We have worked in multiple industries including retail, high tech, medical device, financial, manufacturing and not for profit.
For training to be successful, our sales philosophy should align with your approach and your goals.
Catalytic Management is a Boston-area business consulting firm serving large and small clients, across multiple industries, seeking growth in business and profits. In order for managers and supervisors to succeed in their expanding role, they must understand how times are changing within the professional business world and managing employees.
We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction. Dealing effectively with workplace conflict is a useful way to bring important issues to light, open the lines of communication and strengthen relationships. MOODLE is separated into three columns with suitable navigation links and also provides other information such as calendar and news. In the past, you might have faced troubles when your employees were shifted to remote places and couldn’t access training courses. MOODLE is a free, open source platform that is distributed under the General Public License. Training managers have constant pressure on how to train their staff, but MOODLE puts an end to their worries by being a true blue training partner. I’m sure you’d agree with me that end-user training is usually an afterthought in most ERP projects. Many organizations do not have a specialized team to develop these training programs and might not know whom to approach.
The WHAT and WHY factors of ERP end-user training discuss what ERP is all about and the importance of its implementation and training. The HOW factor of ERP end-user training demonstrates how to perform the functions related to the end-users’ job roles. Articulate Storyline makes the development of software simulations a matter of just a few clicks.
It is important for every training manager to know how much end-users have learned the functions of the software.
Articulate Storyline also provides built-in interactivity slides, slide layouts, basic animations, and much more to develop interactive and engaging ERP end-user e-learning programs.
This is how Articulate Storyline helps you address all the factors – the What, Why, How, & Know of online ERP end-user training.
Your employees are constantly faced with too many deadlines and too many projects, all of which have top priority.

Sales training delivery can be classroom or web based, half day, full day, short focused seminar or multiple days. Learn about tips, trends, and techniques in sales productivity, service quality and change management.
It requires a continuous effort to seek out the freshest ideas, latest strategies and cutting-edge techniques. It demands that managers understand the tasks as well as the abilities of those who will tackle them.
Unmanaged conflict in the workplace can lead to reduced levels of teamwork and cooperation, diminished employee commitment and lower levels of quality and productivity. But now, E-learning courses can also be accessed offline through a mobile app with an offline player. In online ERP end-user training, you can address this factor through software training simulations which provide end-users hands-on training experiences of the ERP system. You only have to capture the step by step procedure of the software and Articulate Storyline divides them into Watch, Try, and Do phases for you. All you have to do is buy a licensed version of Articulate Storyline, record the functions of the software based on the roles of different end-users, publish the simulations, and upload it to your LMS or shake hands with a training partner who has the expertise in using the tool to develop effective online training programs. Then, just when you think things are going smoothly, a crisis erupts, priorities change and the scramble is on.
Our instructors are all experienced sales professionals who have been there and been successful! Your time frame, content needs, audience experience and territory requirements determine your training delivery method. How to Excel at Managing and Supervising Employees will provide the most up-to-the-minute information and exciting discoveries available on how to manage change, motivate, discipline, delegate, inspire, problem solve … all the critical skills a supervisor needs to succeed.
As a strong manager or supervisor, performance must be measured, reviewed and adjusted in ways that work for the organization and for the employee.Our Strategic Performance Management course provides practical, real-world training that delivers proven skills for achieving results and managing daily employee performance. This in-depth training course provides successful strategies to remain composed and deal confidently with disagreements, confrontations, anxiety and anger—before they get out of hand. MOODLE is a learning platform created to offer learners and administrators a robust, safe and integrated system to craft personalized learning environments. The latest MOODLE version provides complete quick start templates which support the latest technologies, thus further enhancing MOODLE deployment. The beta version is then shared with the volunteer group of beta testers for bugs to be reported. Apart from these, it has other features such as docking, expandable and collapsible blocks etc., which offer good User Interface elements to learners.

With the advent of HTML5, MOODLE is now compatible with all mobile devices, accessible offline and with responsive design. This is because the ERP implementation partners only train the trainers and are very expensive, so the budget becomes unviable when it comes to end-user training. Also, you need not take the trouble of writing the instructions for each step; Articulate Storyline, by default provides instructions for each step in callouts.
Articulate Storyline provides different types of assessment slides with built-in functionalities. They have experienced the real life challenges in selling and thus provide real life techniques and ideas for successful selling. We work with clients to tailor the format and content, with achieving results our chief goal. Performance management is about planning performance, diagnosing the causes of problems, communicating frequently, reinforcing good behavior—and creating a work environment where employees can improve and succeed. This unique course is proven to help professionals deal with a variety of workplace conflicts.
MOODLE is the most-widely used Learning Management system (LMS) by both small and big organizations and it has 85 million users across the world.
In this blog, we will discover how Articulate Storyline addresses the WHAT, WHY, HOW and KNOW factors of ERP end-user training. The screenshots below display the feature to record a screen and also the option to either use the screencast as a single video or break it down into step by step slides. You only need to insert them in your project, add questions, options, specify the correct answer, and add the appropriate feedback. MOODLE’s extensive features have attracted many users and users unable to use it can hire a MOODLE developer who can ease their job at reduced costs.
These avatars are of different professions, races, and ages in various poses and expressions. They enable effective, quick development of guided e-learning programs to address the WHY factor in online ERP end-user training. Rapid authoring tools make the online ERP end-user training development process easy and cost effective with their built-in features. The screenshot below displays the various types of assessment slides available in Articulate Storyline.

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