Internet Explorer 6 was released in August of 2001, and the latest version of IE6 was released in August of 2004. By continuing to run Internet Explorer 6 you are open to any and all security vulnerabilities discovered since that date.

In March of 2009, Microsoft released version 8 of Internet Explorer that, in addition to providing greater security, is faster and more standards compliant than both version 6 and 7 that came before it. The arrival of a Little Brother turned his tranquil existence into a non-stop competition for their parents' attention, for control of the television on Saturday mornings, and to determine once and for all who was the superior brother.In this comical mini-memoir, Phythyon turns his absurdist pen to reminiscing about how he and brother Dave teamed up to dominate the neighborhood in baseball, battled over toys at home, and managed to organize an all-out playground war between the fourth and third grades at school just to establish which brother was greater.

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