Gradworks believes learning, development and networking are key components to professional success. In addition to on-the-job-training, Gradworks provides a minimum of 4 learning and development workshops per year for interns. Some examples of Gradworks training topics are: effective presentations, financial planning, personality indicators, change management and conflict management. Gradworks hosts an annual networking event where interns, coaches, and government officials are provided an opportunity to network and celebrate the program’s success.
We provide on and off-site training to managers and employees on HR and Compliance, Management Practices, and Soft Skills. EnformHR offers customized training and development programs to communicate your company’s policies and practices, educate and develop employees, facilitate teamwork, and promote a safe and productive work environment.  Additionally, we provide a variety of soft-skills training.
Guard your business against litigation by creating awareness among managers and supervisors on how to recognize and prevent harassment while still performing their responsibilities within the company. This program trains your employees on how to identify harassment, the details of your company’s non-harassment policy and complaint procedures, and their role in preventing harassment from occurring in the workplace.
No one wants to hear “Do what I say, not as I do.” This seminar trains managers and supervisors on how to lead by example to get the most out of their team, and improve morale. This program focuses on training all staff members involved in the hiring process to utilize applicable laws and best practices to ensure that this process is consistent, effective and in compliance with federal and state employment laws.
Learn how to design an evaluation system that will ensure that your employees’ performance is supporting your organization’s goals. Provides your managers with the tools they need to support workplace diversity, foster teamwork and cooperation within the organization, and capitalize on employees’ strengths to build the business. Creates diversity awareness among employees to support teamwork, improve morale, and ensure a positive, productive work environment. In this seminar, learn how to improve communication which will help build your teams dynamic.  Effective communication helps us better understand a person or situation and enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, and problem solving can flourish.

We develop objectives with the client that they would like to see achieved and then measure accordingly. Once an effective training and development program is established and utilized by the organization it can begin seeing increases and benefits in the following areas: productivity, motivation, quality, job satisfaction, commitment (employee retention), and reduced absenteeism.
In order to provide the training and development that reaps these many benefits, it costs money, time and other resources.
In today’s competitive business world, most organizations are looking at ways to reduce expenses in order to increase profits. Research has shown, however, that when employers invest time, money and resources in their employees with training and development the employees develop a commitment to the organization.
In contrast, some employees have been known to say they “saw it coming” before they were fired or let go.
Training and employee development is not just for the employee but is as beneficial to the employer as well.
Roy Barker is Director of Special Projects at Moore Diversified Services, a Fort-Worth, Texas-based organization specializing in operations analysis, marketing development, and investment advisory services.
We make it easier by providing managers and supervisors with tools and training they need to execute fair, consistent discipline in compliance with federal and state employment laws. This program also helps train your line managers so that appraisals and evaluations are fairly and accurately written and executed.
Depending on the objective, measurement could include anything from a satisfaction survey to reduced turnover to increased profitability. When something falls outside our scope, we are happy to research and recommend a provider and training that will meet the client’s needs. I have been going to this conference for the last three years, and I must tell you that it was the best session I have ever attended at the event. Unfortunately, when training is only looked at as an expense, it can be the first category to go to the chopping block.

Are these positions not worthy of training due to the high turnover or is a high turnover due to the lack of training? For those employers that view training as an expense, a trade-off for production or just plain wasted time, they may not have an effective training program in place. You are a great speaker and engaging, as you have the talent of connecting to your audience. It is suggested that businesses need to accurately analyze what these training programs are worth. Research has also determined that with training and development the employee believes the employer cares about the employability of the employee. In other words, with ongoing training and development the employee does not feel the employer is leaving them to “sink or swim” on their own or that the employer is not “creating” a reason to fire them.
Also if an employer’s turnover is high, they may need to evaluate how they train new employees, evaluate existing employees and what programs are in place to develop employees to be productive members of their organization. As I was walking out, I could hear almost everyone in the room speaking about your presentation and they had the same sentiments.
While most organizations compile data and trends on advertising campaigns, sales department activities, and other activities that they can directly tie to increased revenue, it can be difficult to determine a Return on Investment (ROI) on employee training and development. Sometimes you may have a talented and capable individual but they are just in the wrong position.
Employers that are successful in reducing employee turnover embrace training and employee development as a necessary tool to further their organizational goals. Continued training and development, including evaluations, can determine strengths and weaknesses and what persons fit best with various positions.

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