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Attachment to other people is the first stage which brings all men to work for a common ideal. It would be good for men if society could be constructed like this but we cannot command this. It is a strange thing that Montessori schools are so often criticised by others for what they see as a lack of emphasis on social development.
Instead what she saw was that it was precisely because the children were allowed to work in such freedom that they then displayed their innate social cohesion.

It is different from the discipline of a soldier, with his forced obedience, when we all have to do the same thing at the moment.
The degree to which such young children demonstrated their innate social characteristics astonished her and made her see that this might be the key to regenerating and transforming society itself. Two things are necessary: the development of individuality and the participation of the individual in a truly social life. This development and this participation in social activities will take different forms in the various stages of childhood.
But one principle will remain unchanged during all these stages: the child must be furnished at all times with the means necessary for him to act and gain experience. Montessori, M (1932) The Social Question of the Child, International Montessori Society (English Branch) Friday 8th January.

Her emphasis on children being allowed the freedom to work alone and to develop concentration, did not mean that she underestimated the importance of social development. She saw that true discipline and harmony was something that came from within and was not something that could be enforced.
She became a strident speaker on children's rights and the importance of freedom in educational systems. We take care of retail and corporate trainings in order to fulfill the training needs of the organizations and our trainees.

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