real estate if it is yet to be sold. Didn’t watch the Ingerland-Espa~a match, but it seems Thiago had a killer game (and Planas too).
Louis van Gaal recently stated that he wants to continue for about 2 more years at Bayern Munich, but then he wants to take over a national team for the World Cup. The man can be a living legend as a player and still not have to go and mess up Argentina football as a coach. It also ignores the universal club football truth that most good teams are always going to have debt without a salary cap, since the best players constantly demand higher wages, even if the talent is homegrown. Van Gaal managed to NOT qualify for the WC with a Dutch team featuring Kluivert, Van Nistelrooy, Seedorf, Stam, De Boer, Cocu, Bogarde, Reiziger etc. Kxevin what you posted on the offside page about Rosell’s probable plans to force the club into shirt sponsor to clear our debts is scary!
Also 3 of Englands best U-19s were not in the squad (Wilshere, Bartley (both Arsenal) and Rodwell (Everton)). We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.
It is now cheaper to live in a luxury hotel than it is to rent an upmarket home in some parts of the capital, according to the latest study. A luxury studio apartment in Shoreditch would set renters back ?666 per week, but a week's stay in a modern, four-star hotel in the area comes to just ?420 - a saving of ?246.
And in the City a luxury studio flat would cost on average around ?848 per week, but a stay at one of the website’s “top secret” hotels there would come in at just ?601 for the week - a saving of almost ?250. The savings hotel accommodation could offer to renters are greater than ever before, with central London rents increasing by seven per cent over the last year, while the cost of staying in five star hotels in the capital has dropped by almost five per cent.

And that's without taking into account the savings made on bills, council tax, internet - and possibly even a hot breakfast.
We do however, tell you the star rating, facilities and location and save you up to 35% off the rack rate! Star Ratings and TypesIf your visit to Ireland is to relax, shop or even business, our search facility allows you to find the right type of hotel for you trip.
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In fact, the details of this agreement are so secret that, in order to maintain the veil drawn across the negotiations, even the parties involved are not sure of them. A further failsafe was put in place when the document was written in code and only those with the proper rings will be able to decipher it.
But such statements do not tell you the financial situation of the club, so you cant get that hundreds of Millions debt from it. That would make me trust in Argentina again, but as long as Maradona is coach, I swore to myself to not support them anymore – it would only crush your heart.
I know people love to hate us though, without even considering the different factors involved.
Mostly because it ignored obviously contradictory evidence from other sources as well as the fact that most of the best teams in the CL are in huge amounts of debt outside of Arsenal and Bayern.
In 2008 we had debts of ?300m but this has now dropped to ?200m because in the last year we have sold the uber luxurious flats that we developed on the site of the old stadium. England have this weird thing of not playing their best players although that is because both Wilshere and Rodwell will be playing in the premier league so were withdrawn. Our search bar allows you to specific your budget requirements, making it even eaiser to find the best hotel. Let’s face it, it’s very hard to make a bad choice if your hotel is 5 stars and located exactly where you want it! Even then, they’ll have to immerse the contract in a special liquid capable of showing the invisible ink, the recipe for which is found only in a locked vault in an undisclosed location presumed to be the inner sanctum of the Knights Templar. Heck I must have spent about €300 going to Barca games this year and I don’t even support them! A 77m loss is a direct contradiction to the 7m profit (or was it 11m?) we’d heard about before. And given that Germany has signed a new contract with Loew, and there is no better coach for Germany than him, he might join Argentina in 2012!

The club is not in that bad of shape, not to mention these audits look internal, which could mean they are looking at balance sheets none of us will ever see.
I’d make Batista my first choice and then Pelligrini because Batista has already sort of proved himself with that squad.
If it wasn’t for the financial crisis not only would we have sold them quicker but we would probably have made an extra ?50m on them but had to sell them cut price in bulk to property developer type people. Secret Hotels Ireland offers you a great way to save money while staying in some of Irelands finest hotels. We have hotels suitable for families, business travelers, or romantic getaways, listed across the whole of Ireland.
You simply book your hotel based on location and facilities, the brand is only revealed after you book. This process will be undertaken at the appropriate date, which was also written in invisible ink, tied to a brick, and dropped in the Thames so as to be completely impossible to find and publish in Spanish sports dailies.
They had to include the players as “homegrown” and not English because it was illegal otherwise Arsenal (and others) WOULD be in trouble! I still managed to go to 8 Arsenal games this year (2 before I left, 3 at Xmas, 1 IN Barca and 2 separate games flying back) and would have gone to more if I hadn’t been so slow in booking flights. The remaining ?200m is just essentially a mortgage on our stadium to be paid over 20 years (plus interest obviously). In fact real estate for being fixed assets deliver more accurate accounting values than any other type of assets beside cash.
This is why Man Utd are the most valuable club in the world because of their property and income but we all know they’re in serious trouble to the tune of ?800m-ish.
Jonathan WoodI was a little sceptical when we chose to book a secret hotel for our holiday in London. The french u19 captain plays for Arsenal (as expected) and we have a couple of English kids there as well.
Therefore wouldn’t Rosell be correct to not include property in the balance sheet, because realistically you can’t just sell the Camp Nou!

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