Dog training classes for the Greater Dayton Ohio area that include; puppy training classes and socialization classes, obedience classes, and canine enrichment training classes. Train Your Pup’s dog training philosophy is based on the newest theories of canine and human interaction. We truly believe learning should be fun so our classes do not just include walking around a circle or repetitious exercises.
Unlike many training centers, here at the enrichment centers we keep class sizes small to ensure students receive personal attention and get adequate feedback.
The Zoom Room launches the only brick-and-mortar dog training franchise in America, and the only dog agility franchise opportunity in the world. The Zoom Room, recently featured on Animal Planet, is now offering the only brick-and-mortar dog training franchise in America, as well as the only dog agility franchise opportunity in the world. The Zoom Room, conceived as a franchise from its inception, was created to be the ideal dog business by Van Wye, the nation's leading pet business consultant and the Dog Daycare Chair of the Pet Care Services Association. In 2007 Van Wye sold Rover to develop the Zoom Room, a dog franchise that eliminates all aspects of boarding, thus removing liability issues.
Dog agility, practiced recreationally, is the perfect bonding experience for an owner and dog. As a Canine Social Club featuring a Hound Lounge and Doggy Disco™, the Zoom Room can host a dog birthday party, Bark Mitzvah, or local dog club in their indoor dog park.
Please visit the Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center for more information on the availabiliy of their pet franchise, or call 877-ZOOM-ROOM.

The Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center was established in 2007 by Jaime Van Wye, a graduate of U.C.
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Burlington Cross Training offers cross training workout routines and mixed martial arts (MMA) workout routines using a variety of strength and conditioning workouts.
Each class will have a new game that challenges both dog and handler.  These games are intended to keep you and your dogs interested in learning. Both adult and puppy training classes are held in a clean and professional facility that has been designed to be both inviting and stimulating. An unrivaled expert in helping entrepreneurs start a dog business, Van Wye designed the Zoom Room as a streamlined, fun-filled business that incorporates everything great about working with dogs. The key to dog agility is teamwork and communication - core components of a great relationship with one's dog. Berkeley with a degree in philosophy, who has trained dogs in search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, criminal apprehension and tracking. We implement a variety of cross training techniques involving the use of kettlebells, olympic weight lifting, body-weight movements, medicine balls, box jumps, and nutrition consultations.
Prospective clients will need to apply, participate in an interview process and be screened for eligibility. Conceived as a franchise from its inception, the Zoom Room was created to be the ideal dog business by Jaime Van Wye, the nation's leading pet business consultant.

It was just a matter of time before someone figured out a way to develop this popular pastime into a full-blown pet business. Integral to the Zoom Room's brand identity, agility training appeals to active lifestyle dog owners. She is a Certified Master Dog Trainer and a Professional Level Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.
We also implement a variety of mixed martial arts training strength and conditioning training techniques used by top mixed martial arts fighters such as jiu jitsu drills, muay thai clinch and knee strikes, wrestling takedown drills and many other martial arts techniques. Although they offer dog training classes like puppy training, dog obedience, tricks training, therapy dog training and even Pup-Lates™ the gym-like atmosphere dominates.
Van Wye speaks regularly for the Pet Care Services Association, of which she serves as the National Dog Daycare Chair. That person turns out to be Los Angeles native Jaime Van Wye, who as founder and owner of the Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center and Canine Social Club, this week announced their nationwide dog franchise opportunity. She is the author of the satirical self-help book, How to Have an Ill-Behaved Dog (Knock Knock), as well as a regular columnist for Pet Care Services Magazine and Dog's Life Magazine.

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