Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. ABC product portfolio and very excited to have a chance to work and contribute my knowledge to your company. Human resource management is therefore understood as the all significant art and science of managing people in an organisation. HRM is not just an arena of personnel administration anymore but rather a central and pervasive general management function involving specialised staff as assistants to main line managers.
Corporate culture exerts a major influence on achievement of excellence and must therefore be    strengthened with consideration of employee welfare.
Whilst integration of corporate resources is an important aim of HRM, it must also be recognised that all organisations are ‘pluralist societies’ in which people have differing interests and concerns, which they defend and at the same time function collectively as a cohesive group.
Markets become regional very quickly and teams are spread across many different APAC countries and beyond.
In this environment, SMEs do not have it easy when building an effective workforce and developing the skills that are necessary for the business, especially with such fierce competition.
In a “candidate driven market” SMEs and companies with limited brand presence in the region are perceived as less attractive, so it is often a huge challenge to attract suitable talent.
When we hire for our clients, candidates would often show reluctance to join SMEs due the perception of limited career opportunities in the middle term, especially when it is the hiring managers own job role that is the next logical career step for them!
The mix of cultures, expertise and day-today business realities across a variety of APAC countries makes it extremely difficult to build a highly effective people culture and provide consistent service to clients. In the SME business context, external training is often an under-estimated and underused weapon to address many of these challenges. Training becomes a crucial weapon to allow SMEs to compete with larger organisations in recruiting future employees with high potential. An SME that can demonstrate a commitment to developing its people through effective training programmes will be better positioned to counterbalance the limited career opportunities available in the eyes of potential candidates.

Employee surveys consistently tell us that self development and personal progression is at the heart of employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement in Asia as well. SMEs often have employees who carry out multi-task roles (HR and Accounting or Sales and Admin) so training helps to increase competency in areas of nonspecialization.
In France, professional training can be seen as “a party time for employees, it is expensive and great on the day but is forgotten soon after”. We always encourage SMEs to consider group training as an opportunity for knowledge sharing and exploration of company issues. The latest technical advancements enable remote learning (no need to travel) which can produce significant results when carried out in the right context. Pioneering learning & development techniques skilfully mix class-room based training with individual coaching to provide great business results for our clients. Taking into account the constraints for SMEs, these pioneering techniques provide the best results in the Asian context.
Timeo-Performance has been helping cross-industry companies operating in Asia for 5 over years. This entry was posted in HR & Recruitment, Our Publications and tagged motivation, retention, training by Fabien. Public Sector Organization requires the services of qualified energetic and self motivated candidates on contract basis for the recent projects. Increasing research output in behavioral sciences, new trends in managing ‘knowledge workers’ and advances in training methodology and practices have led to substantial expansion of the scope of human resource management function in recent years. It is sometimes for good reason that training programmes have been perceived as expensive and having minimal positive impact on business results as many providers in Singapore miss the fundamental issues.
Relevant, bespoke and high quality training for employees allows a broader search and a wider scope during the recruitment search. So where SMEs struggle to retain top performers, enabling staff to develop expertise and knowledge with high quality, targeted and relevant training is a key motivational factor to stay and grow.

This lack of competency in one area is often the cause for resignation due to dissatisfaction, lack of achievement, disillusionment, stress and long working hours. We recommend to our European and non-Asian clients to shift their paradigm and pre-conceptions about the value of training. It allows employees to create and build a common culture together and ensures a shared understanding of the company way of working. This innovative approach addresses the collective areas of development as well as the individual needs for reinforcement. Since every organisation comprises people, acquiring their #services, developing their skills, motivating them to higher levels of performance and ensuring that they continue at the same level of commitment to the organisation are essential to achieving #organisational goal. So when attempting to fill a job vacancy with limited talent choice available, training allows SMEs to select candidates who are not yet the finished article but have excellent behavioural traits and the potential to grow competence quickly. The challenges for the business context in Asia need a different approach to what works in the West. Regional managerial training is a perfect environment to combine learning new managerial skills and building company values with company specific scenarios that are aligned to business processes. However, maintenance of employees is often less frequent and less planned for than maintenance of infrastructure and IT systems, even air conditioning and coffee machines get a more regular service!
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