With a very simple coaching strategy consisting of just 5 basic steps, you can help your clients achieve what they think are impossible outcomes.
The initial step in your coaching strategy is to specify your client’s goal in an objective and measurable way.
For this step, have your client imagine in detail what it will be like when he meets his goal.
Now that a clear and measurable goal is in place, the next step in the coaching strategy is to work with your client to develop a plan to reach their goal.
Your coaching strategy might be to start at the end and work backwards from the goal to figure out the best actions for them to take.
Step 4 in the coaching strategy is to hold your client accountable for each step along the way to their goal. Last but not least, is to acknowledging every step your client takes on the way to his goal.
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In order to know if your client has reached their goal, no matter how impossible it seems, you and your client must know exactly what outcome they want and be able to measure progress in a quantitative way.
The chemical reactions in our brains are the same whether an experience is actually happening to us or whether we are imagining it in our minds. What are the first things they need to do and what is the timeframe it needs to be completed?
Use this strategy with your coaching clients and watch how quickly they achieve their goals. By partnering with The Strategy Center, you will be able to select from a variety of workshops to upgrade skill-sets that dramatically impact the bottom line.
Skills gained improve performance in the work place, allowing business to increase productivity and grow. For organizations desiring a retreat style workshop, a mobile laptop lab is available for training anywhere.

When your client is clear, you are clear, and your client knows that you are clear, the goal will start to take on a new level of reality. Being accountable for their actions will make your client feel empowered by their progress.
Some of the coaching strategy steps are easier than others, but they all contribute to making impossible goals happen for your clients. This will result in your client  gaining important confidence in their ability to reach their goal with each action step they complete successfully. In this step, you should make sure your client understands that celebrating what he has already achieved is necessary and will provide motivation for achieving more. By coaching your client in making the experience real in their mind it will give them a strong incentive to take action toward their goal.

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