WebTrainer is an on-line training service that provides a personalized exercise program specifically for you, based on your favorite outdoor activity, exercise needs, time requirements, workout history and goals. The two main climbing routes on Everest include the technically easier Southeast Ridge from Nepal, and the less frequently-used Northeast Ridge from Tibet.
The most common time to try climbing Everest is during April and May when winds die down a bit before summer monsoon season begins.
In order to feel comfortable on the varied steep, sometimes rocky, and sometimes icy terrain you will experience on Everest, it is a good idea to include plenty of climbs that involve travel on crampons under all sorts of conditions, and over a wide variety of surfaces, ranging from slush to ice, pea gravel to rock, deep snow to crusty suncups. A great way to get the skills set suggested above, and to see how your both body and mind perform at high altitude, is to experience other lower-altitude expedition-type climbs before hand. Perhaps one of the toughest things about climbing a mountain like Everest is keeping motivated for months.
Training plans based on your current physical condition, your access to training options, your specific goals and that is adapted regularly to your progress will yield better results then following a generic program. Thousands of years past and the importance of technology have been greatly influencing our own society. The arrival of computers made the importance of information technology rapidly spreading around where everyone has observed its unveiling growth. Information technology brings out the production and development of mobile phones in the market such as iPhone, iPad which are more technologically motivated. As a general view, information technology today permits us to gather, handle and interconnect a gigantic volume of information. This bundle includes a $119 premium TrainingPeaks subscription for just a few dollars more than the item alone. TrainingPeaks provides the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training.
We are a small, dedicated organisation which is 100% committed to providing you with the best possible service for mountain challenge events.
Tony Holliday is renowned for his meticulous planning and organizational skills and is involved hands-on in all aspects of our operations. He has also travelled extensively throughout Europe and North America and has trekking and mountain walking experience in the Lake District, Scotland, Dolomites, Slovenia, Canada and North West USA. John Wady has worked as an outdoor instructor since 1997, in many different locations, from the south of France up to Iceland, with a particular personal passion for sea cliff rock climbing. Tim Mosedale has been rock climbing and mountaineering for 20 years and holds the MIA, the Winter Mountain Leader Award and a Wilderness First Aid Certificate.
Everest (also known as Sagarmatha in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet) is the highest peak on earth, one of only 14 coveted peaks over 8000m.
The Southeast Ridge (Nepal) Base Camp is located at 5,380 m (17,700 ft) and takes mountaineers roughly 6-8 days to reach on foot with yak and porter support. After monsoon season the winds become less predictable and additional snow deposits make climbing extremely challenging. After trekking several days to reach Everest Base Camp the process of gradual acclimatization on Mt Everest will begin.
Be sure you are comfortable with extreme exposure and steep drop offs for long periods of time.
A good mountaineering progression for the novice climber aspiring to reach the summit of Everest would be to first tackle a 14,000 foot glaciated peak such as Mt.

Plan to spend a lot of time in your tent, waiting for the opportunity to go higher on the mountain. Body Results is uniquely qualified to deliver this type of service through its WebTrainer program.
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And its sustainable development improves its competence, capability swiftness and precisions of any components it provides. Our team are all active climbers and walkers, who regularly take part in and organise a wide range of mountain activities. A highly resourceful and determined character, Tony is an expert logistics man detailed with the responsibility for operational support and task management. John is a hands-on instructor who has worked with a a wide range of groups, including blind, deaf, and physically or mentally impaired groups in a mountain environment.
Tim caters for all levels from novice to the seasoned rock climber who wants to be guided up 3* classics in The Lakes or who wants to learn how to lead and be self sufficient on the rock.
Klemen has been a member of his country's Mountain Rescue Association since 1984 and is an experienced rescue dog handler and avalanche specialist. Visit our Activus Group web page where you'll find links to all of our other inspirational sites. While most Everest climbers don’t carry more than about a 35-pound pack at any time, due to the extreme altitude, frigid conditions, avalanche hazards, and many days of repeated effort to reach the summit, it is one of the most challenging – physically and psychologically -- climbing experiences available.
Teams go up and come down from gradually higher and higher camps until they are ready to try for the summit. Include plenty of technical rock and ice climbing experiences, so you are fairly comfortable following on alpine rock routes and Water Ice Grade 4 (WI4). Be aware that you probably will be socked in by strong weather for at least part of the time, weather that can intimidate you and weaken your reserve. Some make fire to produced smoke signals, others uses pens and paper to transport data to different places. This advancement of technology provides the importance of information technology into a greater value. In addition, reaching out people is more convenient and accessible where everyone can use its application with comfort. Information technology really helps to build this world, grow economies of any nation and create new jobs.
At first glance, you will notice the Edge 1000 feature a longer display with higher resolution over the Edge 810 with a slimmer profile.
TrainingPeaks solutions are used by Tour de France teams, Ironman World Champions, Olympians, and age group athletes and coaches around the world to track, analyze, and plan their training.
His qualifications include SPA climbing and Mountain Leader award and he has experience of ice climbing in the French Alps and Iceland.
Tim is a seasoned all round mountaineer and has lead over 20 expeditions to Nepal and India and has over 50 first ascents under his belt in Greenland.

He was also a member of one of the first expeditions on Lofoten island - Norway (1980) and has visited the mountains of Hoggar (Ahagar) in Algerian desert (1983), East Germany and the Czech Republic (1984).
Be as comfortable with jumars, ascenders, crampons, all your gear, and knot tying as possible, so that use of such gear is ingrained in your memory.
You may have climbing mates who get sick, have to descend without you, or worse (heaven forbid) never come back home.
Instead of training for Mt Everest from the start you need to build up your training as you climb more challenging peaks. Information technology before was at some sort limited in every sector of banking industry, engineering business and computer society. As historical events speak, information technology is a vital element in any development in terms of trade and commerce, defense and culture. A standard process that allows great bulks of data to be kept and processed or transmitted at lightning speed. Connecting with each other is made easy with the flooding entry of communication device available today. This color touchscreen GPS bike computer puts in-ride challenges and bike-specific navigation at your fingertips. He also has extensive experience in the Alps and guided an expedition to Aconcaqua (1995) and has guided in Nepal since 2000.
With frozen fingers and diminished mental capacity you want all equipment use and technical skills to be as rote as possible.
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You will also need to be completely proficient with the rest step and pressure breathing so that on summit day you can optimize your oxygen uptake. Next, try to plan some sort of trip to Nepal prior to Everest to be familiar with culture, the local region, food, and logistics. If you can arrange for time to climb a peak of 7-8,000 meters in Nepal, that would also be very helpful. Mental fortitude, an ability to roll with whatever comes along, and above all a strong desire to succeed are all vital to your success on a mountain like Everest.
Assuming you have tested your acclimatization, skills, and conditioning, you’re ready to tackle the greatest challenge of all, Mt.

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