The pop star reveals the album's cover art while confirming that her Republic Records debut will hit shelves in September. On Wednesday, Grande revealed that her Republic Records debut album has been re-named Yours Truly and unveiled some pretty pink artwork to coincide. The 20-year-old singer-actress poses sweetly on a bed of pink roses wearing frilly pink lingerie on the album cover. Yours Truly has been going strong year after year and we'll celebrate our 10 year anniversary in Oct, 2009, thanks to you our loyal and wonderful shoppers and consignor base.

We are the Larges Consignment Shop in the South, we are in 15,000 sq ft of beautifully decorated space with 15,000. Thank you Central Arkansas for making this the best and largest clothing consignment shoppe.
Yours Truly Consignment Shoppe Inc is located at 1052 Harrison St Ste 1 in Conway and has been in the business of Clothing, Secondhand since 1999. 9 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart) and a follow-up making its Billboard Hot 100 debut this week at No.

It has been a wirlwind as this business has grown into the largest in the South and possibly the largest in the nation. Our clothing is organized by color and size and our friendly staff is available to help you.

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