Therapy is for you to understand and come to terms with your past, as well as for support to contain and move out of a crisis situation. Coaching deals with functional people who want to move forward toward higher function and achieve excellence while creating an extraordinary life. The Hill family bought one of the two winning tickets for a record $588-million Powerball lottery from the Trex Mart truck stop in Dearborn,Missouri. Consulting is guidance from someone, usually from the same specialty, who can advise, encourage and support you in your day-to-day life.
I mark the beginning of the transformation age at 2007, a year that saw the confluence of the first next generation smartphone (iPhone) and the concomitant rise of high speed data networks to support them. While the date is ultimately unimportant, what is important is the arrival of systems that support rapid reconfiguration of every aspect of human life, from our work structures to our family lives to our political processes. Email * The Powerball jackpot was the biggest in history -- a whopping $579 million -- and two people reportedly won. Because a significant portion of the entire human family is now interconnected in real-time, the transformational era can take an opinion in Shanghai and within weeks it could dramatically influence purchasing behavior for certain products in Reno. The moment is seen on CCTV from the store at which he bought and returned the ticket."Yes!" the man appears to yell and he jumps slightly off the ground, shaking the paper between his two hands.
Our collective attitudes, behavior, energy, and spending now constitute a complex, global and fundamentally chaotic school of fish. He leans over the counter to show the clerks, as if he's so in disbelief that he needs someone else to verify his discovery.
Or perhaps more apt, a flock of Taleb’s black swans.This gives rise to extraordinary opportunities, as successful enterprises can be built faster than ever before. The clerks behind the counter seem to be in as much disbelief as the man.The gentleman from Missouri begins to get the attention of those around him.

But it’s also a time of extraordinary creative destruction, a la Schumpeter, as yesterday’s franchise power may be displaced by tomorrow’s upstart. Even deep asset-rich verticals are not immune – think about being a hotel chain, and then AirBNB comes along and turns every spare bedroom in the world into a substitute for your product. This can happen now unlike any time in the past because billions of people can access a service platform vis a vis a high speed, access-anywhere data network over a very powerful 4” pocket device. This genuinely changes everything.It also alludes to the single largest challenge humanity will face in the 21st century: how do we keep 9 billion people engaged in a life-affirming way?
The phenomena known as “technological unemployment,” where people and their jobs are displaced by computers and other technologies, is only going to get more pronounced over the coming decades. Although the odds were 1 in 175,223,510, many were captivated by the fantasy of changing their life in a matter of minutes, simply by choosing a set of numbers. Indeed the very promise of technology, and the very reason that appetite for technology is so high to begin with, is chiefly that it generates significantly positive ROI or life enhancement through cost, time and energy savings on preexisting tasks.
But, for a lucky man in Missouri, life was forever changed."Missouri has been home to 27 wins, ranking it second in the nation for lottery winners after Indiana with 38 wins," reports iScience Times. Jim Clifton tells us in The Coming Jobs War that there a little over a billion “good jobs” today and yet we need 3 billion even today to keep the world gainfully active (notice I don’t say economically productive, per se, for reasons I get into below). And yet on the one hand the need for jobs is going to get larger with population growth and on the other we’re going to shrink our relative job base through increasing technological enhancement (I’m guessing shrinking in some sectors will be nonlinear). The gap of job supply to demand is going to get far worse than it is in 2013 (and unemployment and wealth disparity obviously follow).From my point of view we’re not yet even discussing this challenge in the right way.
Clifton points out that his Gallup Organization has conducted the first worldwide poll and that the number one thing on everyone’s mind around the world – over religion, politics, tribal differences, etc. And its opposite, lack of such a job, is the soil in which terrorism, sectarian hatred, regressive tribalism, and other dangerous phenomena grow.

But let’s be clear: at our current pace of economic production and resource extraction from the planet, if the world was to live like we do in the west we’d pull the equivalent of 4-5 Earths a year out of the ground. I don’t believe they are, and the data already indicates that these are the very systemic breakdowns we’re facing. She’ll be trained in a deep technology skillset and will have working experience in the software platforms necessary to start being technically productive from day 1. Hiring her won’t require a 30% overhead load on wages for the healthcare drag coefficient that a US-based worker will require. Work will have to be redefined to mean life-affirming activity (though still contributive to society), while art and creativity will have to flourish in the face of spare time (witness platforms like Etsy that are replying to this fact, already here).
And those who win will be expected to give more to social systems that can support everyone (a moral shift that also is deeply pragmatic).
Parents who get it are merely at the forefront of what will be required of all adults who want to thrive in a transformational world: being will supplement striving as the sole mode of life. And the only reply, in our own lives and ultimately as that of a civilization, is to move into a state of being that allows us to surf the big waves of evolutionary progress as they unfold.
It works hard, it plays hard and it holds its own fearful, grasping ego gently in its open hand.
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