Though the debate surrounding marriage is between is contentious however, the idea that it is a practice for two people, and only two people is unquestionably entrenched into the institution. Bigamy, bi- meaning two and -gamy meaning marriage or union, is defined as the practice of entering into a marriage with a person who is already legally married to someone else.
In the United States the practice of bigamy is a misdemeanor and the practice of polygamy is a felony. It was in 1875 that Reynolds v The United States took place and the ban of bigamy was unanimously upheld by the US Supreme Court.
Should the Sister Wives Clan win the case it would not necessarily win state recognition of marriage however, it would be a stepping stone along the way as polygamy would no longer be punishable by law.
Wendy, deporting imnmgraits who break the laws is the proper course of action because they should not be the taxpayers’ responsibility to imprison like citizens who break the law. The practice of polygamy had been going on in the United States for the previous ten years.

In mid-July 2011, The Sister Wives clan and their leader, Kody Brown of Utah, have challenged the law on the grounds that marriage between consenting adults should not be limited. The first is that long, unexplained absences, usually five to seven years in duration, can annul a marriage.
Though it banned the practice, it was not initially enforced because the Federal Government was preoccupied with the Civil War. He held that the ban on bigamy directly violated their first amendment right to practice their religion. Should a spouse remarry only to have their previous spouse appear, they would not be convicted of a crime. Currently the state of Utah has an extremely stringent Anti-Bigamy Statute that bans even the practice of cohabitating with someone whom you are not married to.
People are also banned from entering spiritual marriages with anyone other than their spouse.

A strict liability crime is one that holds someone accountable whether or not culpability is found. The ACLU of Utah feels violates the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment and by the outcome of the case Planned Parenthood v Casey which established that there were personal realms that the government has no place it.
This means that even if someone had a good faith belief that their divorce was legal and remarries only to find that it was done improperly and not recognized by the law, they would be subject to punishment. This case also builds on Lawrence v Texas, the case which struck down sodomy laws, because, they argue, the Federal Government should not be able to exercise control over intimate contact.

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