Rack mount 1~6 KVA uninterruptible power supplyRack mount 1~6KVA uninterruptible power supply   1. Premium Line wall mount cabinets are mostly popular in single section or dual section design, to afford maximum 60 kg static loading. UPS is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power when the input power source is suddenly shut down, to protect exchange sever, telecommunication equipment from damage and avoid data loss.
Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.ads 728-->220 watts Uninterruptible Power SupplyUninterruptible power supply provides output power to 220 watts (load current up to 1A).

In additional, as UPS outputs the standardized sinusoid voltage, so, in most situations, it has been used to optimize the power for active devices in equipment room. The main schematic gives a continuous regulated 5 Volt result with an not regulated 12 Volt supply.
The complete cabinet is made by excellent steels available to afford maximum 800 kg static loading.Normally, the fixed accessories include cage nuts, castors and leveling feet. And there also exists various optional accessories for you most economical combinations, including fixed shelf, keyboard tray, front blank panel and cable managements, besides, all free standing cabinets available for 4 fans installation, and also with required power cords.

Output frequency - 50 Hz, Power Consumption 600 Watts, the shape of the output signal - sinusoidal, the efficiency - 98%.

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