The role of a teacher has changed from an authoritarian to a friendly guide, a manager, a facilitator, a psychologist and a judge simultaneously. It is designed , nowadays, in such a way that an overall development of individuals is brought about by catering for their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, aesthetic and spiritual development. Quite often the person himself is unaware of the potentialities the knowledge imported by the institute provides the confidence and the in depth knowledge which enables him to face the interviews with utmost ease.
The training grooms the person as per the industry requirement, which develops and elevates the personality to such an extent that our students will have a cutting edge among other students. You get good theoretical and practical inputs in both Early Childhood Education (ECCE) & Montessori Courses, which will give you the appropriate training you would need to be a pre-school teacher. Yes, VES is a government registered institute, registered under Societies' Registration Act, 1860 and Public Trust Act, 1950. Students who have successfully completed the courses at VES have been absorbed not only in Divineland School but also in various other schools in India and abroad.
Employment as a pre-school teacher abroad is subject to the licensing rules of a particular country. The pay scale of a pre-school teacher after pursuing nursery school teacher training depends on the school management and the personal performance of the candidate. Teacher Training Courses offered by VES ensure that learning becomes an enjoyable experience. Have part - time and flexible job schedules whereby you can work and simultaneously take care of your children. Will I get refund in case I drop out in between due to marriage, relocation, illness, etc.? publishes the list of the best preschools teachers training institutes in India.

The following list of play school teachers training institutes offer special preschool kindergarten teachers training courses, these pre-nursery, primary school teachers and day care nursery teachers training courses are the standard training programs for educated individuals looking for job vacancies to work as the day care nursery school teachers and preschool teachers in India. The Nursery is fully accredited with the Luton Safeguarding Children Board, The Nursery has adopted strict security policies and we operate procedures as rigorously as we are able. Rigorous recruitment procedures are in place, which fully meet the Luton Safeguarding Children Board requirements. During nursery outings, the staff - child ratio is set higher than required, with risk assessments always completed before a trip or outing is undertaken.
At Training Depot Day Nursery we believe that play is a fundamental element of each child's learning and development. A range of toys and equipment are displayed at the children's eye level which enables every child to make their own choices.
Music, movement, instruments, singing and dancing - activities featuring the children's work are performed. Dressing up, role play, story telling with acting and drama play - including concerts for parents. Enjoying such busy days, we are aware infants and younger children require regular sleep and rest.
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As the only man in the nursery I have a huge responsibility as the male role model for the children, I enjoy teaching the children about a range of topics from superheroes and space to bugs and wildlife. The curriculum is no longer an exercise for memory but it leads the students to reflect deeply and is activity-based.
Needless to say at the end of the program our trainees are equipped with the exquisite skills to excel in the customer service industry.

Apart from being a noble profession, teaching helps one achieve a unique sense of job satisfaction.
However, once you get the results, you are supposed to submit the photocopy in the office to get your admission confirmed.
However, our trainees have been working in countries like Canada, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, China, Singapore etc.
If there are openings in our school for the post of a teacher and if the candidate's profile matches the requirements, she will be given first preference.
The staffs at top play group schools and the kindergarten school teachers require special training to handle, teach and play with the kids of tender age to develop a parent like loving and caring emotional bond with the kids, understanding the specific psychological, supportive requirements of the tender age, making the process of learning playful and fun. Passwords and identification procedures are employed should an unauthorised person be required to collect a child. We have extra curriculum activities including sessions with Jo Jingles, Sing & Sign, Active Luton, Luton Football Club delivering football coaching sessions.
I have completed training courses to help improve my practice in delivering the curriculum to the children in a fun and exciting way. Thus the teacher needs to be well equipped with all the skills to do justice to the children.
Training Depot Day Nursery staff arrange educational visits and trips, often with parents accompanying us. Parent participation is encouraged during many nursery sessions, particularly when related to the theme being delivered.

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