Scalable and accessible from wherever you are, Protecht.ERM is suitable for all organisation types and and sizes, who are looking to embed risk management throughout the business.
Risk and compliance management solution with self assessments, key risk indicators, and action tracking. Comments: We have been very happy with our experience to date however we are still in the early stages of setup. Integrated learning management and student information system for K-12 and higher education. Comments: I recommend EduWave platform since its one of the most ease of access & user friendly product. Large commercial, public and federal sector organizations in need of a best practices, proven investigative case handling solution. Column Case Investigative is a software solution that enables enterprise organizations (500+ employees) to increase efficiency in investigation case handling. Whether you are a member of Board of Directors of a Condominium or the Landlord or a Property Management Company, iPuzzlebiz has designed a secure web-based solution that enables you to take control and store information associated to residents in the property management office in your community. With iPuzzlebiz Management Console web-based solution for Condominium Corporations, taking control of your resident's data in the Property Management office has never been easier and best of all you can move your community online in no time.
You'll have the community and management tools at your fingertips that will make your community environment thrives. LearningStone is happily used by trainers, training agencies and internal training departments all over the world. LearningStone offers training professionals an instant, online platform for instructor led training groups. Choose a free-for-ever plan for one course group (no credit card needed) or a budget friendly paid plan for more or larger groups.
But most of all I liked the fact that the software facilitates a lot of interactive communication, since that really can make or break the success of your E-training.
All and all I highly recommend LearningStone to anybody who has no technical knowledge and not much budget and time. Comments: The Stairway Consultancy is a leading management consultancy in the UK dedicated to helping organizations increase their focus on their customers and develop their leadership and employee capability. We discovered LearningStone when we were looking for a service that could support a management program involving trainees from all over the UK.

We needed a platform that would support both the organization of groups and offer us an online spot to organize the programme. LearningStone has made it possible for us to let our participants collaborate in a private environment and get to know our company from another side. Comments: I like the advantages that Learning Stone provides, Having a cloud based environment is very helpful, especially with a great interface.
We are so impressed with Learning Stone that we have invited them to present at our local chapter for ATD in New Jersey so that our membership of trainers and practitioners can all experience this product. Comments: We came across LearningStone when we were developing a learning platform with Microsoft tools. Comments: At Flying Penguin International we chose LearningStone as we needed a system to support our training programme for an international logistics company. Pro's: With LearningStone we were able to support our client with a system that saved time and offered great collaboration features that actually worked. As we work internationally it's important that the calendar functions support different time zones and that LearningStone has a survey module built in making it easy to evaluate. Con's: I wanted to create an exercise with audio input that could be stored but this was not possible. Would be great if documents and photos could be loaded right into the Discussions - then assignments could be handled there. Comments: LearningStone is super easy to setup, even for me as a trainer with relatively little experience with learning systems.
Next steps is getting all users enthusiastic about the potential this software has to offer. Column Case Investigative capabilities include workflow automation, role-based access, systems integration, content and evidence management, data visualization, and reporting and analytics to improve effectiveness, reduce cost, and increase visibility in investigation handling. With its easy-to-use course timeline, storage, calendaring, social wall and other collaboration features, youll be able to start in no time.
With some support of the people behind LearningStone we managed to develop an E training within a day and learned to use the LearningStone environment during the first and second run.
We hardly had budget so it was wonderful to find out that LearningStone offers a free module for a group of maximum 20 participants.
The end result looked very professional, and so it turned out to be a good 'business card' for our organization.

Not only communication between the E-coaches and the participants was easy, but also between the participants. Different types of questions are ready made, which you can tailor to your own needs and the evaluation results are automatically send to you and aggregated into nice charts. It was important for us that we didn't have to start a long term project involving technical issues that would distract from our own work.
We realized this was going to make our lives as trainers a lot easier and so we dropped our Microsoft approach and haven't regretted it since! After the easy setup - which we could literally do within hours, we let our trainees join from all over the world: Stockholm, London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and many other cities across the world.
LearningStone is more about group training and collaboration than individuals following elearning courses on their own. I loved being able to set up the whole curriculum at once, then hide future sessions' material until the week I needed it. I found the collaboration features easy to use and more importantly my clients ? the participants in my groups ? find it easy to use LearningStone. I didn't have any experience with this kind of software so I was very happy to find out that LearningStone is very easy to use.
And because all participants could upload a picture and create a profile, the communication became personalized.
And if something wasn't clear, I could email the helpdesk and received always very quickly the needed answers to my questions in not too technical language that I could understand.
Best yet: the interface is intuitive enough for learners that I didn't have to waste time teaching them how to use it. In this way I was guided through the software, by both the video-instruction and other information on the LearningStone website and the personal guidance from the Helpdesk.
In that way I could easily design the E-training alone, without any background and technical knowledge in this field and with not much time investment or frustration.

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