There is no place in our organisation for any type of harassment or discrimination because of age, gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical abilities. Our operations comply with all current health and safety statutory obligations and follow best practice in relation to health, safety and welfare matters. The management of health and safety is deeply embedded in our primary business objectives and in the activities of our operations. In addition, franchisees and licensees are provided with safety and security standards as well as training set forth in our operational policies and procedures.
We also have a number of programmes in place to continuously improve our health and safety efforts.
Members of our senior leadership team receive period safety and performance data and we commit to sharing this data in our next CSR update.
KFC UK and Ireland is committed to maintaining a working environment that respects and supports the human rights for all of our employees. Yum!'s Worldwide Code of Conduct, adopted in 1997, is more than a document - it is the foundation for the way we conduct ourselves and do business throughout the world, including in the UK and Ireland. Restaurant managers receive awards at our annual Restaurant General Manager conference, a huge event to recognise our best performers in front of 1,000 of their peers.
GETTING a "roasting" from eye-witness consumers is a growing risk for business now that social media can broadcast even the appearance of questionable behaviour. The awards recognise companies that have the highest standards and best employment practices, and KFC stood out for nurturing and developing talent throughout all levels.
John Carpenter House, John Carpenter Street, London EC4Y 0AN, UK, VAT registered, number 586 7988 48. Our restaurants and employees get involved in their local communities in many different ways. Our Denton restaurant opened in August 2013, and in the following November made a donation towards funding a Christmas tree and a new set of childrena€™s books for the Denton West Community Library. The restaurant also agreed to contribute to the maintenance of all landscaped areas surrounding it, which are owned by the Highways Agency. We also contributed funds to Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council for improving lighting on the pedestrian walkway and bridge across the M60 motorway. Before we built the Meir Drive-Thru, local residents told us about rodent problems around the edge of the site. We also funded a 30-foot Christmas tree on the roundabout next to our site for the benefit of the local community. An ecological site survey found great crested newts at our proposed acquisition site at Redditch.
On Saturday 29th September 2013, KFC Glastonbury welcomed the local community to a charity fun day. KFC UK is proud to be one of the founding members of the Defence Privilege Card, run by the Defence Discount Service. Anyone presenting their card in a KFC restaurant in England, Wales or Scotland receives a 10% discount on their order. One of the easiest ways to discern between mystery shopping and voice of customer solutions is to think about the feedback of each process. Voice of customer data is almost always collected from organic customers that went through a customer experience. Because the feedback loop for each of these processes is different, the timing at which each report is taken varies greatly. VoC reports can vary greatly, as many customers wait days until reporting their satisfaction.
The differences here can range from company to company, but knowing the typical differences is key to designing an effective assessment solution.
The final difference of note between these two approaches is the intent of each company’s research. Second To None empowers customer-centric brands to deliver consistent, intentional and authentic consumer experiences. We adeptly design and manage mystery shopping, compliance, engagement and voice of customer solutions grounded in strategic relevance, program integrity and actionable insights.
Mystery shopping is a great way to experience new places, stores, and foods, all while getting paid!
Because mystery shopping is a voluntary job, you are not required to work a minimum number of hours a week. KFC’s recent strategy can serve as a building block for many companies when it comes to the voice of customer side of business. The authenticity with which KFC reintroduced the Colonel serves as another building block for businesses in this tricky maneuver. The depiction of Colonel Sanders, KFC’s founder, was done in a tasteful and brand-relevant manner. By not coming off as deceitful or offensive, KFC was able to manage the reactions of its potential customers, even those that disliked the ads. With the recent uptick in interest, KFC’s next step is to turn curiosity into reality. An FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is a great way to help customers with common questions. When making that important transition from on-website answers to customer service representatives, some companies forget a crucial element: the customer service representative. Another step companies can take to improve their availability is directing customers to available channels at appropriate times. This leads us to our primary question: why should your company use Voice of Customer services?
Voice of Customer services can come in many different forms, from traditional phone surveys to online popup surveys.
The biggest problems most companies face stem from the same issue: not listening to their customers. Finally, one of the biggest advantages to Voice of Customer solutions is the authentic relationship businesses can create with their customers. The post Customer Experience Basics: Technology and the Customer appeared first on Second To None.
Believe it or not, but the Internet is coming to things other than your laptop or cell phone.
Many companies see mobile applications as the go-to experience when it comes to the IoT, but each individual company differs in their needs.
The common idealization of social media as free marketing for companies has somewhat faded since the boom of company Facebook and Twitter pages.
Like all other aspects of brand image, authentically representing your company with a new tool, like social media, is the best way to succeed. There is no secret formula for using technology in business. Although many areas of technology can be complex for old businesses, authenticity is still the driving force in execution.
When it comes to improving the customer experience with technology, remember one simple rule: be authentic. Although the business world can involve high stakes, huge investments, and countless intricate practices, this ideology still finds a way to shape our behavior. Despite being taught this Golden Rule at typically young ages, we in the business world often forget its message.
Implementing the ideology of empathy throughout your company is a great way to start on the right path for change. Authenticity is about aligning all facets of your business behind one common goal. If becoming an authentic brand that is capable of engaging customers is what you seek, empathy is the easiest path to this destination. Once an empathetic and understanding workplace is created, businesses cannot stop improving. Twenty years ago, business leaders would have laughed at the idea of designing a customer experience for telephones.
In today’s economy, the mobile customer experience is one of the foremost features a company must design and execute. The post Customer Experience Basics: The Mobile Experience appeared first on Second To None.
Becoming an authentic brand is all about aligning all aspects of your company into one holistic and focused entity.
One of the go-to examples in mobile experience execution is Starbucks and their My Starbucks rewards program. Business leaders can sometimes be hesitant to change. With the rapid growth and development of the tech industry in the past two decades, it is understandable why companies are apprehensive about diving into the mobile field. Equally as dangerous is another area on which the authors say brands should focus: taking giant leaps. Creating apostle brands is hard; the article itself notes how difficult becoming well known and respected can be. Beating competitors to the punch can pay lasting dividends, especially when that punch is executed with quality.
Despite these trends towards forward-thinking, companies must proceed with caution when innovating and predicting the future. Mystery shopping has quickly become one of the best ways for companies to improve themselves.
If you are a shopper, check out this infographic for mystery shopping tips and tricks on how to improve your experiences and feedback.
KFC UK and Irelanda€™s restaurant food safety systems include rigorous standards and training for employees.
Our Worldwide Code of Conduct holds us all accountable for treating our colleagues with fairness and respect, so we can each be rewarded based on our performance. Our a€?Speak Upa€™ hotline is available to all employees providing support and advice on workplace issues. We have always been an ethnically diverse organisation, but wea€™re careful not to become complacent. We expect employees to hold themselves accountable to the highest professional standards and base all their working relationships on mutual respect.
Ita€™s one reason people stay and grow their career at KFC, and which people cite when asked why they wanted to join our team.
During 2012, all restaurant managers had the opportunity to compete for a BMW, with the winner awarded at the conference in January 2013.
This club is made up of our 25 top-performing restaurant managers, and in 2013 we took them to Monaco to thank them for their hard work. Awards are given within each region, and include employee of the month, being best at up-selling products and having a five-star smile. So, as well as giving out formal awards, we encourage restaurant managers to celebrate success with their teams whenever they can. We are particularly proud to be recognised for the support we give to our employees to develop a career that’s right for them, whether that be through our accredited training at all levels or speedy progression through the ranks.
The local community has been campaigning to keep the library open since the council announced its planned closure in October 2012. This work included planting 150 hydrangea and laurel shrubs, plus 3,000 daffodil bulbs in time for spring.

We worked with the Broadway Community Association and Neighbourhood Engagement Services from the City of Stoke on Trent to clear and tidy areas and eradicate the problem.
We delayed construction for six months until the newts were hibernating, protected them throughout the building programme and maintained their habitat so they can live alongside us. While business at the restaurant continued as usual, every employee took turns to run stalls in and outside the store.
This membership card for serving and retired members of the armed forces, as well as their families, widows or widowers, provides discounts at a number of high-street stores and services. In order to improve the experiences of a company’s customers takes a conscious effort. In mystery shopping, registered shoppers are internally selected and employed by a company and a partner like Second To None. Rather than employing a shopper, these solutions gather feedback from normal customers to get a more outside-in view on a company.
Mystery shopping enables companies to direct their surveys, allowing for a more specific and directed analysis. Mystery shopping is a controlled process that is usually completed in a short period of time. When it comes to mystery shopping, companies often aim to measure an internally recognized area or offering. However, the overarching intent of mystery shopping often lies in brand perception and general customer impressions.
Before selecting a research path, it is vital to understand what your ideal goals are for your research.
The first thing you should know is that scams are not common when working with reputable mystery shopping companies. Better customer service, higher quality products, and improved customer experiences are beneficial to everybody that spends money in America. Whether it’s a sandwich shop, a local coffee chain, or a fancy steakhouse, you are (hopefully) going to like what you eat. However, we send out lots of shopping assignments each week, so the overachievers are more than welcome to pick up more gigs. Brands decided this past year that being loved or hated was better than not being thought about at all.
After finding out that 60% of millennials had never eaten at the restaurant chain, Creed knew they had to do something. By reinvigorating a consumer base that had all but forgotten about the brand, KFC created the possibility for future growth. Their customer relationships are genuine and their services are always available to those that seek them. Rather than directing countless customers to one of your customer service reps only to have them ask that person the same question, you can direct them to a list of common inquiries.
The downfall of some FAQ pages is that the questions they are answering are not common or helpful. As any customer can tell you, wait times when contacting companies over the phone can get out of hand quickly.
Though they have gotten better in recent years, voice-automated computers are a red flag to many customers to hang up the phone and try something (or someone) else.
After you remove the shine the Internet brings to it, serving customers online is really just about being authentic. Ask any business leader and they will tell you about how many services and tasks they must complete on any given day. Whatever the form, VoC gives companies powerful insights into what makes their customers happy and unhappy. Many executives try to imagine what a hypothetical customer would say about their company rather than ask an actual customer. Repeating the importance of implementing technology in every facet of business really is not necessary; if you have not adopted by now, there is a good chance you are already seeing the effects. Constant evolution and lack of identity is obviously bad; your customers want to know what your brand stands for. Virtual closets in dressing rooms allow for customers to imagine a new wardrobe before ever making a purchase.
However, understanding the Internet of Things (IoT) is the first step to evolving your brand identity. Consider what makes your company unique or memorable and try to use tech that will highlight those characteristics. If your company is not a tech-savvy brand, make sure your attempt at using technology is an authentic and self-aware action. Authenticity rings true to any customer, regardless of how shiny the company’s touch screens are. Its core meaning has been found in almost every major religion and society since the dawn of civilization. After all, business, at least when it comes to people interacting with other people, is about relationships. Though the Golden Rule is the basis for authentic and quality business practices, it is not the only step to success.
The two most effective measures to improve your customer engagement and overall business practices are voice of customer (VoC) data and mystery shopping reports. Treating others how you would like to be treated is not only the smartest business thing to do, it is the right thing to do. As mobile use continues to grow, more and more customers are using their cell phones as a way to efficiently and easily experience a company’s offerings. A recent Lenati article touched on some of the key aspects to consider when designing your mobile experience.
This means that your brand promise, or the promise you are making to your customers with your products and services, should align with execution and customer experiences.
In its simplest form, alignment is about offering consistent experiences that coincide with what your company believes in and wants to deliver.
Since its launch, the company’s mobile rewards program has seen immense growth and success because it delivers an experience that improves the in-store experience for its customers, while keeping in mind the core tenants of its business. Investing in a customer experience that has the capability to change completely in less than a year can seem unsafe and risky.
As mobile computers improve and become more efficient, more people are getting them in their hands.
As consumers turn their attention and wallets (literally, even) to mobile phones, companies must adapt.
One of the key aspects of becoming an apostle brand, according to the authors, is knowing what your customers want, sometimes before they do. As the article states, Apple, Amazon, and Natura Cosmetics all took great risks in many categories, resulting in great success. Stagnation because of current prosperity can lead to future downfall, as Blackberry learned the hard way with their once dominant cell phones. First is not always best, but it does give companies a head start on the competition and paints a brand image of creativity and forward-thinking. Forward-thinking is good, but too much of it can leave your brand with a disjointed brand image that lacks an identity to which consumers can relate. Knowing where you stand in the present day while keeping one eye on future trends is the most efficient and effective way to grow and succeed. Google’s Project Fi is one such example, testing the waters in a small, controlled way to see if their new idea for cell phone use takes off.
Almost every industry has adopted the service that enables everyday individuals to provide valuable feedback to interested companies. Wea€™re committed to operating great restaurants that meet the highest food safety standards and provide the highest quality products.
Standards and training topics include, but are not limited to, employee hygiene, product handling, ingredient and product temperature management, and how to avoid cross contamination.
In 2010, we introduced practical diversity awareness training for our management teams, Senior Leadership Team and senior operators. Worldwide Code of Conduct, demands the highest ethical standards in all our operations around the globe. Employees hand out recognition cards almost daily to each other which feature a personal thank you message and details of what the person is being recognised for. Monika Cupar, a restaurant manager from Meadowbank in Edinburgh won the car, for delivering the best customer service throughout the year as measured by our mystery customer programme.
We invest money and resources to help them plan fantastic events; restaurant managers often take their teams to theme parks, 10-pin bowling, paint balling and for meals out. These shoppers are given objectives and roles to act out in a real experience without the knowledge of the employees.
Shoppers typically must report their experiences within a day, expediting the process and providing immediacy.
By allowing more open feedback, voice of customer surveys capture a more holistic impression of customers.
Making a plan and educating yourself about all options is your first step to a better company!
We achieve success through a relentless focus on quality and innovation, consultative relationships and a talented team of professional associates.
Many others speak highly of the job, saying it’s a great gig to help bring in some extra money. The best way to make sure you are starting off on the right foot is to find out if the company you are looking at is MSPA-certified. On a day where you would have done nothing, you could mystery shop a sandwich shop and get to experience a new restaurant!
Additionally, the variety of our partners ensures your tastebuds will be in for lots of treats. In fact, when this summer’s campaign, featuring the SNL star Darrell Hammond aired, 1 in 5 surveyed viewers hated the commercials. However, when a business is struggling or failing to accurately capture the voice of their customers, they sometimes must provoke their customers to speak out. In the future, the obvious goal for KFC will be to turn those that hated the Colonel ads into those that will love the brand’s food or service offerings.
In fact, the chain chose to air the campaign during their 75th anniversary, making his reappearance all the more natural. Take advantage of the successes you create, especially with risky marketing maneuvers, and build upon each step. Companies like Facebook and Twitter are making shopping on the Internet a part of your everyday routine. A recent article published by HubSpot Marketing discussed six of the best ways to serve customers in e-commerce. By eliminating the need to talk to somebody, your company actually gets good answers to real people in less time, a win-win in any industry.
Answering questions nobody wants to know wastes the time of employees and customers, complicating the entire relationship.

The only thing worse than not having a contact number on your website is having a contact number that leaves the customer waiting. Computers can help companies visualize their services and feedback with the help of advanced analytics. But, stagnation because of current success can spell disaster for even the biggest of companies. Interactive video displays enable customers to experience products in a new and more exciting way. Trying to implement every type of internet-connected device without even understanding how they impact customers is not a good strategy. Taco Bell’s Snapchat presence has helped them communicate with a young and relevant demographic. Furthermore, even if you are not one to use electronics, make sure your ideas are new and do not detract from your brand image.
What once was dismissed as a morning platitude before you headed off to school is now the basis for almost every good business practice. Understanding that customers really just seek an authentic and enjoyable experience is as simple as following the Golden Rule. In short, things get in the way; employees and bosses are human beings, prone to error and forgetting. A boss can help kickstart a company-wide campaign for empathetic behavior with customers, but any individual employee can take it upon themselves to stick to the Golden Rule. Understanding customers’ likes and dislikes, as well as how they view your brand, continues on the foundational practice you set forth. VoC data allows for companies to gain authentic and actionable insights into their customers’ experiences and opinions.
Whether it’s in hospitality, food service, or shopping, people expect a complete and easy-to-understand mobile experience.
It is executing a plan of great service, great products, and great experiences for the customer, centered around what makes your company unique and different. Furthermore, the app is designed well, functions efficiently, and allows Starbucks to monitor customer’s experiences to improve and adjust the app over time. Mobile experiences are simply a new field for brands to further their reach and continue doing what already makes them unique. This can be risky, as bucking the safe decision in lieu of what you think customers may eventually want is not a guarantee for success.
When other companies came along with innovative and more user-friendly devices and operating systems, RIM (maker of Blackberries) was caught off guard and has yet to recover. Silicon Valley companies have thrived off this mantra and continue to be shining examples of good strategy execution.
Furthermore, focusing solely on future demands and trends leaves the present demands of customers largely ignored. Though it is not meant to be a full-scale competitor, the forward-thinking is evident in Fi and serves as a proving grounds for Google and competitors. Big bets can pay big dividends, but understanding the risks involved before taking flight is crucial to disaster management. Understanding risks, rewards, and keeping your eyes on both the future and present can help you plan for success. As mystery shopping has become more commonplace, the demand for quality shoppers has skyrocketed. Following these tips is one easy way to making more money and having more fun as a mystery shopper! This is evident in every aspect of our businessa€”from sourcing raw materials including poultry and fresh produce, to food preparation and customer service. The cards can be customised online, and many employees have also created personal recognition awards. We ask them to send in pictures to share with teams in other restaurants and at the head office.
All proceeds went to KFC's charity partner The World Food Programme, which aims to fight hunger globally. Although they share a number of similar characteristics, they are two unique and effective methods of improving businesses. This approach allows for specific areas to be measured with a conscious intent from the company.
Mystery shopping allows for companies to control and center their research on the areas they view as important. Regardless of what you have heard, you may still be skeptical about whether or not you should become a mystery shopper. This certification means that the company is trustworthy and not going to steal your money. Mystery shoppers give valuable feedback to some of the biggest brands in America, which will be used to refine store designs, employee training, and products. Remember to be authentic to your brand image while keeping in mind what is best for both you and your consumers throughout the process and you will see success. The list included FAQ pages, suggested links, contact forms, publicly displayed email addresses, publicly displayed phone numbers, and a responsive social media presence. Furthermore, some FAQ pages do not provide sufficient help when they find the right questions to answer, leaving customers wanting more. If they need more substantive assistance, show them your contact forms and tell them when to expect a response.
Such data gives brands and employees valuable insight never before seen in the business industry, leading to a theoretical industry-leading level of customer service and experiences. But, the simplification of data and insights has come with a wave of overcomplicated industry jargon, leaving many executives confused.
VoC solutions take these individual opinions and use them to create visual and easy-to-understand business trend figures. People, even outside of business, return to the experiences that make them feel valued and important. Because of this, the evolution and disappearance of many brands has accelerated over the last decade.
Knowing what trends are coming while remaining true to your company’s core brand promise can keep your company successful. Even educational brands, like the University of Michigan, are using social media to connect with their target demographics in unique and engaging way.
Even internally, when employees engage with other employees, reminding each other of this simple practice can make all the difference. Mystery shopping reports allow for an unbiased third-party shopper to give feedback on a company’s offerings. When put together, these ideologies add up to one of the core tenants of great customer experience: authenticity.
As a whole, Starbucks delivers an authentic experience that connects something as technologically advanced as a mobile application with something as classic as a coffee shop, making them feel like two halves of a whole experience.
As such, keeping a keen eye on future trends and customer desires is crucial to maintaining success and developing into an apostle brand. Understanding what your customers currently like, dislike, and might want to see changed is crucial to maintaining brand loyalty. Understanding the risks you face in each ideological area is the first step towards building your brand. Strategies such as this are undoubtedly less risky, as less weight is put into one category of a business. Likewise, understanding that small risks usually pay small rewards can keep expectations realistic and business profitable. Scams are not rare, but good mystery shopping companies and reliable mystery shoppers have helped improve many facets of the customer service industry we know today. We run various recognition challenges throughout the business and encourage everyone to post recognition from their restaurant, area, region or function on our Glassboard a multi platform application which allows everyone to share photos, news and congratulations. Footage was then posted on social media, provoking scathing comments from countless consumers.You can issue denials. Many people confuse the two, though, so let’s take a look at what separates each process from the other. Accurate and complete reports signal to companies to approve you for more assignments, so take care when completing shops and reports.
Each of these channels delivers a different level of connection, allowing customers to communicate with a company even if it’s after hours.
It is impossible to expect all questions to be answered, but a smooth transition from FAQ pages to a customer service contact is vital in retaining interested customers.
Voice of Customer (VoC) data is one of the best examples of this data, as it authentically captures the feedback from customers about their experiences.
By visualizing what groups of your customers are thinking, you can solve bigger issues without ignoring individual issues. Once dominant brands like Blockbuster and Radioshack are now shells of their former selves, while brands like Netflix and Apple thrive with innovative products and services. Without a plan for present action and adaptation, there is no sense in planning for a future, as your customers will surely abandon ship before you get there. Many Silicon Valley companies risk everything on a revolutionary idea, only to have it fade out in a matter of months. There are hundreds of Glassboard groups including restaurants, areas, regions and functions. As powerful as VoC data is, it does businesses no good if they can’t get a solid answer as to why they should use it. In short, voice of customer solutions are the best way to assess every aspect of your company. The best feedback you can get is from those that know your business the best and are not blinded by inner-office mentalities. No device category is in line to knock it off its path of dominance, allowing companies the comfort to put their eggs in the mobile basket. Competitors are able to seize new ideas such as Fi and adapt such strategies often at a similar scale. Google does not seek to make Fi a competitor, but companies can learn from the effects it is already having on the mobile industry.
This kind of exposure is likely to increase.Body cameras, or body cams, are already used by US, UK and Australian police. Similar mini-cameras are being bought by the public.Surveillance cameras at private homes are another source of damning footage.

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