Expert advice, tips, and sales training enablement content for today's leading sales and learning professionals. Philadelphia, PA—July 20, 2015 — Richardson, a leading global sales training and effectiveness company, announced that it has been included on Selling Power’s 2015 list of the Top Sales Training Companies for the third consecutive year. According to Selling Power magazine publisher and founder Gerhard Gschwandtner, sales training is a vital component of a high-performance sales organization. The list appears in the August issue of Selling Power magazine, which will be available to subscribers the first week of August. Richardson is a global sales performance company that helps leading organizations improve sales results. In addition to Selling Power magazine, the leading periodical for sales managers and sales VPs since 1981, Selling Power Inc. produces the Sales Management Digest and Daily Boost of Positivity online newsletters, as well as a five-minute video series featuring interviews with top executives. Enter your email address to follow our blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Richardson is a leading sales training and sales effectiveness company with over 30 years of experience. We are the “how” to the “what.” We are the only company that provides an emphasis on the skills necessary for your sales professionals to execute properly and enable them to succeed. The report researched the programs and initiatives that organizations are using for sales training and any patterns in how these organizations leverage external providers to assist in achieving performance goals. The mission of the Sales Excellence Review is to provide you and your teams with tips, insight, information, and best practices for improving your sales performance. We posed the four questions in the slide to the right, and went about answering those questions with specific examples based on our ongoing research and work with sales training buyers and providers. We were delighted to have some very well-respected sales training providers attend the event—individual trainers as well as CEOs of larger firms. Of course, like smile sheets handed out at the end of a sales training class, praise like this is appreciated, but not a metric for the participants’ success.
These companies and other companies were mentioned in the presentation: 3g Selling, Bay Group International, CustomerCentric Selling, Channel Enablers, Mercuri International, SEC Solutions, TeleSmart Communications, The Brooks Group, Miller Heiman, Richardson, Sandler, Corporate Visions, and Teneo Results. Dave specializes in helping his clients win critical B2B sales opportunities as well as helping them hire the best sales talent.
Add Your Comment (All comments are reviewed by moderator, no spam permitted!) Click here to cancel reply. Progressive companies are now using predictive analytics to deliver an optimal service experience before a customer calls to complain or responds to a survey. Home Energy Magazine - Home Performance with Energy Star :: HVAC to Whole-House Performance Contractor? Transitioning from being a straight HVAC company to being one that focuses on whole-house performance contracting (WHPC) can be a smart move for a growing business. Blaine Fox, of Warm Thoughts Communications and one of the industry experts who participated in the Building America work, thinks that many of the top HVAC companies will want to make the transition. The Building America Strategy Guideline says that many HVAC companies, like Air Group, would like to take on the whole-house work themselves.
The typical integrated WHPC business operates in seven areas, each of which has specific business functions, as shown in Table 1. Each business function breaks down further into specific work activities (not shown in table). Fact sheets to provide additional detail have been developed for eight of these work activities and are included in the strategy guideline. Home performance contractors are dependent on a large network of partnerships that contribute in important ways to the completion of comprehensive home improvements.
There are a number of factors to look for when choosing vendors to supply the materials for your home performance jobs.
With every transaction, fill out a clearly written purchase order that specifies exactly what you expect to have delivered and when. Before completing your supply order, make sure you have established delivery and invoicing procedures that both parties agree upon.
Consider signing written agreements with key vendors that clarify the basic processes of your interactions and make them routine.
Given the wide range of measures that often need to be installed as part of comprehensive home performance improvements, you may find yourself lacking certain types of expertise.
Require contractors to demonstrate proper licensing and other credentials and provide references that establish their capacity to perform competent, quality work.
Be sure that all subcontractors carry proper insurance and workers’ compensation policies. Set a time line for job completion and establish clear milestones that will keep everyone on schedule. Perform regular inspections of your subcontractors’ work to correct any problems before they become too large. Set clear expectations about the level of quality you require, including conditions for termination based on underperformance and incentives for exceptional work. If your HVAC company is looking to leap into WHPC, check out the full strategy guideline on the Building America web site (see learn more below).

Christine Liaukus is an architect and Certified Passive House Consultant at the Center for Building Knowledge at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, in Newark, New Jersey. This article is part of a series sponsored by Home Performance with Energy Star, jointly managed by the U.S. The residential arm of BTP has six key initiatives designed to support the reduction of energy use in the residential buildings sector. Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals—laying the foundation for a trained workforce.
Each year, the Building America program rolls out guidance and tools on a variety of critical issues that affect high-performance homes.
The Strategy Guideline showcases the kind of innovative solutions and best practices developed by the Building America program. Discuss this article in the HVAC and Social Media and Energy Efficiency groups on Home Energy Pros! While we will do our best to monitor all comments and blog posts for accuracy and relevancy, Home Energy is not responsible for content posted by our readers or third parties.
In 2011, Gavin Hastings, an Arizona Public Service (APS) program manager, began envisioning a collaborative that would advance the Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) programs in his region. As you want I am here providing you the list of companies offers Training for B.Tech IT Students.
The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? The Mission of the Training & Safety Division is to be a resource for all members of the Des Plaines Fire Department resulting in programs and training that make a difference in our ability to safely deliver effective emergency services. Our Vision is that all programs, evolutions, curriculums and polices support this Mission and are delivered with an outcome that they all make the end user: Better, Faster, Safer and Smarter. Our Goal of working everyday to ensure that everyone goes home, nobody gets hurt, and excellent service is delivered can be achieved through aggressive and effective training.
Thanks to the 200 attendees at the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute class held in Des Plaines on December 2nd. The Selling Power Top 20 Sales Training Companies list identifies leading companies that excel in helping sales leaders improve the performance of their sales teams. Jim brings over a decade experience to this position with Richardson, where he oversees all marketing and communications efforts for the organization including SEO, SEM, planning, public relations, advertising, lead nurturing, and brand strategy. With you, we establish sales best practices, evaluate talent, build capability and consistency through world class training, and sustain necessary change.
We want to help you understand what you need to know and what you need to do to be successful and meet your personal and company objectives. Some of the participants have already begun to assess their situation, goals for building their practice, and the strategies to achieve those goals.
There is a short registration required, because ESR wants to be certain we have the name and email address of every sales training firm and sales trainer.
We touched on numbers of subjects including hiring and selecting salespeople, virtual training, sales training buyer needs and mistakes sales trainers make when bidding for business.
Join this Mastery Webinar for leading-edge thinking and examples of "predictive customer service," including how signals from the Internet of Things can predict service failures and enable the organization to be proactive.
Held May 17-19 in Denver, Colorado, this event will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence.
SCORE 2016 will feature powerful keynote addresses, engaging workshops, and valuable networking all aimed at driving business success through customer insights and intelligence. But it’s not without challenges, and it takes a lot of upfront planning to be successful out of the gate. For example, training includes technical training, safety training, training in management, and training in sales. Each fact sheet begins with a brief description of the issue and provides concise how-to information for the transitioning contractor as well as links to other resources. Vendors are essential in providing the necessary systems, appliances, and materials that will need to be installed, while subcontractors will often perform the actual installations.
While a low price will help you make competitive bids, in the long run your reputation can be more impacted by the vendor’s service, reliability, and quality. For complex systems, you may need vendors with the technical expertise and quality of service to provide guidance both during and after installation.
Find vendors or work to get your preferred vendor to stock the best products for your home performance jobs. Sticking with one or just a few vendors can increase your quality of service and sometimes bring volume discounts. This raises the question of whether you should try to develop the required knowledge in-house or partner with subcontractors for some of the work. Hiring subcontractors may make sense for jobs that tend to be intermittent and unpredictable. Keeping your work in-house gives you direct oversight of all work that is done and can cut down on conflicts and complications.
Subcontractors maintain their own schedules and may run into scheduling conflicts or be unavailable for a particular job.

Your own provider can advise you on whether a subcontractor’s policies should name you as an additional insured for a given job. This site is a resource site and information network of the training division providing information and resources to assist our members in the preparation and delivery of scheduled and self-directed training. This package includes P606.3 Backing of Apparatus and P901 Plymovent System along with a quick drill for review. Steve Kerber from UL delivered a great presentation and has offered to share the class resources with the attendees.
We analyze the structure and talent of your sales force, we train and develop your sales team, and we continue that development through coaching and reinforcement.
Jim is currently focused on updating the corporate identity, especially through the use of organic SEO and SEM tactics. Through our time-tested customization process, we ensure your solution reflects your unique culture and values, which drives rapid adoption and lasting results.
As an alternative to the archived webinar, you can download an MP3 of the event or the PowerPoint slides. Attendees will also receive two special reports focused on research and best practices for CX leadership. The strategy guideline provides clear guidance in this area, detailing transition strategies for moving from an HVAC business to one that incorporates WHPC.
Of all the work activities in a WHPC business, there are 15 for which a transitioning HVAC contractor will find guidance especially valuable. Establishing strong relationships on both sides of this supply chain will help you complete quality work in a timely and cost-effective manner, which, in turn, will contribute to your good reputation.
On the other hand, spreading out your orders allows you to search for lower prices and more easily meet designer, program, or customer specifications. On the other hand, the benefits may not be worth it if a subcontractor with a good reputation can provide greater technical expertise.
However, the flexibility of hiring subcontractors only when needed can still be cost-effective. The opinions, views, and ideas expressed within this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency of the U.S.
This premiere residential research program has been working for nearly two decades to develop compelling solutions to building science problems facing the U.S.
They are catalogued as Building America innovations, and fall into four general categories: Advanced Technologies and Practices, House-as-a-System Business Case, Effective Guidance and Tools, and Infrastructure Development. We equip your sales leaders and sales force with the skills and strategies they need to win in today’s complex selling environment. He spearheaded the implementation of professional social networking strategies, launch of the new website, updated messaging, and marketing materials.
Hopefully they’ll be able to grow their businesses as the industry leaders have done.
This how-to guide, by Arlan Burdick of IBACOS, a Building America research team leader, explains how to make a successful transition to WHPC. Mary Ellen Conforti of Air Group, a large HVAC and WHPC company in New Jersey, notes that the expanded scope of work has been a plus for them. The strategies are distilled down into the specific tasks that vary between the two types of business, and they spell out how an HVAC company needs to adjust its practices for WHPC. Research the best home performance products (for example, spray foam kits, duct mastic, caulking, and HVAC equipment) and make sure your vendors keep these in stock.
What is unique about Richardson is how we create truly customized solutions that change behavior and provide measurable results.
In addition, Jim is credited for creating a content marketing syndication strategy that focuses on adding value to clients and prospects. Solutions developed as part of Building America’s research program have improved energy performance and occupant health in homes and increased building durability and safety. You will need to enter the shift or member completing the training using each of these codes individually.
As the leader of the corporate marketing operations, Jim aims to strengthen Richardson’s brand as the top sales training company in the industry. HVAC contractors currently work on, and service, the most complicated equipment in a home, positioning them perfectly to affect overall performance.
To do this, they’ll need to broaden their education base and change how they view HVAC.
Minimizing risk and maximizing whole-house efficiency have to become top priorities,” says Burdick.

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