When we started The Community Roundtable six years ago, community management was seen largely as an art – something that was not possible to teach in an explicit way. Over the years, we have invested a lot of our energy in documenting and researching the practice of community management – and more recently in developing formal training programs. Today, we are thrilled to announce TheCR Academy: the next generation of community training courses.
Intended for newer employee-facing community managers this course outlines the scope of the internal community manager role.
Intended for newer market- and customer-facing community managers this course outlines the scope of the external community manager role.
The Social Executive Shorts course is a video series designed to help executives make the most of social tools and online communities.
Internal Community Management Fundamentals, External Community Management Fundamentals and Community Program Essentials courses are currently available to individuals through TheCR Academy.

We are excited to share this latest iteration of our training with you, and look forward to rolling out additional courses in the coming months. The people behind TheCR are always eager to discuss your needs and schedule calls and events tailored to the interests of TheCR Network members.
Skills ModuleBecoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging and critical career transitions.
This one-day program helps first-time managers overcome this challenge by teaching them the Essential Skills they need to get off to a great start.
This program benefits anyone considering a transition into a management role, those newly promoted to manager, and those early in their management career. Because of that, our first service was TheCR Network – a community of practice where we connect community professionals to each other, host conversations about the hot topics emerging in the field and document what we learn together. In 2012, we collaborated with WOMMA to develop the first of its kind community management training.

It provides prescriptive, practical approaches that will take participants through the major pieces of community strategy and planning. Based on the #1 best-selling book The New One Minute Manager, the First-time Manager training program introduces Four Core Conversations and the coaching skills first-time managers need to achieve success quickly and build positive relationships with their teams.
We brought in leading practitioners to share their expertise and launched community management fundamentals, advanced community management and community strategists courses. These highly proficient doers quickly become struggling new managers, without the skills needed to succeed.
Through the years, we’ve kept learning about what works and building on it to push the discipline of community management forward.

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