For example, what if you tried to ride a bike without honing your skills on training wheels first?
You’d go down hard and fast in less than 10 seconds, which is exactly the reason we all started on training wheels. Then, the big day finally came when my Dad unbolted them and I never looked back… freedom baby.
This is the biggest pitfall for a person who “jumps head first” into the Specific Carbohydrate Diet without any training wheels. Food, disease, and stress each affect us differently and having a “food safe zone” that you know makes you feel good is crucial to SCD success. In simple terms, it’s a group of easy to digest foods that make you feel good when you eat them.
Together, these foods form the foundation of SCD healing allowing for medication changes, supplement tweaks and trying new foods with confidence. This is your personal bubble to protect your healing from everyday life and unforeseen problems that arise during recovery from digestive problems. If you want even more help creating your food safe zone, including step-by-step instructions, our book SCD Lifestyle—Surviving to Thriving will hold your hand every step of the way. Even without being on the SCD (although following a diet very much like it), I have inadvertently already created a safe-food-zone for myself. There are other foods with toxic ingredients that your small intestine keeps out of your blood stream but most of them break down into simple proteins and carbohydrates when they are cooked or fermented.
In general, I’ve seen a lot of anecdotal evidence that removing all grains, legumes, and dairy improves brain function and issues like depression or anxiety.
I have also found avoiding excess fiber extremely helpful for my own healing; consuming flax meal for chronic constipation was harming my gut, and making the constipation worse.
Hi, I have been on the scd diet since I found out about it and read Elaine Gottschall in September 2011.

Hi Steve I am very interested in doing this SCD…and also adding both digestive enzymes to my diet as well as Probiotics. Am on the s c d diet not having much improvements waking up at night taking enzames I mix my meats w1b chicken morn lamb lunch beef tea is this right. Can I simply just say what a relief to discover somebody that genuinely understands what they’re discussing on the internet. It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people about this topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! I am on day 2 of the Intro diet and I have found that eggs in the morning make my stomach hurt. Hi Anthony, each person is intolerant to different foods and thus it is up to you to use SCD as the basic framework to allow the body to heal and build your own version of the diet.
Hello does anyone out there suffer from urticaria and have tried the SCD i’m really keen to try it?! We’ve had some experience fielding questions from vegetarians, but our products are not geared towards that lifestyle choice. You can most certainly try our products and substitute out many of the meats for other items.
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Then, mix in disease and disorders that affect our happiness and it’s easy to see that SCD can be tough. Each safe zone is easily tailored to accommodate any number of dietary restrictions or special circumstances. Many people with skin conditions like hives (urticaria), eczema, and psoriasis really benefit from the SCD diet.

Jordan and Steve also did a podcast in which they open an educated discussion about different diets and their views on being a vegetarian.
For a long time i have been eating meat and quite frankly my body has not been able to digest it, even with digestive supplements containing betaine hcl etc or apple cider vinegar (i even have prolonged periods of fatigue with boiled white fish but not as bad as boiled chicken). I just recently started strictly on the SCD diet though I have been eating gluten free for some time now.
I think I do not have enough foods I am not intolerant to, to form a food safe zone if that is this case. I guess not everybody is at that same stage or level and depending on the severity of your condition (or what digestive problem it is) will depend where you start and how you start, four months ago i could have probably began using meat, unfortunately i didnt understand the damage i was doing by continuing to eat normal thus the condition has got worse. Do you think my food intolerances will diminish still with easily digestible foods that I’m intolerant to, like those found on the introduction diet?
Although you guys give lots of good advice…I am always thinking that as I have already had the op how much of it will apply to me. I was following the GAPS diet and i thought it was working, yet everyday the fatigue i was feeling was unbearable, as of recently Its nice too have actually seen some sort of results (the past three or four days using a similar principle to this) whereas for a long time i have been stuck and awfully frustrated. I wondered if you know of other scd’ers with a pouch that could give me any advice at all.
I think a lot of people with food intolerances should get tested for chemical sensitivity too, i have read up as of recently quite a few of the people with big intolerances coming out positive for metal toxicity etc. This article is awesome information and a good place too start for most though for most, thanks guys your helping a lot of people =) .

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