Louise Hay is always one of my go-to people when I’m looking for inspirational quotes and sayings. This is one of my favorite quotes from Louise Hay, and I chose this picture to represent it because I see love in the golden light surrounding the woman. When we have challenges that confront us, when we encounter difficulties in dealing with situations or love, I think the best advice is to call on the Creator to help us to breathe in and out… only love.
When you ask to be surrounded in loving light, when you ask for all those you care for to be surrounded in loving light, and when you ask for even those you have difficulties with to be surrounded in loving light, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish… you will be blown away by the incredible things that can happen… you won’t be able to help yourself… you’ll believe in miracles. In the end, this isn’t simply an inspirational quote or saying… it is a fundamental truth. I’m pleased to know that Emma Watson is the spokesperson of the latest lipstick launch ROUGE IN LOVE. ROUGE IN LOVE is available in 27 captivating colors that each has its own name and its own story too! ROUGE IN LOVE lipstick is retailing at S$40 each and it will be officially launched at all Lanc?me Beauty Counters on 1st June 2012. I got to preview these latest makeup products during the recent private Lanc?me event at Ion Sky in January 2012.
Lanc?me understands that apart from dark spots and unevenness, loss of translucency is one of the skincare issues that most Asian women face.
Translucency, comes from natural light re-emitting from deep within the skin; that gives your skin a radiance, even tone and smooth texture.
Fibroblasts, the key cells of the dermis, play a fundamental role in regulating skin pigmentation and brightness. A second research has also shown that the aged fibroblasts has higher level of both pigmentation and melanogenesis activity whilst the the young fibroblasts efficiently regulate pigmentary function. As the quality of the fibroblasts weaken as we age, melanin production becomes disordered and pigmentation increases and therefore skin becomes darker, duller, yellowish and more opaque. And now with all these researches, Lanc?me has developed Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal Crystal Brightness Activating Essence to reveal skin’s natural light and achieve the miracle of crystal skin. And in conjunction with the launch of the new Hypn?se Doll Eyes, Lanc?me has developed an interesting and fun Hypn?se Doll Eyes App at Facebook that gives you a chance to create a dolly avatar of your own! In January 2012, I was extremely excited to attend my first Lanc?me event of the year, to preview the newest Lanc?me products that will be launching in March 2012. Upon reaching the venue, I was greeted by the stunning scenery with a 360? view of Singapore! The event actually began with the presentation of a new whitening product that will be launching in March 2012. The whole place is decorated in the soft girly pink hue 60′s theme that looks real cool and flirty. Like the way they play with the colors and accentuate the inner eye areas on the sides of the nose.
Frankly, to pick 10 beauty products from the loads of beauty products I’m currently using seems pretty easy for me. But if you wanna me to name 1 must-have makeup product at the moment, it will be Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm in 04 Raspberry Smoothie! Two weeks ago, I was delighted to attend an event by Lanc?me to preview their latest mascara – Hypn?se Precious Cells Mascara. Lanc?me being the world’s leading cosmetics brand has once again excelled in innovation, pushing its unique expertise even further by creating a visibly denser fringe, lengthened lashes, revealing lash growth potential, targeted at Asian women.
Lash-by-lash volume and spectacular length, achieve visibly denser lashes for Asian eyelashes! The event was held at L’oreal Singapore office and some tasty sandwiches were served during the event.
Before I go into details on the product, first of all I must say there are two things about Hypn?se Precious Cells Mascara I’m actually very impressed with. As a result of this study, Lanc?me being a pioneer in scientific and cosmetic research, innovates with cutting-edge formulas and ultra-technological brushes, presents a mascara that is capable of protecting the lashes, and at the same time, offer a remarkable make-up effect for women all over the world.

The dual claim of advanced lash care and spectacular lash volume are tested and developed especially for Asian lashes. Bolstered by its knowledge of stem cells, Lanc?me created the first formula capable of optimising stem cell activity by acting on their environment in the skincare line: Absolue Precious Cells. Discovered by Swiss scientists, Malus domestica, comes from a specific rare Swiss apple variety, Uttwiler Spatlauber, which has the amazing ability to last months longer than its shriveled cousins after it was picked from the tree. Hypn?se Precious Cells Mascara, designed exclusively for Asian lashes, comes with a patented unique helix-shaped structure which has two flat sections (right pix) that generously captures the formula and bathe lashes in its fortifying virtues; and two structured ridges (left pix) for optimal lash fringe definition, magnified volume and spectacular lengthening. Perfectly coated from root to tip, lashes are immediately amplified and separated for maximum volume at the lash fringe.
For flawless application, position the helix-shaped brush with the lash fringe, moving from the roots to the tips for perfectly separated, amplified lashes. After its recent launch of Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation (S$65) and Teint Miracle Perfecting Corrector Pen (S$56) in October 2010, Lancome once again proudly presents its innovative Miracle extension – Maqui Miracle Compact Foundation.
The Maqui Miracle Natural Brightening Creator Compact Foundation (S$65) and the case (S$27) are sold separately. Using similar technology as Teint Miracle, Maqui Miracle recreates the true inner lights of a perfect skin. Are you aware that natural radiance is unique to each individual because every skin comes with their own AURA and quality of skin (eg : excessive melanin) will affect the AURA too. Likewise for haemoglobin, when light penetrates skin, it will transforms into a pinkish radiance because haemoglobin absorb yellow, green and blue lights. Lancome has decoded skin’s inner light and recreates it with three light and pigments.
Light System contributes to the diffusion of light to reveal the vibrant translucency of a fresh pure complexion.
Optic Pink Pigment (Berry Pink) generates a pinkish light that corrects dullness to allow a natural healthy looking glow by diminishing yellowness. Optic Blue Pigment (Radiance Blue) generates a bluish light that neutralizes yellow tones and reinforces the appearance of complexion freshness and purity. Are you having problem with your foundation such as the color turns darker, yellowish or comes out due to pigments that are affected by sebum?
Maqui Miracle Compact contains Soft Powder Complex that helps to eliminate the look of enlarged pores and therefore skin becomes smoother and even.
One thing I have never stopped doing for the entire year of 2010 is painstakingly searching for the BEST beauty products, not just for myself but also for my readers too. All the BEST and WORST beauty products that are featured below are the ones I have tested in 2010 only.
In fact, this is the first time that Lancome has invited bloggers for launch event and I feel privileged to be invited for this exclusive media launch preview.
In fact, a few days before this grand media preview, we have actually attended our private preview on Teint Miracle and were given a full-sized of Teint Miracle Foundation and Teint Miracle Corrector Pen. Sophia and I have arrived earlier than the rest for a video demo to share our thought on Teint Miracle. See the backdrop TV, it shows users sharing their experiences on Teint Miracle, well we will be featured just like them.
I was fortunate to be invited recently for a sneak preview of the Lancome’s new innovative Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation (S$65) and Teint Miracle Perfecting Corrector Pen (S$56) which both will be launching in October. The first thing that attracted me is its prestige and elegant looking crystal and silver bottle. You will probably ask what so great about this foundation, well Lanc?me’s breakthrough Teint Miracle, with AURA-INSIDE technology, recreates the true natural lights of a perfect skin. She offers us so many amazing affirmations that can help us to heal our bodies and lives and to simply feel good. When we can remember to truly love ourselves, we can affect healing in our bodies in ways that seem unbelievable. Research has shown that skin model without fibroblasts show drastic constitutive hyperpigmentation compared to the model with fibroblasts are demonstrated to influence pigmentary function and luminance of the skin.

I intend to reveal more about this new revolutionary whitening product in my next Lanc?me post in 2 weeks’ time. First, trace the fine Artliner line on the upper eyelid, starting from inner corner of the eye and thickening as you go along to the outer corner to accentuate the eyeshadow.
These 10 beauty products are not only my most favorites but also my most essential beauty products that I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT AT THE MOMENT!
The makeup trends are changing rapidly and hence it’s kind of difficult to select a must-have makeup product. The patented unique helix-shaped structure brush and being the 1st mascara that is formulated based on stem cell research, similarly to the skincare line Absolue Precious Cells. In 2010, the technology is transported first-time to makeup in Virtu?se Precious Cells as an advanced lash care product.
Lash Densifier Complex consists mainly of a precious plant cell extract, Malus domestica – already present in the cream formula of Absolue Precious Cells — which is capable of restoring the environment of stem cells in the lashes within the follicle. Madecassoside is a fortifying ingredient that is used to strengthen and thicken the hair and its anti-inflammatory properties help to absorb micro-irritation so as to extend the life of lash follicles.
Arginine, a type of amino acid known of its nourishing properties, can help to stimulate micro-circulation of nutrients within the follicle so as to re-densify lash fibres. Hyaluronic Acid also present to give an instant plumping effect for a lash by lash, voluptuous curve. This new 12-hour lasting Maqui Miracle Compact will be officially launched on 1st March 2011.
It is also naturally re-emitted from deep within the skin. It is believed that 5% is reflected but 95% penetrates skin (epidermis and dermis) and which 55% is absorbed and 40% is re-emitted at the surface. When light penetrates skin, melanin absorbs the bluish light and light turns more beige-ochre. Now you can worry no more! Maqui Miracle Compact is recreated with a 12H Long Lasting + Shine Resist. It was a eventful year too, with plentiful of irresistible opportunities offering to me and I was glad to be able to preview bountiful of new launched products too. And during the search, I was glad to uncover a couple of great products which I have never came across before.
The post featured all the BEST and WORST beauty products I have tested during the first half of the year in 2010. I actually like its petite size which is slightly taller than my iPhone. Teint Miracle comes in 7 shades and I have selected the O-03 for its natural tone. And Louise Hay, as a public figure, as a leader, as an author and more, is a living example of inspiration. I think that if we can stay in our hearts, as we go through our day to day lives, we can create more and better and we will have a positive effect on those we encounter.
No one embodies modern romanticism better; Emma Watson enchants us with her freshness, spontaneity and style, making her a perfect ambassadress for ROUGE IN LOVE. Seeing a market for regenerated lashes with volume, Lancome presents Hypn?se Precious Cells in 2011 for an immediate potential of lash regeneration, guaranteeing visibly denser lashes. Younger lashes can now grow stronger and fuller and mature lashes remain visibly longer and thicker.
Similarly as one ages, there is more melanin that eats away more of the blue light, therefore the skin will appear more beige than before too. Her amazing and inspirational life is a testament to her own belief in the power of love to heal and to create miracles. Well actually, foundation is something I can live without as I hardly use it anyway unless I have an event to attend on the very day. Usually I will just lightly dust a thin amount of loose powder on my face and complete the look with a tinge of creamy blusher on the cheek areas and lip gloss….

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